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Thursday, June 8, 2023

"3 June 2023. Fiddy years ago in my fanzine Rock On, I reviewed Alice Cooper/Flo and Eddie madison square billion dollar babies garden tour. Today: Mad painter at Echo fest in the Catskills! "Every picture tells a story, dont it" and i'll be sendin' mine! lineup was Emerson lake and Gitlin; a Aphrodite's Child/Nice keyboard/bass/drum combo of alex gitlin/ me, fiddy years after first playing jay gruberger's bass and Al hendry on drums. La guinda del pastel are dos chicas Gee Julie and Sharon Crumrine on Abba-gelic vocals.

All Russian bands and a nice day at "Russian Woodstock"; first band had an excellent "shredding' metal lead guitar player; shades of Wacken von Deutschland! Mad painter was on fucken Fyre; Schmel Herbie Hind had a Brian Young gig so i had to do lead bass like the polish/Ukranian jay Grubevger on steroids ala Afrika Korps live at cantones on Gulcher. Best toons, besides Alex talking to crowd in his native Russian (i only know the cuss words) was Randy Pie (von deutschland!) "Highway Driver"...I mean dudes "we're an american band' covering a german band and the Russkies are lovin it! also uriah heep's "Stealin'"; Amerika, First doin' great britain to Russkie fans saying "you are the soul of uriah heep"! (the vodka mighta helped but DAMN we wuz da moddafucken BALLZ EVEN without Schmel herbie Hind!). free latvian food from the promoter and posing with our new-found fans; fug my NSA clearance, goddam Cold war has MELTED! Following us was a rap kinda band with a good lady singer and captain Crumrine (captain easychord cuzzin!) says they did TWO songs by Gorillaz (wikipedia sez it was a Brit-op Blur side project). The last band, whom marshall Tuckered me out were some kinda bluegrass/polka/Russian folk music dance band where Gee Julie and i did the manure mambo! (Jed Clampettovich? that capitalist1 hey I've watched marx and listened to Lennon!)...Promoter : 'next tyme you guys are on the big stage!" Cant modda fockin' WAIT! like the gizmos playing those punk fests but with a Moddafockin BALLZ-tic flava, flav!".....


Friday, June 9, 2023
"Freitag 8 June 2023. High Noon. well, the first person to tell me of my tenth cousin once-removed Justine Covault was my sister/cousin Gy Sgt Julie Highland Pruss,USMC (retired) since her daughter and Grand theft Auto is/was both name justine.

ok, quick summary of 38 years: walks into Johnny D's, Allston summer '85 with mr. muck, whom was in the Pets; 1989 had Grand Theft Auto, sounding kinda Joan Jett, Justine fronting and singing unlike her Moose and the Kazoo gigs. We had a Supergroup CABLE THEFT (coz Jumper cables and grand theft Auto was the members) ONE Hoplelessly Obsscure gig 2 april 90 at bunratty's with varmints; "Kenne I met Billy Borgioli there and even dated him briefly"; now they together..."Kenne I saw gay hathaway drum with you, I want to get her in a band with "the best girl on the planet"(Juanita Sceen Queen); Know thee thus, Ken created malachite as was told in The Gospel according to Saint mach...anything else y'all know about since hair metal evolved into Grunge and last tyme I DID see her, she was Doubling Down with baker at mad painter cd release party at Jungle, returning my old vinyl to me! (an omen? ring up Coast to Coast AM!) THUS, I Kenneth E. Highland DECLARE since we DID speak of cable theft-ing again, WILL record them 1989 songs we wrote, Lt larry newman producing, SHE is Not Gone, as many modda fockin volumes as it takes...."dont let it be like that harry chapin song/ coz you dont know you gonna be 'round long" (c. me 2023 gizmo records BMI".....


Saturday, June 10, 2023

"saturday 10 June 2023. To quote my late great tenth cuzzin once removed Justine Covault: 'when's your next gig, moddafocka?" and that IS:

Kenne Highland Air Force at Quincy porchfest saturday 24 June 2023; i BELIEVE Ma says this is the day she met our cousin Dad (nineth cuzzins to justine's grandfather Covault!) SEVENTY years ago quantico virginny; also saint John's Day and Scottish Victory with jack the Bruce at Bannockburn...I'm still livin', I shall ROCK"!; "If i cant rock you/NOBODY will now!""......


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