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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Saturday 5 June 21 was birthday of my distant cuzzin Martha Hull (Dad descends from Naomi Hull) of Slickee Boys and it was a Mad painter practice for Saturday 31 JULY 21 with Kaleidosscope at The Jungle. LIKE Mad Painter on facebook and read ALL the news and send money to put out the cd. "We now give you back your regular transmission....there is nothing wrong with your "TV Eye"".

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Lazy Sunday afternoon 6 June 21. Miss lyn played me a 99 cent Amazon video of All Dolled Up: A New York Dolls Story (Bob Gruen,2005). FANTASTIC FIVE STAR DOCUMEN- terry. Basically filmed in '73, this is the year before the O. rex Boys saw Dolls April '74 NYC with "Kleiner Suzi"; more like Mott/Aeroshit/Dolls, Rochester NY October '73, Lydia Koch and Greg Prevost (only a Chesterfield PRINCE then) in audience. Live they were/are awesome, Thunders riffin' backstage, sns volume, the guy COULD play! Two background music standouts: during a photo session Kinks "Afternoon Tea' and "Love me til the sun shines" blasting; for that ALONE the 1973 me woulda been a fan for life (gud taste!). Also, of many scenes, I enjoyed them dancing at Rodney's disco as Bowie's version of "waitin' for the man' played...yep, in rural Brockport NY I used to DREAM of livin' that Velvet Goldmine life but since the Dolls had a couple years on me they WERE,as they say 'livin' the dream"....DO watch this!".....


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Lazy Sunday" part two. Ken and gee Julie attend east Somerville carnival fiesta weekend afterparty at Gauchao Braziline Cuisine at six pm ("enjoy dinner and music"!- we did!). Sidewalk patio, shades of Rio!, was singer Edlaine faria. Sadly we'd missed other great latin events and music, but now everything's "back","annual","normal" etc. "Human garbage Disposal"; for thirty buck I had all you can eat which is buffet PLUS meat on skewers ala Midwest Grille, Cambridge, mass. will be googling further Latin events in Boston!".....

Friday, June 11, 2021

Mari Black and Cory P
"Day of Wodin. 9 June 21. From Carl biancucci of Tea In China (VArulven) and Swalbr fanzine: "posted our (Johnny and Jumper Cables) version of "Ramblin' Rose" on some comments on his facebook page and got a like from Wayne Kramer". I'm pretty sure O. rex (Gulcher) has an April '74 version; glad THAT wasn't posted! BETWEEN tribute from MC5 guitarists and Silverhead singers, mein Kopf ist nicht von mein arsch! only der Jahre "'73!". (what a loooonnnnngggg strange trip it been!). After work, checked out at 84 Bishop (GG) Allen (or greg Allen!) Drive central Square Cambrige. outdoor venue (you need tickets) but caught mari Black (Down East fiddler) and Cory Pesaturo doin' gypsy jazz like Django Unleashed! turn right, go past Cheapo Records to Phoenix landing (needed the loo, oi did!) and bought a twelve dollar burger and watched the beginning of losses by Sox and Bruins. Yes, I DID tell channel five I wanted a Bruins/Islanders "rivalry" match AND when I left "Mass Ave" and walked to inman Square it was 1-1, first of TWO bruins goals that evening...anyway, being "At Large' it is DA BALLZ that things are open, many options Linda garreau Highland would exercise if she wasn't orbiting round my ceiling during Coast to Coast AM!"....

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Proto Punk Cult Rocker
'every day IS a Saturday 12 June 21. 1128. From Dino records; "In upcoming Ugly Things Mike "Loons" Stax (friend of Gizmo Rich Coffee!) calls you "Proto Punk Cult Rocker". ok, finished and completed, life goal ACHIEVED! Got yet (sic) a new mix from Corey that's even more explosive than last one. Aram Heller producing'. ok cool BUt will Michael Desbarre play it? "Hello (Brockport) New York!" where it all began (lissenin to a Solomon gruberger cassette dub of "Rollin with my baby"; on list to record and cover! ok THAT is the week, anything further; "Aint no telling"!"...


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