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Monday June 8, 2015 Tavern

Tavern in the Square, Mass. Ave., next to Can-tab (W.A.!) watching American Pharaoh win the Triple Crown; Secretariat won the week i joined O. Rex in '73; then over to BGN headquarters for three episodes of Ancient Aliens where Ken and Gee Julie saw George Noory on the "Mean Screen"! a phrase opt repeated "Ancient Alien Theorists Suggest" is a new Korps toon; last night on Coast to Coast, heard a numerologist = "if R is the 18th letter =18", me I say is 18th fret! so E=13th fret, add five and it's a B-flat! if you follow or am I "Blinding you with science"? lyrics will be even WIERDER than "reincarnation", said to have "the weirdest lyrics this side of the Lincoln Street Exit" I feel honoured!"

Mike Quirk and I recorded three toons at Tom Leger of the Brooklyns studio on the Sabbath; Tom had drummed in Fighting Cocks managed by Charlie MacKenzie, Jamie Jetson was singer, bassist was John Patlinglo of ah-lington's The Frantics! Gee Julie on harmonies as we demoed the Gizmos "disaster in dayton"; Brownsville Station's "barefootin'" meets flaming groovies "second cuzzin"! next up "no sleep til Geno's", Mike REALLY had that Gerry Roslie voice DOWN and i did my best Larry Parypa-unleashed Kinks solo; lastly was "theme for coffee and smokes" (alex piandes-WMFO) with a davie allen "blues theme" intro and the rhythm section had a deep purple sound (Mike overdubbed guitar/bass) and i did a buncha Yardbirds licks from "what do you want"...sound quality= Hello World and all we ARE missing in KEN KAISER; we record again next month! Hate/Vulchur records, Rome; you thought Rockabilly Yobs was caliente merda, that was only the Derby! this is the Preakness (backgrounds vocals by Her Greekness!) and Gizmos on the Glorious Twelfth will be the Triple Crown! i joined O. Rex sunday 3 june 73 and by saturday Secretariat had won; Solomon Gruberger placed a bet on Highland Wedding in '77; and wait'll we record "The Wisdom of Solomon"!".

Tuesday June 9, 2015

Subway Ken and Gee Julie at gym, her rowing, me on bike watching Criminal Minds, BUT ("and i DO say that with two T's!"-Ted "Mr. Clean of the Gizmos" Niemiec) since Julie had went to Cambridge river festival, FREE lesson on the stoics at New Acropolis, whilst harmonizing to "precious and few" on WJIB! (same dude sang "tyme wont let me!". always was curious, "we bring philosophy to the streets". But I already AM a Stoic, I'm a fucken WASP, so wasnt nuthin' new there so i fell asleep! Julie stayed after break, I went to Newtowne Grille, watched some Stanley Cup hockey and ran into Shy Five, who was in Subway News ("I'm a white rasta") in '79; read this in my SC TRAILER, ONLY place to read Subway News! and he DOES remember the Afrika Korps! Good people, him...AND on wall street journal this morning, a whole shitload of uncashed $2 bets on American Pharaoh, which only paid $3.50 but on ebay the tickets going for $20-$30 already! Memories of Solomon Gruberger writing to me about GOOD music AND how much his bets paid off on OTB NYC! i really SHOULD research the ole family tree of Highland Wedding....and American Pharaoh will STILL be racing, not ready for stud service yet! and THIS is Highland S. Thompson, Gonzo Gizmo Sports report!".

OBNOX Obnox Onward kickstarter! send these guys to Europe! wicked great people too and gave Gizmos a run for the money opening up at Gonerfest!

am on a facebook JFK group and the son of this dude posts often, so book to read: Edwin KAISER'S covert life; linking Cuba, watergate and JFK if i WONT hear this on coast-to-coast! well, i got one: read Norman mailer's Oswald book; Lee Harvey Oswald and Kenneth Edward Highland BOTH went through infantry training school at camp pendleton, California and both shot marksman, so if I'm such a bad shot....COULD Oswald have hit JFK/proud side of barn etc.? or was it ancient aliens? "ancient alien theorists suggest /the human race will soon be extinct!" c. gizmo music BMI 2015.

Wednesday June 10, 2015

Five song mp-3 demo of five Gizmos toons for sunday 12 july bloomington recording is WICKED awesome; details as i remember them. Cleveland, WEEI won game 3 of NBA finals and this morn went to Huntington avenue VA lookin' for housing etc. and benefits; dude in lobby playing Beatles songs on acoustic 12-string! (like McGuinn/Clark '64?!?!?); hey! I got a retirement gig! singing '60s "oldies" to aging baby boomers! I COULD even apply to old soldier's home in Chelsea BUT "i dont wanna go to chelsea" b/w "waking up and it's a chelsea morning" (heard gunshots one day back in 2006!)

Thursday June 11, 2015

Aqualung Gee Julie, like "aqualung", "sittin' on a park bench" with the albino squirrel, then off to gym and one hour of bik e= two BACK-TO-BACK EPISODES OF Duck Dynasty!!!!! Gee Julie: "Kenne, don't emulate them!" supper at Whole Paycheck Foods (usedta be Bread and Circus) and I got to pet a big-ass Marmaduke type Great Dane and a lil Boston Terrier. 0200 and i wake up to Coast to Coast and author talked about Boris Yeltsin's rise in USSR; he was a ju-jitsu expert and was only 5'6"! also UFO talk and some illuminati-type meeting of heads of world happnin' soon....more fodder for lyrics for Hello Universe by the Korps!"

a classic rock type group I belong to on facebook shared a youtube of the Red White and Blues Band from Rochester NY! "early 1970" (Ringo b-side) werner fritching was a Greece NY high school student interviewed in the evening paper 8th-grade me delivered; he liked clapton and beck and 45 years later "jimmy page plays with a lot of technique but doesn't have much soul"...looks like there's a 9-song cd out and later, Werner (born germany, came to rochester) was in CACTUS! FINALLY get to hear him; has a Leslie West tone. Lou Grammatico was in poor heart then, THAT Rochester NY youtube album has "i cant make it alone" (vanilla fudge version) and "society's child" (Spooky tooth version)!

Friday June 12, 2015

awoke at midnight and danny stiles was on my 1330 AM WRCA dial; "here's a Jimmy Lunceford song from early 1937; I was in knickers and FDR was the only president I knew"; and on the Blodgett farm in western NY my uncle/cuzzin Howard Spencer Blodgett was singing "little sir echo" as he pumped water, Ma had an imaginary friend under the porch named Kenneth Edwards and Mrs. Jones lived in the outhouse.....wall street journal this morning, the escaped murderers in northern NY are traced to 119-acre farm with quicksand; the farmer is nervous but he's got his hunting guns! and THAT is where you can read about Bob Mould's early northern NY life! (he born same year as Brooklyn-born Jay Gruberger....yeah, YOU figger THAT one out!)"

webcam teenz: Gizmos influenced rocknroll! check 'em out! I have became Muddy Waters to my Stones and my opinion of young white boys doin' my style is MORE positive than sonny boy williamson!"..

Mr. Airplane Man doin' a record, send money! (Here the link) (seems to be THE "thing" these days, so you might see "favourites" of mine mentioned...doesn't mean I'M sendin' any fookin' cash, but FREE publicity, hoots, mon!

from eddie flowers; STARZ (formerly the Looking Glass!) "liked" first Gizmos e.p.! what you find out 40 years on (like thurston moore wanting to join and "there's two many people already"; the things I MISSED in boot camp! (PARRIS ISLAND, Highland tradition! "the marines, Him?"!)".

Saturday June 13, 2015

Conway at ce-ment pond at health club meet Gee Julie friend whom usedta hang at Abbey lounge, had heard "not too shabbey at the abbey" on WMBR about a year brazilian eatin' place with Gee Julie and Miss Lyn; 10 pm WRCA, olde-tyme radio was The Lone Ranger! DO wished my uncle Howard SPENCER Blodgett was there to hear....coast to coast, lady from NC calls and a dove was above her daughter's house, then she died; George Noory had heard this and Ma tole me a bird was 'round when my stepfather died; 5 AM country music oldies, johnny cash, featured artist, but my fave; loretta and conway "you're the reason our kids are ugly": "you made go to beer from soda pop/and you're the reason i aint been to the beauty shoppe"; Gee Julie Laffed Out Loud at this over th' laundry

country and Gizmo facts: loretty and conway's "you're the reason our kids are ugly" was a b-side off their 1978 MCA album honky tonk heroes or sumpin' like that, recorded whilst the Korps was drinkin' genessee beer and bein' produced in NJ by a James Brown engineer (Black Ceasar album!) ok beside my cuzzin david alan coe and his X-rated, country and Gizmo, buy it in EASYRIDERS magazine, THE best line that blows away EVERY song i wrote on Hello World: loretty ("squaw on warpath"): "you know, Conway, you could shave and put on a clain par o' pants!" his rebuttal 'bout her housedress and curlers = i should NEVER have moved to Boston, I shoulda stayed in that SC trailer park havin' deer and beer parties on WHITE bread, coz "ah caint hang with no brown bread

Sunday June 14, 2015

Ken and Gee Julie in JP, run into a Midway fixture and the bloke is playin' a national steel replica mandolin! good voice too; did the rocky horror theme song AND elton john's "country comforts"! then we et at cafe Beirut; called Ma, tole her 'bout Bra-zillion food and "is that like spanish or Mexican? spicy huh?" and that is why my mother, GOD BLESS HER, is THE LAST LIVING WASP IN AMERIKA FIRST! (vs. Gizmo and Garfunkel's "only living boy in NY"). coast to coast had a message: "sometymes hotels claim they're haunted to draw you in and they aint" (my "aint" of course!) still wanna check out ole Liz Borden down fall river....

0600 bishop harold branch on WRCA 1330 AM, gospel and "God can make a way out of no-way!" uplifiting! he plays the same kinda gospel the Gizmos heard at stax museum in memphis...650 AM, ASHLAND has an eye-talian langidge program playin' Dean Martin and Perry Como's record sang in eye-talian; Bello! Mah terr (tour) 'spose be november...and BOB BITTNER, WJIB, JUST for Ken Kaiser; country music oldies til noon! George Jones "white lightnin'", Hank Jr.'s "all my rowdy friends have settled down" ('81; this song and ronald reagan beats out '76, gerald ford, the ramones....and PATRCIA Ragan, whose cat Calvin is RIP; LASTLY, ole Bittner goes "and from 1947, here's hank sr. with "move it on over"! hot dang, ah thought that were George ThoroGiz

URGH! A Music War
enjoying the Strawberry Alarm Clock (all four albums!) on youtube! wikipedia facts ("put me in coach, i'm ready to play"-next BGN trivia night!) : some of 'em (like the guy that wrote "sweet home alabama"!) were in 1966 Thee Sixpence and they did some covers off first Love album, same as The Grovellors! (stanton park!)...that was my Fiddy Cent Love lp from Laurel Md. and the NSA SAW me buy it! (misuse of gummit funds! arthur Lee is a Commie! "my little red book"! did they revoke my security clearance??????)....ok, and into the future, so guitarist Ed King DID join Skynyrd BUT other dudes ended up with smashing Corgan there AND.......OINGO BOINGO!!!!!! So, the answer is: who was in both Beyond the Valley of the Dolls AND URGH! A Music War!

.... reading about salem witch trials...never knew TWO dogs were hanged! what the fuck did they do? but that IS my Puritan ancestors!

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