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Monday, June 8 2020

"Sonntag 7 June 2020 0300. Coast to Coast AM with Connie Willis. "You knew him as Ralph Malph on Happy Days but he's "one of us": Donny Most tells of his UFO sightings'. So George Noory always gives a shoutout to ZZ Beard but I was goin' "how how how how" durin' this! Deep Thot; tho: if Ralph "Sit on it Fonz!" malph was so into UFOs during happy Days, why din't he audition for Mork From Ork? Something to ponder when you wake up with dreams of taking Yoko Ono into custody! (I gotta quit watchin' cop shows)".


Tuesday, June 9 2020

Montag 8 june 20. 0500. coffee. PBS. THE TUNNEL. ok, detectives search for killer, BBC. Let's focus on the toons dude! wikipedia: "opening theme: "The End of Time"-sung by Charlotte Gainsbourg". My distant cuzzin Linda Garreau Highland was a big Serge Gainsbourg fan; he born April 2 like me, Leon Russell, Marvin Gaye and Doctor Demento. (what a band!). There was a lovely beach, like Baptitse and when they mentioned the A-20, i narrowed it down to Folkestone, Kent UK, home of Noel Redding, where Jimi Hendrix stood by Noel's mum's fireplace and wrote "let me stand next to your fire" (check the fabulous pack on cleveland's UPBEAT show vocals by my distant cuzzin mark Fahrner!). Noel Redding and Folkestone and Ashford, Kent is "19 minutes' (TheTrainLine > Train Times) (NOT jack Bruce opening side four of Cream's Wheels of Fire"! If you TRAINSSPOTTERS want to travel between Noel Redding (Folkestone) and the Hyland ancestral Ashford, Kent homeland "on an average weekday, there are 48 trains travelling from Folkestone central to Ashford International". By jove! phase two of lockdown; I'll be "out and about' TRAINSPOTTING!!!! binoculars and notebook ready, SIR!".....

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Til Tuesday 9 June 20. "Larry West Weinstein accepted your friend request"! Holy Gruberger, Batman! Leslie West's brother AND one of the vagrants, lots of Vagrants memories on his wall. And how DID the Weinstein Brothers and Gruberger brothers coincide with.....carl biancucci?!!! July (?) '74, whilst first meeting Stenson Eddie Flowers and forming Rockabilly Yobs, Carl went to 29 Avenue W to jam with O. rex. They DID cover Vagrants songs plus west bruce and laing's "the doctor"; Carl the Bruce on bass. I remember the cassette with Solomon's guitar; jay Gruberger on drums?!?!? Holy Ken Kaiser! A Biancucci/Gruberger rhythm section! (Jay and I were the destroyed rhythm section sunday 21 aug 77). wonder if Carl friended Larry West Weinstein?"


Thursday, June 11, 2020
"day of Thor 11 June 20. 0700-0800 getting ready for work: . 70s disco nights radio. "estachion de Mexico que brinda espacios de musica funk disco, retro, los exitos de los 70s'....BUT not the '70s disco one would have heard Auguste 1979 driving from Boston to Charleston SC trailer AM radio on, route 95 when it's crack of dawn, Ford Fiasco ON THE ROAD (with steroids!). As I left 0800, dig THIS: Lime doing "Guilty"! youtube has a 7:43 12 inch version! Lime was a married couple from Montreal! (wikipedia). "Hi-NRG, post-disco,dance-pop" 1983 (same year "she's my best bette" and other Hopelessly Obscure songs recorded with Ken kaiser on casio!). "Guilty' was bootlegged " by German dance act "Lexy and K-Paul" in 2003 as "Dancing". Since said toon is Hopelessly obscure to me (Canadian disco on a Mexican station/ They played other toons of which i knew naught), maybe recent birthday boy DJ Chris Ewan (Figures on a beach and heroes!) and/or mad painter/Iron brezhnev drummer Flynn Young (House of Glamour!) may know of Lime; a lot of their toons played this morn! Good disco wakeup dance music if one HAS to get ready for work!"......

Friday, June 12, 2020
Friday I'm In Love" 12 june 20. I wake up 0500 right after Coast to coast AM. In the Atchie Bunkah tymes (Herald-American, first!) I keep reading about Korean baseball games on at 0525. Now I'm hooked! Playing to an empty stadium full of cardboard MUPPETS ("I see Spongebob square pants...I see peek-a-choo"...I usually see Peek-a-BOO asleep in chair! Kotaku pokemon-plush-toys...."Pokemon Plush Toys gather to watch Korean baseball- Kotaku'. The news give you the blues? watch the cheerleaders cheerleading in MASKS! (Baseball cheerleaders?). AAA league Americans playing for Korea whilst major league baseball still in shutdown! If THAT aint enuff, also in Australia rugby....this morn I saw a cardboard cutout of Bugs Bunny in the stands! where WAS the Tasmanian Devil?! (photo) "Gee Doc, what's thuh mattuh?" A TRULY psychedelic sporting event for those of you whom "wake and bake"! (are the pot shops open, man? Go see Dave....But Dave's not here quote james gang First album "where's Dunn? " "coz Dunn's in california!"...ILLEGAL pot got ME through Richard Nixon; LEGAL pot and peek-a-chu will get you through Herr Drumpf! Life is just one big TOON town....Betty Boop as waitress! We now return the controls of your "TV Eye""......

Saturday, June 13, 2020

"Every day is a saturday" 13 June 20. Perhaps the Stigmatics electric cave sessions will mailed to me at BGN; Special Thanks to: KENNE HIGHLAND!!! well, we still in lockdown and no clubs so I "grokked' (Stranger in a strange land"-robert heinlein) this cd for a week. recorded in the electric cave, Portsmouth NH 5 and 19 august 2018 but it sounds like Forty Years previous! (or way I wanted Afrika Korps album to sound EVERYBODY producing the guitars the way Aram Heller wanted them!). Pete McCormack, friend of GG Highland and KK Allin, lead vocals and guitar opens with "all used up". Four crunchy chords ala 1977 Afrika Korps "I want you (everyday)" and/or "you should be destroyed", chorus is kinda Dogmatics "Gimme the Shakes". Bob Roos, born same day as Doctor KENmento, does a dave Davies squeaky skawky solo via the Heartbreakers. there's loud/soft dynamics ala "All Kindsa Girls' and/or "Smells like Nirvana' (me to John Felice 1990s BGN towers: "Kurt Cobain was a good songwriter"; John, enthusiastic: "Kurt Cobain was a GREAT songwriter!" takes one to know one, meant as tribute despite my Kenneth eddie haskell-ish comments. "American Dream (Take It All Away)" is a Bob roos tune (I never knew this live!) and it's a Buddy Holly progression via Never Mind the Sex pistols here's the Gizmos e.p. and Ric Coraccio's superb Last Ones pop tunes. Pete's snarled voice reminds me of "Eve of Destruction" (didnt Gizmos mach II have a tune "aint all that part of the American dream"? This is more "cynical" if i had to use an adverb that usually has the BGN say "sic". Listen to gaye Advert and "looking through gary Gilmore's eyes" georgetown university punk station 1978, flies all over Ford Fiascos and NSA going through garbage amidst endless drunken games of SCRABBLE!!....)....Bob Roos solo is Bob Ralphs/Mick Roos! somewhere between their Wild Life album via 'all the way to memphis". "cant make you stop" is another Bob Roos toon, Nuggets-style fuzz riff and pete's snarly 1966 vocals. maybe a "Bend me Shape Me" with Delvetts "Last Tyme around" fuzz chorus. "set me free' middle eight sounds like Kinks "set me free"! (I learnt all about the stolen riff from R. meltzer in Rolling Stone and/or Solomon Gruberger in O. Rextasy; a fifth of a minion!). Bob Roos solo! ("I'm a fan...I spell F..A...N..): "sympathy for the devil" (Beggar's Banquet version0 via Randy Wolf's solo on "I got a line on you" (Fleshtones, Rat, 1987; Hell YEAH!!!). Cd closes out with Pete's "Not Smart enough". "Caught in a dream' bridge, "Liar Liar' descending fuzz riff, "search and destroy" solo and a "too much to dream' fuzz ending! main influences: Nuggets '60s garage and 1977 'boozy,brawling rat rock" (hey wait! that was Johnny and the Jumper cables!). matt "the Postman' Robinson "DELIVERS" (god, was that lame....more limp than my Bizkit!)....drummers have been spontaneously combustible since both Thomas Edison (a distant cuzzin) and randall Lee Gibson III; Chris fegela is in the drum seat. Like them on facebook, see them live after we have the Restoration (theatre WAs banned under my uncle Cromwell)....this is some GOOD ROCKIN'! I may as well be president, i dont give a tinker's dam what you think, i have PROCLAIMED this! "That is Rocknroll"! Coasters lives matter! (and other splendid doo-wop groups!".....


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