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Monday, June 13, 2022

Sonntag 12 June 2022. Festa Em Honra a santo Antonio, Saint Anthony parish, cambridge, Mass. gee Julie and I got there before the procession (pictures on facebook) but had some great food and met some great people and we admired the iconography. has Covid gone the way of Joe Vig? More church picnics please! (She went the Saturday to greek fest, Arlington, mass. brought me back a sandwich). I got some rock things to shuttle around a couple Brazilian fests in Cambridge/Somerville...

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

"Monntag 13 June 2022. Tyme to hustle some records; for Vatican Sex Kittens' Howl of The She Wolf!!

and Plus Asa Brebner I am not Gone volume two. track 15 (NOT 13! 13 plus U-2?) is "I'm in love"- DEBUT of Kenne Highland's Air Force. Mastermensch behind this was nikki and the Corvettes/ "The Marines,Him?" Lt. larry Newman (HIGHLANDly decorated former marine!) on vocals/guitar/bass/engineer/produce...holy Captain Manyhands! I "merely' sing; I DID ask: "should I sing like david johansen or JIM DANNNDDDYYYY?"...Know ye, vera Lee, I got "One last nod" to sing it like Black Oak Arkansas! and since two of my reads run either Dino records or have wrote The Gospel According to Saint Mach; well I let EWE be Judge Mental (versus Solomon Gruberger taping m Judge dread 45s circa 72, "Big Seven" begetting "Kilebasa" as Shirley (and Lee!) as John lee hooker's "crawlin' king snake"). A Stones groove (Exiled on Lowell Street?) is done by Al nahabedian on guitar and Al Hendry on drums echoing "That's cool (I respect lil queenie more)". Mott the Highland's "Golden age of rocknroll" is echoed with Tom despres on keyboards and John Keegan on sax; THREE BGN writers, Scorpio editor; Gizmos had TWO Gulcher writers, Scorpio editor...hey, this formula been workin' since 20 march 76! last but SHIRLEY not least is Gee Julie on vocals harmonizing somewhere between "Golden age of rocknroll" and "tumblin' dice" hittin' notes that I cant hit (how many Miss Ruby Starrs have I had since '73?).To purchase this cd, make an appointment with your rectalcranialogist and get yo' head out yo' ass and promptly plant it in ….."'73!!!!!!"....and buy Afrika Korps live at cantones on Gulcher to hear saint Mach pontificate on our introduction to that $300 O. rex 45!

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Dienstag 14 June 2022. A kenne Highland Air Force practice for Geno's, Portland maine Friday 24 June 2022 with Tiger Bomb and Gene Dante, all of whom COULD be guesting on "reincarnation", MC5's "LOOKING AT YOU", and velvet underground's "what goes on" and "white light white heat'. Messing around, was my Sex Pistols version of "when I'm 64' (median age of Alta kaka rockin' band) AND John Keegan was DA BALLZ! on X ray spex "oh bondage up yours"! Kenne Styrene?"

Thursday, June 16, 2022

day of Thor ides of June 2022. been digging on a $1.99 Somerville Grooves VINYL album by Pierre bensusan titled SPICES. recorded in paris 1987 (cf. with my "lovin you has been my fiasco" album on Stanton Park) and released 1988 on CBS (versus my 1988 Stanton Park Jumper cables 45s). Pierre is a french-Algerian guitarist born 30 oct 57; on facebook/youtube etc and "celtic/folk/world music/new age/chamber jazz' instrumental; Music to Read By!he tunes DADGAD goin' for 16th-17th century sounds. Playing Sunday 25 SEPT 2022 cedar culutral center Twin Cities of Minneaaplis for $20 though it'll cost me more to take they greyhound than pay the cover! it says his influences were Dylan's nashville Skyline and CSNY, ironically both THE LAST records i bought in 1969...good stuff in the French section at Somerville Grooves! Shoppe Local!".

Friday, June 17, 2022

Freitag 17 June 2022. cruisin' youtube and found Looking for the jackalope; a writer misses plane to his college reunion in Columbus Ohio, has enough money for train to Trenton NJ, so hitchikes acrost Pennsylvania (me, summer '74) and lotsa mayhap/cop hassle/adventure etc.; "he's the new jack Kerouac!', they say at his reunion (aint no kin to Miss Lyn, so non!). Eddie Arjun does a good soundtrack; lots on interent/youtube presence, but since this is college class of 1994 20 year reunion; 2014 i guess. you actually a (jam) band doing live music, so JUST so you know this IS my bag: "ARJUN is a instruemtnal trio" ("What is cream/Hendrix for 500, alex) "trailblazing" ('60s rehash) of rock and improvistianl jazz" DARE they steal from Kenne Highland's Air Force?!?!?!?!?".....


Saturday, June 18, 2022

"freitag 17 June 2022, Gee Julie and I left Death Alive on Mass. Ave. (Goth vegan eatin' place!) and after dancing and singing to a street band on Mass. Ave. acrost from Cantab, the mike was handed me to sing "Hollywood Swingin'!" Lotsa encouragement from r&b musicians as I sang and danced BETTER than James Brown! "are you a former rock star?" asked the lady singer; Gee Julie asked whom was the band and it's Earthbound Children and they on instagram! Ok, now I'm warmed up for Friday next 24 may 2022, geno's, Portland maine Tiger Bomb/Gene dante and then I DAMN sho' better "Be more flamboyant" following Gene Dante!".....


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