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Monday June 15, 2015

after an evening at the ce-ment pond, Ken and Gee Julie lissen to Gun Talk on WRKO; pistols being mention -1977 I carried a 45 rpm pistol guarding the NSA AND, off duty, lissened to the Sex Pistols! no wonder the NSA wuz goin' through my trash....coast to coast AM; dreams that are premonitions! "I'm a Believer", case in point; my uncle Willis Blodgett was on oxygen machine (smoked pipe, had bad pipe breath) and i had a Choking-type dream (NOT old hag syndrome!) and then found out he'd died....

Toxic Reasons wall street journal this morning, they actually do some dry lil quips! golden state is ahead in NBA and let me mention Ed Pittman of TOXIC REASONS is one Buckeye who is upset over Cleveland's losses! BUT Chicago looking like will win hockey, so if so, will ask my wall, whom at empty bottle Gizmos gig gives a good puck...("I guy like me must be real lucky/to find a gurl like you that loves to play hockey!")....and them murderers of northern NY still "On the Lamb (But i aint no sheep"); so my final Deep Thot, since they from Husker's roots; Bob Mould reunites Husker Du to cover Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak"!! since he hails from near that northern NY prison.

watching early iron butterfly youtube videos; though half the "classic" line-up are dead (that's guitar and bass playing MOSRITES, looks like), drummer Ron Bushy was on ALL the albums; Doug Ingle looks like he's playing a Vox! appearances on american bandstand and playboy after dark have dick clark and hugh hefner TRYIN' to be hip, but I know they didnt "get" it...BUT did you know bassist Lee Dorman was on the dating game?!?!?!??!?!? not only did he get the gurl BUT he discovered Black Oak Arkansas! may he indeed rest in peace! uncle Tom Highland claims he partied with iron butterfly when they played dudley do-right's in troy, NY; that's like partying with the Gizmos! this woulda been his post-'77 college daze so looks like Ron Bushy and Erik Braunn (RIP) were the only original members; and saturday 11 july watch the Gizmos play bloomington with TWICE as many original members! "in-a-Gizmo-da-vida, bay bay!!!

penis mobile

Penismobile youtube-in' on rare early classic Steppenwolf; cant say NUTHIN' alan baase and i didn't write in Rock On in '72 (Steppenwolf on cover!) but live they were awesome, they also appeared on playboy after dark (COUNT in iron butterfly AND Grand Funk, all my favourites of then, tho I "could not git a girl"). so only two items: John Kay in '60s lookin' like Teen Appeal's Rudi Protrudi! (or even more when Rudi had the Fuzztones in '80s)...also, a lot of old bikers reminiscing about partying to Steppenwolf, Iron Horse magazine (read in my marine barracks!) AND, in For Ladies Only, gatefold cover: the Penismobile complete with vein! I had EVERY album from 7th til 10th grade, so I WANT Ken Kaiser to know Alan Baase (RIP) and i got a kick out of a HOG on wheels!

what I did NOT know Back in '72 was Jack London and the Sparrow from Toronto! Before John Kay joined, a couple of steppenwolfers, bruce palmer-buffalo springfield-bass AND Mars Bondfire were doin' British invasion about '64 on capital! (RARE records on youtube!) so there's a cd (EVERY band has an O.Rex past) of the future Steppenwolfers lookin' MOD in Toronto, in front of some old British-looking building; as a quarter-Canadian, we usedta see my grandmother's cuzzins on Ontario and they were quite British, so...either way, the look is a "hoot" but music is damn good! only done better by Beatles/Stones of course..Goldy McJohn (real name was the English Goadsby) sans 'fro with a Chesterfield King haircut, , , , why, I LAFFED OUT LOUD!

Highlnad Wedding Thoroughbred Heritage website! HIGHLAND WEDDING, 1957-1985, Canada, won 1969 grand please note HERITAGE AND STUD in this blue-blooded horse, no relation to me, but still a majestic piece of horseflesh or else i'm a horse's ass!"

to answer my own question, found an amazon review of Cactus 'ot and sweaty and folks from rochester were chiming in about Werner Fritzsching! born deutschland, graduated eastridge high school, Irondequoit, NY, where also is the house of guitars. red, white and blues band became Joshua (wow, man...) opened for Mountain! read about this dude on my 8th grade paper route when he was "merely" in high school ("rochester's answer to eric clapton", which certainly aint me, babe!) XMAS '72, respected the gurl more in NJ, in NYC got my FIRST issue of Creem and L. Bangs reviewed 'ot and sweaty! ("boogie is blues played at 78 rpm" or some other similar Gonzo Gizmo journalism) werner still recording in NYC and he DID play guitar on "fight for your right to be gay" on wigstock! that and rochester NY is as incongruous as me bein' in the Pee-cocks"..

Robert caleb potter using werner fritschings as guitarist! NOW my worlds REALLY collide; potter had a band FREE BEER, on Buddah in '70s;"i joined the marines after high school in '65...i REALLY started learning how to play whilst in vietnam"....picture of him as musician AND another with M-16!!!! shit, I thought I was the first"

Tuesday June 16, 2015

BILLY MILLER of norton records back in hospital; this in his status update. basically contact Miriam Linna at Norton, he wants to hear from folks. a joke: because of his bad leg, he made a Gene Vincent joke, which is what I make about MY bad leg! DO visit him if you're in area ;he once saw five afrika korps albums in long island back in '81!

Wednesday June 17, 2015

Oidgie me and ed pittman of Toxic Reasons are certainly NOT happy Cleveland lost NBA last night; though Curry is a fine scottish name, shared with Momus and James is a fine Welsh name, shared with....ELMORE!!! 1330 WRCA at midnight and danny stiles playin' some HARRY JAMES from the late '40s (who the Grand Funk plays Harry James these days except a dead guy in syndication);0300, boston country oldies ended with their banjo theme, so at 0300, coast to coast AM wrko 680 AM, DID catch about OUIJA BOARDS! VERY fascinating as this bloke is a COLLECTOR and has a MUSEUM and if you think evil spirits are inhabiting your board, give it to HIM as he collects more fact: ouija board used to be a family board game even up to the '60s! started 1848 western NY (kinda near brockport) by two sisters who heard a knock; post-Civil War every family had lost a member (family member, not the ole hog..) they tried to contact them "from the beyond"...also mention of made of pre-funeral parlour how corpses were laid out in the family parlour! and since my great-great Lester Blodgett built his still standing farm house in 1851, i'll wager where i usedta watch lawrence welk and green acres with my uncle/cuzzin Howard SPENCER BLODGETT, there probably were generations of Blodgetts/Myers/Vahue (coz as grandpa said "we're english/scotch/irish and french and just plain yankee!") laid out there too....need to ask Ma on this'un...i feel like son of flubber, gittin' all these Gizstoric facts at 0300"

Thursday June 18, 2015

club linehan-a-go-go practice at John Keegan's barn with FOUR wild bunnies...."Bunny Love" by the Korps on Kleenkut comin' soon! lineup, Highland/Quirk/Keegan(gtr/vocals/sax) and Mike's ole schoolmates from Southie as rhythm section. set list is MJ Quirk's version of Pinups: kinks/stones/sonics/dolls/velvets/MC5 and brownsville station! 430 pm midway opening for Hixx saturday and more to come/Black to Comm!".

Friday June 19, 2015

Ken and Gee Julie at tavern at end of world, natalie flanagan residency (EVERY thursday and LIKE her on facebook!);oi 'ad bangers'n'mash coz Ringo loiks 'em....Trick Wallace tellin' me about Jon Richman crashin' at Asa Brebner's house and playing 3 new spontaneously-written tunes in the HALLWAY! (shades of Krazee Ken and Metal Mike!) and coast to coast AM at 0300 was devoted to the the FREEMASONS...SUCh a Jim Condon (RIP) show"...

Sunday June 21, 2015


Hixx put on a GREAT show at midway yesterday! photos by roger gordy (he does art openings!) Johnny Plankton opened, he was backed up by Hixx, Bob Daley of Young Guns on drums held it all together and i saved the set list! highlights: homicde/queen bitch/be my lover/pretty vacant/dreamin' (Blondie) and jet boy,jet gurl! john lorenti WZLX went to Don Bosco with MJ Quirk and rhythm section (Joe Quinn and Kevin Linehan) as Club Linehan-a-go-go house band, i used dusty "numbnuts" Hixx axe and we tore through Kinks/Stones/Sonics/Brownsville station, added John Keegan on sax for chuck berry's "it wasnt me"/"the progression" AND I sang MC5's "Black to comm" (video exists). place was PACKED with Don Bosco reunion! Jesse and the Hogg Brothers followed, female "sanger" in red hot pants and everyone in assorted I dont give a fuck dynasty garb; highlights: "ah only slept with your mother coz she reminds me of yew","Onion Ring" (that's fer a weddin' ring when ya marry yer cuzzin!) AND "Green acres" sung to "purple haze"! "I laffed out loud"! Hixx is what Gee Julie calls "punk-try", punk-country, i guess (oh yeah! Hank III t-shirts were worn!) and just tah hear "git off mah property"....yep, that's mah people....BGN exclusive: ole Dusty and hacksaw Hixx is a-workin' on mah 60th birthday, saturday 2 april 2016, pm show, jillian higgins (Gizmos fan!) bar-tendin'! ah made $10, had me a German plate at Doyle's and me and Gee Julie gave TRIBUTE to Rick Berlin-the Waiter!".....

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