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Monday, June 15 2020

"Monntag ides of June 2020. 0500 PBS. new series! BEECHAM HOUSE "historical drama". Delhi India 1795, English former military/former east india company merchant arrives at a PALACE with Indian wife and "half-caste" son (very cute! (played by twin girls!- ed) AND my favourite line: "My baby has wind. Quit making those spicy foods"...."PUNJABHI DHABA"! off my Be More Flamboyant cd and the colours in this series....Magical Mystery Tour of the mind!). Three colliding cultures: India/ the english trying to take over and French mercenaries! (knew naught of this and they look Napoleonic if you're a uniform geek like I). Poldark is in Britain starting 1783; looking at UK census and birth etc records, the Hylands were agricultural labourers signing X on documents in Kent and ma's grandmother the Harmer ne' ARMER : "from reading near Bock-shur (Berkshire) and Uncle Charlie used to say "I dropped my h'ach in the h'ocean"....COCKNEY REBELS! I got Miss Lyn hooked on this (it's her "TV Eye" on me!) and looks to be about five-six episodes (that's double of a couple-three); for those whom have survived Maryland/South Carolina summers, when Mother Beecham arrives from England wearing black buttoned to neck "why couldnt you have bought a place in Surrey?" (isnt that Clapton/Page territory,wot?), fanning herself with hand fan AND indian servants with big fans (air condition NOT invented!), she also says "How can you stand this beastly heat?"....Gonna damn sho' be some culture clash! AND there's a pretty young governess from Devon also...romantic intrigue? Stay tooned! (I AM a TOON! I'm ALWAYS TOONED!!!!!!)"...(I can't get over the fact that Mama Beecham was Mrs. Patmore on Downton Abbey!!-ed) ....


Tuesday, June 16 2020

Charles Trenet & Edith Piaf
"Til Tuesday 16 June 20. genre: "'30s". RADIO MONTMARTRE. ile-de-fance> Paris! "listen again to the most beautiful french songs from the '30s to the '50s. Edith Piaf, Charles Trenet, Yves Montant, Juliette Greceo"....On my first wedding anniverary to Montreal, Linda Garraeu Highland (moi cousine cousine; garreaus from Vergennes, Vermont) un moi (great-great-great Sophie Leduc Veilleux born 1811 Vergennes Vermont AND five of Miss Lyn's female DNA matches are to the Quebec City Veilleuxes!) bought vinyl at stands in the metro! So when I discover this channel: Gilbert Becaud! When I lived at Gilson Terrace, Somerville mass, ("best of tymes,worst of tymes") I had bought an Edith Piaf box set at Loony Toons from Underachievers drummer Jim Janota. Charles Aznavour. Arletty even! (i THINK she was in L'enfant d' Paradis; good band!). If it's a slow week newswise maybe i shall expound upon french artists and/or songs I hear".......

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Joe Coughlin & Tiny Tim!
'day of WODIN! 17 june 20. Cladrite radio. genre: '20s! 0800 This morn heard a jaunty megaphone-vocal toon : "Painting the Clouds with Sunshine" (Katrina and the waves versus the Cure). trackblaster says ed Lloyd and his rhythm boys, YES it's on youtube and this 78 rpm goes for $24.99! spring dad's grandfather Byron Grant Highland Detroit rock city bus driver pulls over to side of the road has heart attack Northville Michigan age 42. this 78 recorded 13 june 29; next day Dad's mother turnt 14; was this an "oldie" for her! (Seance at Quincy mass First Spiritualist Church!). This and THE b-side were in Gold Diggers of Broadway, 29 Aug 29 MOVIE! The Stock market crashed that fall, but STILL, one could "Paint the Clouds with Sunshine"! Tho not the original, NOT so-Tiny Ken found out the flip side of this 78 was...."TIPTOE THROUGH THE TULIPS!" Noise writer Joe Coughlin and Herbert Khaury both 'smiled sweetly" upon me this morning....."oh you Kid!""......

Thursday, June 18, 2020

day of THOR 18 June 20. Got an invite for Mondo-Exploito! facebook group. "Born losers beware. This is where you mofos are at. Movie biers hippie heaven". To wit; poster for SISTERS IN LEATHER. "No man or woman was safe from these love-hungry hell-cats!". Faster Pussycat Kill Kill on steroids! I think i shall kenjoy seeing all this in my news feed each morn. Follow my facebook wall as I share coz, like Eric Burdon sang "That aint where its at"!".......

Friday, June 19, 2020
Edison and his "magic machine"
"Friday on my mind 19 june 20. . KBRD 680 AM. "cylinders, 78 rpm, vinyl all from 1890-1960 (with a few select greats from the 60s)." i searched retro music: '20s. SPEAKING of Edison discs, on the tube this morn i was on the Famous Kin site for Thomas Alva Edison, inventor ("Mary had a little lamb' Edison discs! Where's my spats?). he and my great-grandmother Highland BOTH descend from New Netherlands Walloon settler Guleyn Vigne; my great-great-grandmother Highland descends from Samuel Hotchkiss died 28 Dec 1663 new haven, connecticut; due to cuzzin marriage ole Tom Edison descends from him TWICE! Ok, filter that DNA into Dad and his mother (my sixth cuzzin!) and I, that's THREE reasons to dig Edison discs! (had a student teacher about '66 brought some in for show and tell; been FASCINATED since!). No "trackblaster' on what this station IS playing but either way, 1920 (when my great-great grandfather Charles Grant Highland died) WAS 100 years ago!"......

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Hot Rod
"every day is a saturday 20 june 20. In a box of olde cassettes found this homemade one. Alec Bathgate one side and Hot Rod the other. Alec bathgate is a New Zealand musician lists T. rex's The Slider as influence but this low-fi record sounds closer to those Tyranosaurus Rex records mixed with acid-era Beach Boys. I like it! Hot Rod was a 1993 pre-Boy Wonder Paula Kelley project with Jack Drag on guitar. '90s flashback coz Mikey D used to have nights at the Kirkland cafe sponsoring "indy pop' in '90s. I think Jack Drag did Kinks "afternoon tea" which I drunkenly told them i dug; paula and I musta maybe met during Boy Wonder years. her 'dulcet' (some writer) "ethereal' (my words) vocals and jack Drag's psychedelic/grunge guitar are a good mix. Googled a lot of her going back to "shoegaze" bands at Boston university! Either way,30 years of indy music nuthin' to sneeze out.....and after this cassette back to my Iron Butterfly vinyl! (That is SO Kenne)".........


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