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Monday, June 18, 2018

mad painter
saturday 16 june 18,McGann's North station with memories of chet's last call as i was "roamin' in the gloamin'". Bitter Magnolia has facebook, they mostly sounded like the Band then did a Pugsley Munion solo! ALEX GITLIN, whom had been in Junky Donkey, Silver stah and jukebox angels and now Mad Painter, and SERIOUS (worse than me!) record collector also noted traces of The Dead; the country albums say I. There was also a Dylanesque I-IV-V ("like a rolling stone" released this day in 1965!) with anti-Trump topical "eve of destruction" lyrics I was glad to hear.,..ACHTUNG FACEBOOK WARRIORS! write a fucken song about it, I am discussing all kindsa Iron Curtain "art/music" since THE WALL fell down...end song ties in Dead/60s/jam band: "goin' down the road feelin' bad" but mentioning immigrant children at border AND Stormy Daniels! By God she DOES deserve the mention in song! Monica Lewinsky got any songs mention on her? ok onto Mad Painter, reason for coming. Alex had his keyboards through a Leslie and admits to Ian MacLagan as an influence; There Are But Four mad Painters! I made back my $10 cover coz opening number sounded like early Uriah Heep, keyobards by Ken H.(ensley). There's a young lady sings,vocals,"Tambourine Girl"; it's Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger! before I veer off into R. Meltzerville naming every influence or being followed by a Gruberger (Solomon size! "i know who they're ripping off!"). stuck in 1968, PP arnold singing with small faces! (stream of unconscious posts to micelf, agin!). Crazy world of arthur brown plays "let the sunshine in" (bassist had psychedelic clothes, Alex had some colours he musta chased down Ace kefford for and drummer was 1973 glam-rock if i ever saw it, red satin pants, silver shoes (dad was in Silver Star!) red lipstick and a very Kenny Jones drum style). drummer did that "Shaft" beat on hi-hat like "woman from tokyo" and yes Alex WAS in a Deep Purple tribute band with Gee Julie's cuzzin. (STORMBRINGER! playing chit chat lounge in haverhill soon!) another Gitlin solo: the Road's "she's not there" cover! (He was Back in the USSR til late '80s, so maybe I can stump him with a Buffalo band). Bassist does Jack Bruce solos on a bass with an SG body, doubled on guitar on one song too; everyone is top notch. Imagine Traffic playing "wooden ships" as the young lady from USSR (Natalia?) sings Grace-fully and Slick-ly. a song about your worst nightmare with "easy livin'" keyboards! maybe I should Look at Yourself! lastly: "classical and rock it's either Vanilla Fudge or Aphrodite's Child".ok y'all know my taste ("My Head's in '68"!) so if you love all that heavy Hammond organ sound, Mad Painter is for YOU! If not, well some folks was to Nervous Eaters and Gee Julie saw GBH middle east and after jerry's kids was a punk band from Mexico, heard the cd, they use accordion and play punk-rock. Now THAT's interesting! and obscure. and the next day Mexico beat Deutschland at World's Cup! (which is my "go-to" thang since bars have AIR CONDITION!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

sunday 17 june 18,"
hearts b loud
sunshine shines on the common at two" and 245 pm "winner by elimination" at amc WAS Hearts Beat Loud. in a nutshell: i liked it! Dad owns a record store in Brooklyn and it's pretty hip; I saw Dolls album, Iggy's the idiot, a Bowie lp; i remember in '71 when House of Guitars was a lil hole in the wall! His daughter wants to go to medical school, but deceased mother had a band with Dad, so like the Nice, "Hang on to a dream". Landlady raises rent, store may close, she wants to add a barista for coffee but Dad turns it down....if i directed the goddam movie, he'd be toolin' for roof! Rent problem solved! (let sleeping pigs lie (dead) kenne!!-ed) Store closed, dad and daughter are We're not a Band, Dad plays guitar like The Edge, daughter has good neo-soul voice.....not EXACTLY my cuppa tea but outside, Kiss fans, it's "Hotter'n Hell" and senior discount is 60-plus so go for it geezer's! Dad on closing day of store tells landlady to buy Animal Collective, then gets job in bar tended by Cheers dude and she tells Dad how much she loves the album....Kinks: "something better beginning"....oops, fuck that's the ending! Too bad! well i had sunday afternoon free and all the bars are BUTS with World Cup, but i can follow the scores with my app!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

sideman poster
Til Tuesday 19 june 18: quoting my facebook wall post: "BBC radio ulster three pm versus whatever tyme it be in Van Morrison land. Nicky Bradley show, he opens up with cramps "mad mad daddy". Proof that "we won" versus "they thought we were stu-pid, yeah,yeah" is Undertones bassist pays tribute to Cramps drummer on BBC; 'we want the airwaves"! Note to self: this is real! and nothing to get hung about! afterwards the Undertone played Nick Drake (death date maybe?) and Peter Bardens: "there were maybe five fans of The Cheynes, they did "respectable" with Mick Fleetwood on drums". Then Camel, then a splendid 1966 45 from The Again album: "call my name". Belfast is ground zero for Them so my facebook friend Jackie McAuley gets a "shout out" for his book about Them, Belfast scene etc. Thusly, practice with Al hendry on drums for Yukiko's birthday Saturday at Granite Street Cafe, "Crosstown Traffic" sounding excellent, our John Keegan playing alto sax like a South Side Chicago harp; he also played baritone and is the Dana Colley of a Tim SPRAGUE (JUNTA D'AMOUR) combo that allegedly sounds like Morphine. MJ Quirk has a few bass gigs coming up, but, it being Marvin Nunley's birthday, Royal Guardsmen, he DID tell me he sang "roadrunner","bo diddley" and "I'm a man", so Ken Kaiser, it's the guy spoke german on the "snoopy" record turnt me onto Bo Diddley! though "do the touch" didnt have an "ein zwei drei fier".....tonight we practice with kevin Linehan for Jeannie Johnston and Quincy porchfest....and Joe "The Mighty" Quinn, bass and I were discoosin' eerish music (Irish), he had gone to some Irish festival around here, Stiff Lil Fingers dude solo acoustic! regret i missed it but "teenage kicks" on BBC radio ulster got a "released 40 years ago today!" shout out....DID sell more copies than Hello World,I guess......

Thursday, June 21, 2018

"day of Wodin, 20 june 18. no club-linehan-ago-go practice is complete without namesake drummer Kevin and Irish showbands was the topic last night! (plus Stones were NOT popular in Ireland, due to showbands; a newspaper cutting I found plus BBC radio ulster tomorrow WILL be doin' a salute to th' showbands!). Fun covers last night: "crosstown traffic" REAL funky like my James Brown Hot Pants 8-track; Hawkwind's "silver machine" with me doin' toggle-switch bass guitar and John Keegan makin' it sound like roxy music; he always used a wind instrument thing, looked like a nozzle kinda; me: "you're the Brian Eno of the band!". A lot of r and b, MJ Quirk and Joe Quinn holdin' it down solid as me, Keegan and Kev Linehan got into some funky grooves; again parts James Brown, parts Funhouse. Month of July we're playing bbqs, not sure if that means "private party" though usedta be whoever I brought got us banned from said party! But those guys all dead now and "all my rowdy friends have settled down

Friday, June 22, 2018

nunleys and family

on my facebook wall, Thor's Day, day after Marvin Nunley of Royal Guardsmen birthday and club linehan-ago-go covering "bo diddley" and "roadrunner" as sung by him on snoopy album, he also wrote: thanks kenneth highland, we used to also do "you cant judge a book by lookin' at the cover in our royal guardsmen live shows". drummer Kevin Linehan listening to Guardsmen version of "roadrunner", I heard harp, detected a Pretty Things influence; marvin replies" "LOVED the Pretty Things! "cant judge a book" from Bo hisself and "I'm a man" (second lp) from Yardbirds and "roadrunner" from the Pretty Things....later listened to Bo to hear the source and got into Da Blooz!" I answered back EQUALLY fanatically, but here is chronolog: age 10, hear Guardsmen do Pretty Things version of "roadrunner"; bought Punups,'73, age 17,Bowie of course did two Pretty Things covers. BUT subconsciously, it was SNOOPY, NOT Ziggy that got me into Bo Diddley and the Pretty Things.....proud to be facebook friends with one of my major musical influences! and i thought after buyin' Stones album in '69,age 13 is when I "discovered" the blues"

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