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Monday, June 22 2020

"Lundee 22 June 20. " radio Plaisirs Country. "is an internet radio station broadcasting from Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada provides country music' sung in French like the french country western albums Linda garreau and I would buy up in Keene NH or else on a Sunday jamboree at the French Club Waltham mass. or even the Jim-10! Music to play spoons by! I heard a GREAT 1964 "oldie" by Jean Marie Rusk; the Guess Who may have been copying the British invasion that year but not this guy; total pre- Beatle pop sung in French! Who was that unmasked man? (pre-Covid or Band 19). "canadian singer, real name Patrick Zabe. Born 12 December 43 in Quebec, he's Keith Richard's age! lists a 1964 album: "Jean Rusk chante pour vous"! with my Franglais; "Da dou ron ron"; mai oui! Phillippe le Spector! Perhaps he is a canadian Johnny Hallday who was a French Elvis? And this 1965 45: KEBEC label, "Fabrication Canadienne" (I found, in le metro de Montreal, many French remakes of "oldies" like "please love me forever" etc tres cheap!). This gem is "Elle etait si jolie" b/w "Quand le jour viendra". Both records i mentioned have a youtube presence, so DO dig in and mange le musique!".....


Tuesday, June 23 2020

"Monntag 23 June 20. Ken and Gee Julie eating Indian food and me: "check this out!" (oh boy....) (ALMOST as much fun as record shopping!) "Antena 1- FADO". "Canal On Line dedicado ao Fado'. which is Portuguese television seems to be website and Antena 1 fado is facebook. Facebook has live videos... I miss seeing fado in east Cambridge since that restaurant burnt down but now I can get my fix!",,,,,

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

"day of Wodin morn 24 June 20. 0300. Coast to coast AM and the guest said "I believe in reincanrnation"! "you get reincarnated every 200 years"....ok, SO my 1756 America First pioneer ancestors ARE: Zadok MockBee, southern maryland to western Virginny (Dad's great-great-great) and Elijah Blodgett, Brimfield Mass to Oakfield NY (Ma's great-great-great) both Revolutionary war soldiers. My "pioneer" punk record, O. rex going for 2-300 dollars, three copies for sale! 1776-1976! Also, talk was of 'soul phones'; a device you put on graves and the Dead speak! You dont know HOW many queries i have....."......

Thursday, June 25, 2020

day of Thor 25 June 20. 0700 perhaps. (of course!) CLASSIC OLDIES JUKEBOX. speaks for itself but I heard a 45 I been (Yardbirds) "Rack My Mind" all morn. "you've got to hide your love away"-the Silkie. About '74 Solomon "Spector' was turnin' me onto "girl groups"/female singers et al. So a female vocal on a Beatle song was like female vocal/Stones song (Marianne Faithful 'as years go by") and both good mid-sixties pop. Since wikipedia never "lies' (depends whom puts in info), they did four 45s and the second one/Beatles cover makes them a "one hit wonder'. HELP! was released 6 Aug 65 BUT 9 Aug 65 John Paul and George "helped'. "Lennon produced, McCartney played the guitar and harrison kept time by tapping his guitar and also playing the tambourine". There ARE Beatle geeks whom might slobber and drool the way some folks do for those $2-300 dollar copies of the O. rex maxi-e.p. for sale since one Gizmo and two Grubergers played on it. lists the UK release on Fontana at $137; post-mortem Solomon Gruberger is WORTH his weight in geldt, as am I:300 pounds, $300 for O. Rex! (listen to the) :Twice As Much!"........

Friday, June 26, 2020

"Portugese leftovers from Portugalia and dinner musica:, looking for Portuguese stations:" Antenna 1- Memory" 'oldies" BUt "reflects the sound environment of the period (1975-1976, my "Gizmo years",Bloomington, Indiana) in which Portugal, living in a revolutionary process"....QUITE educational, NPR-ish (in Portuguese) and I heard (sung in Portuguese) 1975 hard rock and/or 70s disco PLUS a "diva" whom discussed "Begin the Beguine"....Cole Porter meets fado? between that and my brazilian dessert...Si!"......

Saturday, June 27, 2020

every day is a saturday 27 june 20. STILL playing those harry vee (singer von der Broken Jug, Bamberg,Deutschland) estate sale 45s , geldt of which is EQUAL for royalties owed for covering "Rain of Death'. Today, reissue "Scepter/Wand Forever label is "Louie Louie"! BOOKs have been written about this oft-covered Richard Berry toon BUT (wikipedia!) it leads off with Don galluci on keyboards! I remember having an ORIGINAL label 45 at 85 Turner road, Holliston mass (Metrowest-Boston Groupie news, if ewe will) October '78 and flip side "haunted Castle" STILL a fave! Galluci's haunted keyboard notes are A to C then G to Bflat, ends on an A, THEN does a C-F-G "louie louie' I-IV-V progression! Ken Kaiser I count SIX chords on the flip-side of "Louie Louie"'s three chords! Lynn easton of Kingsmen gets credit for "Haunted Castle" but Galluci and his prominent keyboards DID co-write this toon! (Does harry vee owe HIM royalties?). (dates from wikipedia): "Louie Louie"-1963; then Don galluci goes on to Don and the Goodtimes and in a span of seven years he's producing Stooges FUNHOUSE and playing Doors-y type keyboard on the 45 version of "Down on the Street' (when I bought Funhouse October '71, "Down on the street",first side, first song and FUNHOUSE was my beginning to STOOGES fandom FOUR lifettymes later!). No gigs in Boston? Fuck that AND heineken! I got my records or to maybe quote Queen ("I'm in love with my car", may have been a b-side) "and my rocknroll 45s"...."......


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