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Monday, June 124, 2019

Kid Gulliver
Freitag 21 June 19, Summer Solstice and oi went pub crawlin' oi did, singing 999's "Boilermaker" (not really, I just wanted to mention 999 so that Miss Lyn doesnt revoke my Spit card/my Rat card and my "New wave cool!" plus my sketchy-as-such punk rock credentials; dudes, to me it IS the red Grand Funk album, early Sabbath and the original Ramones!). Kid Gulliver was my objective ONLY because Simone Berk usedta work at pennsylvania company with Ken Kaiser. I've said it before but there is a mid-70s punk-pop thang that even Blowfish likes! ramones chords with Mike Quirk on Gemini on a Full Moon (Dino) leads and Simone uses a capo doing G-C-D while the other guitar does A-D-E (the Korps "Talk to me karen"); I've not seen two guitars play same chords but different postions since Children of Paradise! (one guy tuned down, no capo...I think HE was a ken!). AS I've said before, after I had a rectal-cranialogy (head from ass surgery) Simone Berk DOES sing like Blondie's Plastic letters and after club linehan-ago-go has lady Caroline (Varulven) sing "Denis Denis" (Randy and Rainbows toon) THAT is what I hear; I even think Solomon SPECTOR would like it eating passover pizza! lady drummer was totally kickass doing patented Ken Kaiser drum rolls....when Kid Gulliver covers Hello World "will the circle be unbroken"! Next up, whatever the fuck was P.A.s lounge....Union tavern? "ah say ah say, don' mention the wuhd UNION around me"; ah DID have cuzzins and an uncle "gone to Dixie"! (thus fighting a Sybil War with micelf, agin). Boston Rag superb as always as i walked into hearing "Nobody's Girl's theme 'wish i was back in Annandale. John Keegan could fill a house with every band he played with! Jiblantos/club Linehan ("Tis Himself!")/GLiDER....even AL HENDRY from bubbaloaf! cal cali and dancing with "the babes in the bar" and we didnt even get called asshole like Pablo Picasso! (arschlock woulda been a cat name Picasso that Miss Lyn lived with a Mission Hillbilly!). Captain Easychord has a savant memory for records so he knew every song and what album! We even had Bob Roos there! Still thinking of a 1973 Midnight Special Steely Dan performance as a quintet; Johnny Angel and I agreed on this back in '78 debating music above Cantone's. The bag Boy on bass told me and the captain there's a return Boston rag gig, Union tavern' Cal Cali band got a gig and lastly; she and Frank Drake wuz in a band opened for NIRVANA at an MIT pig roast! Gotta reasserch THAT! wasnt the Nirvana/Cheater Slicks green street station gig neither".....

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

CLAGG Quincy Porchfest

saturday 22 June 19. Gizmo's world tour of quincy porchfests. club linehan-ago-go played west quincy, I sang "ramblin gambling man" and "manic depression", "my head's in '68!" and kevin linehan, drums sang "circle sky" and maybe "chevy van'; lady Caroline always awesome on that Varulven b-side "Of yesterday". "hand of God has struck the hour' when the winds blew the tent down on my face...Supernatural forces at work! gee Julie drove me to north quincy where all the bands played in a long-ass driveway. We caught Baabes who rolled on the floor like GG Allin in Jabbers or a 1977 ken Highland with the band being a hyperactive version of DMZ at CBGBs sat 26 march 77.

Kenne, Easy Chord, Theresa, Schmel
followed and more "acts of God"; rain while I'm singing "you're gonna miss me" but I used my mental powers to make it stop! Such miracles of Biblical proportion aint happen since GizMoses turnt a rod into a Young Snake in front of SAM THE SHAM, the Pharaoh! captain Easychord WAS "psycho" during "Psycho"; we really sounded like baabes on this and Cal Cali and Scalawag Sara projected well on "I got you babe" and what a PISSER band! Schmel Herbie Hind on guitar; MJ Quirk on bass; Captain easychord-keys and Joe Norton-Thighscrapers drummer.Thighscrapers were up next, keep getting better and better, sounding like NY Dolls April 74. Dont remember much after this but maybe three hours of Charlie Dont Surf with Theresa Powers singing along on EVERY song (those first two albums were pissa!). Even got a visit from "My Ex-bette" Betsy Shaw of Quincy whom we saw the Clash on Fridays on tv doing "London calling" (they were at top of game then) as THE RUNES played JACK'S! (Hopelessly Obscure '86 with THE STRIKE!). Great fun tyme, three dollar hotdogs and it was glorious seeing EVERYBODY!"

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Sonntag 23 June 19. Reno from harlequin had busted a rib, so just like Mel Schachter of grand Funk railroad was stand-in bassist for ? and the Mysterians, I was stand-in bassist for matt Gilbert of harlequin. I'd been wanting to be a stand-in bassist since 1973! Be careful what you wish for...Head still in '73, there was Alice Cooper and Dolls songs, an ACDC song where I throbbed the A string like "all right now" (Andy of clan Fraser was facebook friend); I should mention Jerry on Djembe and this was mick the poet at outpost 186. showing films maybe. Warholian? art gallery/music?) there was some long jam in E where I started doing Cream's "I'm So Glad'and I WAS fucken glad, sittin' in a chair channeling jack of clan Bruce and Jay gruberger of O. rex/Afrika Korps. We jammed for about an hour, good and fun! I left Matt and jerry up there with a lady named Holly who pretty much channeled Lou reed; loved the ostrich guitar strums! perfect for an art support Outpost 186! to quote the Amboy Dukes "Inside the outside/what a lovely place to be"

Thursday, June 27, 2019

day of Wodin 26 June 19. for the first tyme in 20 years, the kenne Highland clan with bruce hamel of john felice's devotions on bass played and practiced their gemini on a full moon record plus "she's not just another girl (she's a darling)" plus MC5's "looking at you". amazing what one can do with a traditional two guitar/bass/drums format like Buddy Holly's crickets! (guitar- MJ Quirk, drums- Matt Burns of V!!!). Bruce was full of great tales but I'll keep this SHORT if you can believe that....Michael DesBarre of Silverhead played "My Girl" off the Be More Flamboyant cd! That led to "rollin' with my baby", a Solomon Gruberger favourite, then Bruce said DMZ usedta do "Hello New York" (I blasted into that solo electric)....ok, day was MADE! Then Bruce listed what a hotbead of rock Arlington Mass was; to wit: "Jon Macey lived one street over from me and in junior high he brought Willie Loco to a junior high dance in Ahlington....Michael Beiderbeck (RIP) first brought me to the Rat March '76; he was that kinda wierd kid had Stooges and Velvets albums..." (wait that was ME in brockport NY/Bloomington Indiana!)...a splendid practice and also next week (Wednesday July 3) at Brass Union Somerville Easy Ed (WMFO) and Ty Jesso (the Itchies!) spinning rockabilly and garage! More fun than Lyres at Cantones 4 July 80

Friday, June 29, 2019

day of THOR! 27 June 19, regent thee-ate-er, ah-lington, mass 730 PM PARALLEL LOVE ($10).  The Story of a band called Luxury. wikipedia: "in the 1990s, Luxury is rocketing towards fame when members in bus crash. (I'm paraphrasing). They survive, three become Eastern Orthodox priests". wow! AND there are freemasons from Boston's hardcore scene and one's a Unitarian minister! Well, the Vitale brothers AINT shot that movie (YET!) but this'un name good! being a punk band at a christian college in northeast georgia? why, the "georgia peach" (Lil Richard) would say "ooohhh my's the DEBBBIL's music! whooooo!!!!!!". Actually, some wise-ass rock scribe (NOT me!) desribes the two brothers whom became priests in the band as "Morrisey vocals/Fugazi guitars"; I actually liked something new!!!! SHOUT HALLELUJAH!!!! I've been to eastern Orthodox churches, even have an icon next to photos of my Dad and a deceased girlfriend and I LOVE all the FLAMBOYANCY, parading the crosses, kissing icons, crossing yourself with yia-yias....SO DO check out movie and band (LUXURY) and weekend wrap up: friday 5 July 19,Koto salem,mass; Kenne Hghland clan/sara and sclaliwags and GLiDER!"......


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