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Sunday, June 26, 2022

"Freitag 24 June 2022. 39 years after Hopelessly Obscure played Geno's, I and I return! record release for Tiger Bomb, whom Lt "My Name is Larry" newman said sounded like The B-Girls. When the brood debuted August '84 at geno's i drunkenly delcared "The Seeds meet the Runaways!" Who died and left me Solomon Grubeger? Gene Dante did NOT need to "Be More Flamboyant"; Larry quote: "he reminds me of Bowie in his Heroes peroid"; yes! though I saw Midnight Special fall '73 AND even a bit of Freddie mercury as ken/captain easychord and gee julie sang "we are the champions" as he walked offstage (I have photos!). met a former marine Bob through Geets Romo and I autographed Music to kill By/ a gizmos reissue and Five beers ahead of my time. As for the kenne Highland Air Force, theme was SPEICAL GUESTS/Mad Dogs and Highlanders. Lynda mandolyn kicked out the jams on MC5 "lookin at you" and the slam dancing started, continueing with Chris Brood doing Aram heller's buts on "reincarnation" and lastly ENDING with gene dante and i channeling Bowie/Ronson on "white light/white heat' ("a little white light/white heat revisited") this place was rocking like the gizmos in hamtrammack or afrika korps at cantones or other high energy gigs I've done. John keegan on sax/ captain easychord on keyboards (thanks to Gene for equipment loan!) and Al Hendry on drums...ok, contact me for bookings "you know me name look up me number""....

Welcome to Geno's
Gene Dante
Kenne Records

KH Airforce w/Lynda Madolyn
Tiger Bomb

Monday, June 27, 2022
Sonntag 26 June 2022. Tyme to promote more Kenne product! Schmel Herbie Hind bought Music to Kill By so there's seven choices for future set list; dont forget for couple-three cds I done last twenty years. And lastly, for Kenne kollectors, there's Asa Brebner tribute volume two, AND Schmel herbie Hind HAS bought product from Stanton park records, thus Chris Brood did Aram Heller's part on "reincantion " up geno's Portland, maine"


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Montag 27 June 2022. Endeavour on Monsterpiece Theatre, BBC mystery, excellent which was SOLVED by the detective interpreting a Welsh phrase from a cabbie/murderer. It's on youtuvbe! Hearing Welsh on the telly 0500 first cup of coffee".

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 "Dienstag 28 June 2022. 740 AM out of Toronto at ten pm: Thee-ate-er of the mind! old tyme radio. Tonight (before Coast to Coast AM!): Sherlock Holmes "Disappearing Scientists". it's on youtube1 ! 8 april 1946 AND "he (Hoomes0 ) was attempting to retire to his bee farm when the case became irrestible"...ELEMEN-TERRY my dear Watford John! (off badfinger No Doubt album!)".....


Thursday, June 30, 2022

"day of Thor 30 June 2022 0230. Coast to Coast AM bumper music the candy man by sammy davis jr released april '72 to which i was totally digging kinks khronikles (wasnt mach bell in joe flash?) artist friend :Linda lissenin' to two guys who played on tequila! july '72 visiting a old schoolmate in NJ and top of the pops WABC NYC was playing song sung blue-neil diamond/candy man/school's out-vince furnier heavy rotation...two out of three aint bad! plus i found introducing the sonics for a buck on jerden AND to annoy Ken kaiser, my FIRST BLUE CHEER album: InsideOutside! ok,so having bad "candyman " flashbacks buthin' "feathers from your tree" or "psycho" wouldnt cure!"......

Friday, July 01, 2022

Freitag 1 july 2022. 0600. Ghost whisperer "TV Eye". "you talk to ARGUE WITH GHOSTS"...then Jen love Hewitt's friend hears a record talking to her on her son's turntable....!!!! Trifecta: when guests on coast to coast AM say "I believe in reincaranton' at,say, 0330, COULD I be "Crackin' Up" by the Wig?".


Saturday, July 02, 2022

saturday 2 July 2022, age 66.25 years today! gig fourth of july, private party with doug macdonald and tokyko tramps. friday 22 July (I beleive) at Jungle six pm show is Doug macDonald/Stigmatics/mad painter.

"YES! I HAVE seen all good people" on BOTH bills/both bands! On the holiday lissen to Count Five's "declaration of independence' coz "they asked me why the singer's name was Kenn/i said listen people you really wouldnt understand!""...


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