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Monday, June 29 2020

Sonntag Morgen 28 June 20. 0600, second cup of coffee, channel-surfing to Mexican channels and it's: YURI! (wikipedia has her as Yuri (Mexican singer). never heard of her before but watching lively expressions and subtitles, I can see why she's called The Mexican madonna! Born 6 jan 64 (Capricornio!), her first album coincided with the 1978 release of the Korps Hello World! Tu Illuminas mi Vida, age 14: This translates into "you light up my life" and forget Patti Smith/Debbie Boone and Los Gringas; this is the HUEVOS! Album on Discos Gamma has her with brown hair and pigtails, that bottle blonde look was later as were the FLAMBOYANT stage costumes. I've actually seen young, dark-hair madonna photos....EVERYBODY has an O. rex record but not worth $300! She could sing pop, dance, ranchera and tropical and I damn sure cant! Mid-1990s, did Christian music and gospel: Poquino Ricardo! 29 albums, 30 million copies; first Gizmos only sold a million, so i hear. 30 million Yuri fans cant be all wrong! She's also acted in telenovellas and, like the gizmos, started in 1976 with La Manzana Electrica "performing covers of Michael Jackson and Janis Joplin"! (would LOVE to hear that!). In 1979 "Siempre habra un manana" was "disqualified" in a contest as "alledged plagariasm of "MacArthur park", Donna Gaines version. Representing the plaintiffs was the law firm of Gruberger and Gruberger hollering "I know who she's ripping off!" In 1984, she released her fifth album running neck and neck with Nobody gets on the Guest List with the Discos gamma album: KARMA KAMALEON. I havent even YET explored you tube for Culture Club covers en espanol, but read her wikipedia page; I just liked her interview and career retrospective.....Behind the Musica!"......

Tuesday, June 30 2020

Til Tuesday 29 June 20. Somewhere listening to Coast to Coast AM and probably Toronto's Richard Sennett, big music AND conspiracy buff; his "theme" was folks doing Stones covers....ok i slept through a lot of this but 0300 or so "3 AM or nearer"_ the Guess Who!, fuggin' Tom Jones doing "factory Girl" off beggar's banquet! Number one, kind of a rare Stones song and Thomas Jones Woodward, by then age 75!, released it on his 2015 album Long Lost Suitcase. (song on youtube). being only two per cent Welsh, Tom sings it FIFTY tymes better'n me and it certainly made my evening! i even fergot what kinda paranormal was discussed.....TOM JONES!!!!!!"....

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

day of Wodin 1 July 20. From Sunday morning doing my "warsh" (and President George and I were a) born Virginny b) smoked hemp and c) descend from Sir henry Spencer in the 1300s, famous kin. com) ALSO being a mayflower Beach Boys cuzzin through my mother/cuzzin, I was channel SURFING! (surfing the English channel? 'what what? i dont believe it"....)....and stumbled maybe on Sci-Fi: THE POWERS OF MATTHEW STAR! wikipedia: "1982 . sci-fi . ONE season!". from 17 sept 82- 15 april 83 (Pepe Lester sent me a cd of THAT night, ides of April at MAVERICK'S with PRIME MOVERS so "then" I had BETTER fucken things to do with my Friday night than watch bad tv vs. now). "In 2002 The Power of Matthew Star was ranked #22 on TV Guido's list: "50 worst TV Shows of all tyme"! fromage! J'adour! A LOT of Star trek dudes, even Spock, were slummin' it on this Ed Wood-level rewrite of Superboy/man (E.T. teenager lands of earth, passes as teenager but has Supa powers...I'd rather lissen to SupaChick!) (photo). youtube has "tv fragments" from all 22 episodes, so IF you're like me, a binge-a-holic, "anything worth doing is worth overdoing/that's my message fug Marshall McLuhan"!......

Thursday, July 2, 2020

"day of Thor 2 July 20. Gee Julie going through some cds and uncovered WUNJO-Oberon Rose.I bought this Connecticut band's cd for ten dollars when the International Pop Overthrow was at P. A.'s lounge. 9 Jan 12 was release date and still holds up after eight years! This 29:12 length cd (full album) IS on youtube thought I dont regret a Connecticut band having ten dollars to gas money. "In the vein of the kinks, Love and T. Rex".....another review "Kinks, Beatles, T. Rex and more"..."reminds me of the Zombies a little"...well, you get the picture BUT the Kinks/beatles/Zombies influences are filtered IN MY OPINION through that class Big Star first album Jon Tiven (New haven Rock Press!) sent back in '72! So "melodic', "poppy", "melancholy"....if you like power-pop as much as I did in '73, I say check out this album! Ten bucks'll barely get you a rack of non-alcoholic beer and this album is a better high!"......

Friday, July 3, 2020

Freitag nacht 3 July 20. Surfin' Greek tv on youtube and found: My Daughter the Socialist! wikipedia; "1966 Greek comedy film" and youtube presence. Letterboxd>film>y-daughter-the-socialist says: "Liza falls in love with one of her dad's employees. Her socialistic ideas about employment drive her to collide with her father and the sociopolitical status of the time". Liza is Aliki Vougiouklaki "starred in renditions of Broadway musicals as well as multiple Greek tragedy plays". took sick April 1996 (my fortieth birthday at the Kirkland cafe!) whilst performing The Sound of Music; MUST google more of her films! As for the music: Giorgos Zambetas! "well-known bouzouki player" and yes he is! "During the German occupation of Greece....founded his first band in 1942"...rumours that there is a rebetika version of "Nazi Punks Fug Off" are as likely as one picking up the Count V's Carberatour Dung album! Actually, I stand corrected versus "I stand tall" by the Dictators: LAIKO music genre is his "thing" and "the 1990s brought about new records and releases'....well THAT'S how I'm spending my "Declaration of Independence" (Count V on Double Shot!) weekend!".....


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