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Monday, July 2, 2018

friday 29 june 18. Masashi Nakamura, birch street bistro, Roslindale, MA. folks: keep sending me invites i MAY even show up "as the spirit moves me" or as left banke sang "she may call you up tonight". Birch Street Bistro has excellent photos,I HAVE et there about 2005,ran into Jimmy Boticelli, soul collector, fan of "Best Bette", WMBR AND does dirty old boston site. Masa played in the grotto, very Mediteranean, when the sun went down was best! sipping O'Douls etc. Musical notes: masa plays with thumb ala wes montgomery and also does those "gypsy jazz" chords, plus I've seen him finger-pick whitesnake and eagles AND electric, do "purple haze". ok so he's above my league. Looking like a shorter version of Slickee Boys' Kim Kane (I'm facebook friends with two kane siblings!) Masa did Stevie Wonder'S "i WISH" (BASS notes AND melody!), then a REAL kid ("sweet child of" some lady) watched him so he did "sesame street" and "twinkle twinkle lil star" jazz style AND had a stuffed Monkee in tip jar! "hotel california", Gee Julie had joined me so we sang along with "dont fear the reaper" which medleyed into "Love song" by the Cure ("i like the cure"-masa). and I also sang along with Sir van's "brown eyed gurl". This gig was Hopelessly Obscure, off beaten path; Masa has done Brazilian jazz in FRAMINGHAM but this was MBTA local (34 bus to roslindale village, excellent Greek store and restaurant I been to!). Thor's Day there's a funk/blues/Cantab kinda band...Chicken Slacks in Roslindale? Rossie square gittin' kinda yuppified, I lived down near Archedale Projects, yo coz I'm a bad mofo!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

saturday 30 june 18, AMC common. MALAYSIAN movie (Hopelessly Obscure!) facebook friend Mary Kane (kid sister of a certain Slickee Boy) says: "that looks so good-let us know what you thought/think!). So I told her to read the BGN! has The Leakers review: Herman Yau crime thriller is a frenetic treat. TRUE! I DID NOT SLEEP! So in a nutshell, Big Pharma invented a mosquito-borne Zirka type virus only they changed a letter to, like Zyna, or sumpin', THEN produced a cure! papa-san basically kills off wife and #1 son and his wife and basically anyone giving away the secret. A journalist gets killed and his female "love interest" starts investigating PLUS there's a malaysian cop who doesnt make it to his marriage coz of this case; then things shift to Hong Kong (about five languages in this for foreign language geeks like me, sittin' there, AIR CONDITION saturday afternoon....) in HONG KONG is a "against the rules" jackie Chan rebel cop, whose unorthodox methods i applaud, like I dug Serpico, SUNY Brockport in '75....because of their jurisdictions ("you can look but dont touch anything"),"Jackie Chan" says to the Malay; 'hey wotsa matter? you dont understand Cantonese? I said this is my jurisdiction!" Micelf, I understand CANTONE'S-ese quite well: "hello boston we're the afrika korps and we're NY Punks! 1-2-3-4!)....on my romantic by micelf dinner and movie date (Gee Julie saw French film at Brattle avec un ami), I then ventured into chinatown for Penang Malaysian Cuisine, there's a facebook for it. and LASTLY back when I had webtv! when Monica was in white house, got an email from a fellow in Singapore whom had the O. Rex 45! I will GLADLY go there and sing "califawnia gurls" right fucken NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

movie poster
sunday 1 july 18, AMC Common at whatever, ANIMAL WORLD, chinese film, trailer on youtube; and Lois McGee of the Rat "likes" it! writing this on Thor's Day, I may have to break into "try to re-nem-buh"! Michael Douglas is brilliant as an evil Frank Booth type collecting gambling debts on a boat called DESTINY; everybody has to play rock/paper/scissors with cards and if you get eliminated, you're either eliminated from life or become part of some medical experiments ala island of Doctor Giroux. Our hero's dad was killed by the debt collectors, whom whistle "la vie en rose"; our hero was also put in another room to watch superhero clown, so whenever he gets pissed off, he becomes the clown-cum-the Hulk. love interest is a nice nurse lady who keeps bailing him out; mother wicked sick also, so deed to apt for dough for meds for big pharma....not far from real-day truth! Miss Lyn will enjoy the chinese city that looks like original, better Bladerunner plus the Michael Douglas henchmen, big Chinese dudes in MANBUNS! I slept a wee bit in beginning til some arschlock had to move in from my nice air condition corner seat plus yeah, gripping "action/fantasy/thriller' or whatever you wanna call it....all that and Pho pasteur in chinatown too!

Friday, July 6, 2018

day of Wodin fourth of July 18, AMC COMMON whenever; THE FIRST PURGE! released fourth of july already has wikipedia page. I love a government conspiracy at much as the next George Noory, so we have evil, rich white man in power (hmmmmmm.......) and there's an "experiment" to "purge" the 'hood in Staten Island; ANYTHING goes, even murder, but it's basically to "cull the herd" of "Broke Folk". "They" dont kill off enuff of each other (boogyin' in streets having Purge Parties!) so nazis and ku klux klans go into churches and projects blowing away poor people of colour....but we need an anti-hero! Drug dealer turned neighbourhood vigilante, blowing away Klan/Nazis with a Rambo-esque machine gun SINGLEHANDED even if outnumbered 10 to 1! ("good odds for the marines" is propaganda they told me parris island). One of the druglord's lieutenants was actually a vet coz he knew the Klan/Nazis were mercenaries. So I call this futuristic/sci-fi/blaxplotion and gonna be a controversial film but like marvel comics, i'm merely The watcher (insert cartoon figure); besides: air conditioning and Malaysian food! yeah! and maybe even meet Micky Dolenz tonight!"

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