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Monday, July 3, 2017

"Freitag, 30 June 17 Ken and Gee Julie catch The Big Sick at coolidge corner movie house. Ken Highland says: "it's the Paki version of my big fat greek wedding" meaning traditional culture clashes with America First culture, results hilarious" etc. etc. Based on true tale also! Immigrant son DOESNT pray five tymes a day, only pretends too, plays cricket instead, is a stand-up comedian, drives Uber....the "white girl" is played by Elia Kazan's granddaughter! Her maw played by Holly Hunter who portrayed a feisty, Tazzie tarheel, taking on frat boys whom heckle the comedian; nothin' like a barroom brawl! (I had one at the Middle East february '90 maybe, it's on video!). When the comedian's mother brings over arranged marriage gurls that's funnier'n hell also. One VERY important point: the comedian explains to Kazan's grandkid how after midnight, it is the next day so "we have spent two days together"...her: "how is that? we've only spent five hours together"...and called him a "time nerd"!!!!!!! Elia Kazan WAS of Greek heritage maybe this IS my real wife?!?!??! all joking aside, as a SOUNDTRACK GEEK, "soul drifter" by lincoln street exit (youtube) is in soundtrack! Hopelessly Obscure? yes BUT, rereading a 2015 BGN: ""reincarnation" (off that orange Kenne record Brian Young WMFO has) has the weirdest lyrics this side of Lincoln Street Exit"...a record ONLY Geets Romo could love! But DO see The Big Sick and when you're olde enuff get that Coolidge senior discount! (Brattle too...and ALL movies somehow age 62-65!!!)"....

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Poster Kenne at Large
"Sunday 2 July 17, used a Fenway movie theater pass from work for Hindi film Tubelight, of which I got a private screening! (audience: ME!). But I LOVED it; the Hindi Forrest Gump, declares me. Two orphan brothers, the younger mister macho, the older "man-child", as dim (Hindi slang) as a Tubelight. (coming attraction, also: TOILET! putting plumbing in a village! "why should my wife have to shit in a river before dawn"? An eye opener to say the least!). Ok, so Tubelight is taunted but always protected by his brother; war breaks out late '62 between Indian and China and younger brother makes the grade, but Tubelight doesnt but is made a captain if the Chinese come. Fighting is fierce; India has WWI british helmets and bolt action rifle and chinese have AK47s if i remember my military history correct. An Indian family of Chinese descent move in town and Tubelight becomes friends with the little boy Guo ("your name is Gu"; lil boy: "no! Guo! Gu is poo!" the Hindi that i learn from Bollywood)....Casulties return to village in Kashmir (Gee Julie: "i dont care if it was shot in taffeta" when I told her it was shot "in Kash-meer"), prejudice against chinese family but Tubelight defends him. He met Ghandi as a schoolboy so his uncle keeps preaching Ghandi and believing....Tubelight tries to move things through telekinesis and an earthquake happens, then he gets respect. Tubelight's brother captured, left for dead, war ends, they get reunited....dont want to give away TOO much PLUS it's on youtube in Hindi if you REALLY want to see it! Nice to have a Hindi film "closer to home" instead of "Truckin'" to fresh pond circle...but when TOILET plays, I am SO there!"....

Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Fourth of July, Brattle thee-ate-er, STALKER, 1979, Russian film. double review by me and my cuzzin Miss Lyn. ok, after eating shepherd's pie at john harvard house (where my Puritan ancestor Thomas Blodgett born 18 Nov 1604 had a plot in 1636), I napped through first half of movie awakening only to catch The Other Half. Some folks have said this is more Surreal; where WAS my Pillow? The Stalker (guide) and a writer and a scientist are in some Chernobyl-looking abandoned power plant, sleeping on mud island, followed by a big black shepherd dog. Mark Darling Giroux told me Fellini did Satyricon after having "LSD for breakfast" (he also said "take the hawg", so I DO indulge in pork products!). So imagine a Russian version of Fellini, post-apocalyptic chernobyl; the bloke in the Guardian says he's even seen the movie on acid! It IS a cult favourite, I GET it as much as I get Fable Grazer's LOOOOOONNNNGGGGG jams, so I DO recommend this movie to Ken Kaiser! Because of radiation, the stalker has a mutant child name Monkey who can move glasses through telekinesis and the movie ENDS with a train moving by and glasses falling off the table....ok, tyme for my cuzzin Miss Lyn, descended from the Pierces of Woburn, Mass like franklin pierce, barbara pierce bush and let's NOT forget.....George W.! (gave me a six hunnert dollar stimulus the once! went to san antone!".....

Stalker poster

OK...Stalker's from 1979 and it's more than a cult classic it's been given the honors of being "the best movie of the century" and "one of the top ten films of the century" someone even wrote a book about the film. It' s by Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky and its 2 hours and 45 minutes looooonnnnnggg. And I mean long. Lots of posing in ridiculous situations and places, lots of water and wet people and dripping noises. It shot mostly in sepia tone and turns to color film at points. But it didn't make sense when it just became random. There was some repetition in the script and a lot of conflicting story lines. But it was atmospheric and had some cool shots. Reminded me a lot of British film The Elements of Crime (which came out in the early 80's) also shot in sepia tone, also post apocalypse and also lots of water and wet people. But all in all I thought Stalker was pretentious and self indulgent. Interestingly enough the original version was mysteriously destroyed over there in Russia and Tarkovsky remade the film on a shoestring budget second time around. I'd love to have been able to see the original version. - Miss Lyn

Kenne at Large Poster Kenne at Large

Friday, July 7, 2017

as much as i love air condition movies, music/duty calls, so 5 july 17, day of wodin, was club linehan-ago-go practice for rib-a-geddon. (a bbq in southie). a lot of Stones covers, a two-man blues duo will be playing and Joe Quinn-bass and Kevin Linehan-drums will also be rhythm section for the host's Dead's Dunkin' Donuts, 10% seniour discount thought: Stones covers? Dead covers? FUCKEN ALTAMONT!!!!!! Once during a Johnny and Jumper Cables session, MIIIISTER Carl Biancucci (cuzzins to Miss Lyn through Deacon Stone's line, Newtowne, Mass. 1635), declared i looked like Sonny Barger, whom, if you watch Gimme Shelter, talks like Captain PJ!!! a highlight and transferring Cables to Linehan is the John Dawson Winter III (MY cuzzin through our Ma's, founders of Hartford Connecticut!) version of "silver train", i did some kinda Delta blues pickin' on it which Kev Linehan-ago-go really enjoyed. Let's not forget lissenin' to BLUE ASH in the MJ Quirk mobile! I have about a gig a week but also Giz-Moto, Chicago, promoter says East Room, 2354 North Milwaukee....i think 2014 was glass bottle and in '74, I DID sing a Iggy-esque "dirty water" at Cary Baker's home but if you read those proto-punk Gruberger fanzines at Cornell (if that's ithaca, home of the invicatas "do the hump"; near Brockport but i never been there!).....i believe O. Rex interviewed Cub Koda 9 july 74, NYC, then off to bloomington and lousville, Kaintuck, interview JIM DANDY!!!! (also my cuzzin, Hartford Ct founder) AND meet Eddie Flowers which = "we're gonna be a band":fuckin' 1974-floorshow!!!!!"....



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