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Monday, July 3, 2023

"Freitag 30 June 2023. Another mad Painter practice for to record up Pee-boddy. vanilla Fudge line-up: schmel herbie hind-guitar; alex gitlin-keyboards ("he plays like Jon lord of Deep Purple"-Shel Pierce, Runes), me-bass and Al Hendry-drums. gee julie listened remote on my Apple phone of which I have left two payements. also, at Mr Crepe over morning coffee on same phone I was (OF COURSE!) on family tree DNA and discovered a Gitlin surname group with seven members! Like Love sang "7 plus 7 is"....."....


Wednesday, July 5, 2023

"Monntag 3 Julie 2023. 0500. PBS (channel two maybe?). Endeavour, BBC crime drama set in Oxford UK.

My grandmother's grandparents came from Harwell, UK, near Reading in Berkshire 1855 (I saw ye olde "Armer Bible; was harmer but "I dropped my h'ach in the h'ocean"). Oxford is 13.5 miles north of harwell, though I doubt a 1800s "agricultural labourer' would 'ave much doin' 'round th' college....the Oxford locals kinda do sound like me English grandmother though; great series!"...


Thursday, July 6, 2023

"Til Dienstag 4 July 2023. Wookiestock rained out so I listened to WMEX 1510 AM the afternoon. Beatles "the night before' was played 9in mono!) and I kinda can play the solo BUT THE Hopelessly Obscure tune was "oh no not my baby' by maxine Brown, old r&b. i DID have the album Spotlight on maxine brown from Diskoveries allston mass back in the big '80s and barrence whitfield DID ask me "oh do you like that album"; granted she was a little too slick for the Savages whom would have prefered more Southern soul, but the reason: THE SEQUINED DRESS! "Be More flamboyant" whooo!!! (also caught the Little Richard: The King and Queen of Rock'n'Roll - PBS story but that would fill BOOKS on how GREAT it was! maxine Brown into Little richard on a "rainy day in July"! (The Kinks -plus one)".....


Friday, July 7, 2023

Syvlie and The Beatles
"Til Dienstag 4 July 2023. caught the Foreigner Then and Now PBS video so a few thoughts; i been following Louis Grammatico since Black Sheep played WCMF-FM, Rochester NY march '73; I was TYPING a LETTER to Stenson eddie Flowers with radio on in background and "this guy has a good voice"; four years later Foreignor on jukebox at marine barracks Ft meade maryland! BUT, since Lou had gave Mick Jones a Black Sheep lp when Spooky Tooth played Rochester, I decided to research pre-Spooky, Jones. AND: he played guitar for Sylvie Vartan ("The Armenian Connection"; WAS Vartanian; "book 'em Mannix!") and 16 jan 64 in Paris, Sylvia with future Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones DID open for; the Beatles! (some Liverpool wankers who peaked in hamburg with Pete best...)"....(Here's "Foreigner's Mick Jones Reminisces About Opening for the Beatles" -ed)

Mick Jones with Syvlie V
Mick Jones & Lou G Foreigner


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