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Kenne leaves Boston - see Thursday entry
Photo:Miss Lyn

Monday July 6, 2015

LOVE AND MERCY, $7 matinee at Somerville Theatre, Brian Wilson and my mother have same mayflower ancestor, so, as a proponent of WASP-rock, I DO love the BLEACH (as in SO fucken white!) BOYS; my mother also!

seeing pre-JFK assassination california reminded me of my idyllic southern youth during CAMELOT (JFK), it SO summed up them tymes. Alpo (RIP) and I usedta lissen to a lot of Pet Sounds (Alan Paulino, always WAS tortured genius and/or identified with BRO-KEN people)....Murray Wilson (dad) Mike Love (cuzzin!) and Dr. Landy are all depicted as the manipulative assholes that they are/were (read the ole Brian Wilson bios; i looked at mine at Brattle book shoppe back in '89!).

glad his second wife "rescued' him and they're happily marrried, he went on still to make great music....great soundtrack but even better, as a "paranoid schizophrenic" (that was malpractice and i aint talkin' Merle and Kevin Allin!), MANY Beach Boys toons play through his head..also Jon Paley listed as "stuntman" and he produced/played bass on Jumper Cables "death squad of the mind", a Mad Max, Sonic Daze fave! so now I'm almost Kenneth Wilson/Brian Highland, a couple degrees separation?" oh, yeah, 300 pounds, stayed in bed three years; I was 298 lbs. with edema and bedridden for six months; no pajamas though.

did radio interview with Mike Kole for gigs in Indiana for Gizmos; billy borgioli tribute at Cuisine en Locale sunday 9 august; i think boog's birthday was 5 august;"maybe i'm a leo"-DEEP PURPLE!

"Johnny and Jumper Cables ARE part of the arthur freedman video archives at harvard film archives; lettuce not fergit dad's "incestor" william spencer was 1633 town clerk of NEWTOWNE and third to sign town paper's so as a di-rect descendant (PLUS thomas bloggett sold land to Edier Frost, a founder of harvard), I DESERVE to be there! 'course the Spencers and Blodgetts would have me wearin' the whole alphabet around my neck too, but again;11 generations from ye olde burying grounde to ye film archives..."there ARE no coincidences! George Noory!

Eddie meets Kenne at the bus - see Thus/Friday entry
White Castle
Eddie and Kenne at White Castle - see Thurs/Friday entry

Tuesday July 7, 2015

Boston shakes the room 013 (multiply by THREE, Ken Kaiser, do the NEW MATH) interview with Gizmos; Kenne on koffee kwips! (hey, enuff K's for an early Kinks album!) also check gizmos world tour page and LIKE it, we're gearin' up for some rocknroll action!"

Glory Hole
Gizmo Glory Hole July 10- see Saturday entry

Wednesday July 8, 2015

I may not have even tyme in bloomington, indiana to write (though you CAN call me at 617-803-1289!) but according to the Gizmos world tour facebook page, we have gigs friday AND saturday PLUS a recording session...oh wait we did the same thing in 1977....only i was 21 year old Marine 40 years and 100 pounds ago! either way, it WILL be fun, lotsa road stories coming up, but look at my facebook wall (even friend me OR enemy me if you like!) coz "every picture tells a story, don't it?"

Gizmo practice
Gizmos practice - Saturday entry

Thursday July 9 & Friday July 10, 2015

Kenne was on a Greyhound Bus making his way to Bloomington, IN for the Mutant Fest and a Gizmos recording session. - ed.

Gizmo Gig
Friday night Gizmo Gig

Saturday July 11, 2015

this is ghost-wrote with gizmanager Marvin Goldstein! (more photos on wall!). rebel flag still flyin' in Zanesville, ohio and springfield, ohio, a tattoed lady missin' teeth was selling hot dogs! yep, it's Appalachia! met at greyhound by Marvin Goldstein and Eddie Flowers and went to white castle coz the dictators do! practice at Craig Wills Bell's, including new toons! went to state street pub, indy (photos by marvin!), this was a glory hole records production! deezen were a great mix of 60s garage and 70s punk and THEN the Gizmos! i love handing the mike to the rabid crowd as they sang along on "pumpin' to playboy" and "muff-divin"; a lot of dancers! ending the night was a 2-guitar/drums cramps/cheetah slicks psychobilly combo Wet Heave, also playing mutant fest in boomington! "16 tons" done psychobilly was a great closer! Marvin is talking future gizmos gigs and reality is getting the NEW record out (the studio Gizmos all sounds like 1973!)fun, fun, fun and no one took Ted's Hummer away"......

Craig Bell
Kenne and Craig Bell

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