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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Kenne At Large
saturnalia 9 July 2022. WHRB blues show. "take It easy baby' by "The Yardbirds". actually it's Sonny Boy Williamson and the yardbirds recorded 8 Dec 63, crawdaddy club, richmond. Ten Years After, "head's in '73", i was swapping all my ole country records to Solomon gruberger (in brooklyn?!?) for his British Invasion records so when I heard Sonny Boy Williamson SOLO AND on harp with "bye bye bird' on this 7 jan 66 album i was enthralled and began trying to ape him! take note of a young Eric Clapton's guitar solo: same scales but no Cream-type Marshalls, so Even Dwarves Started Small!"....

Monday, July 11, 2022

samedi 9 July 2022, two pm. tuned into WNTN Newton 1550 AM and instead of the Hollywood Kid (interviews with Hollywood legends) was a country show by their disco dj! Modern country tho BUT "and now here's an oldie; "all my exes live in texas" (George Strait, 1987) and yes that IS true of the "Princess of the Trailer park!" ( Mach bell is superb on that song on "not fade away" maracaaas and Keith Relf harp. DO buy both books The Gospel According to Saint Mach"!"..

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Sonntag 10 July 2022. WHRB blues show. This tyme: what's that grunge-y "Jean Genie" lick? Why it's "She's Gone" by Hound Dog Taylor! chords on-line: E to E minor; that's IT! (lyrics too! record on youtube!). i rang up Hound Dog Taylor in Chicago July '74, somewhere between formation of Rockabilly Yobs and seeing Jobriath; also just before (4 Aug 74): "Thundertrain? THUNDERTRAIN?!!" (Gospel according to Saint Mach!). Gizmos formed 5 dec 75 and hound Dog taylor dies couple weeks later and THREE months later, we record "Chicken queen", written in Chicago same tyme i rang up Hound Dog; phone number from Cary Baker (Illinois entertainer write) as we were in Claire panke (Prehensile Tongues fanzine) whom took the Gizmos World Tour e.p. photo (a Gulcher cd where herr mellencampf goes "and here are the Gizmos!....PFC Ken Highland!"...)...but "that was only yesterday"and my Teeth aint spooky...just my breath!"


Thursday, July 14, 2022

"Monntag 11 June 2022. 0500. season two BBC Monsterpiece theater of Cobra, government/disaster/thriller. A government lass talks to collegue: "I was a Mod"; him"i wouldnt think you for a mod" Her: "well oi cahnt wear a bluidy parka to work!" (what IF co-worker is a rocker/ Quadrophenia at number 10 downing ole chap!). also: "Me Da liked to lissen to faces, watch footba' and was overweight and unhealthy'....with all that British DNA (87 per cent!) that I have IS this me daughter?....and coming up next on Finding your Roots"....

Friday, July 015, 2022

Freitag ides of July 2022. to close the column of this week,me, it's mad painter news! photo session saturday 16 July 2022 (and Kenne got a beard trim for the occasion!!-ed)and freitag next 22 July 2022 6-9 pm The Jungle IN precise Modern Lover order: Doug MacDonald/Stigmatics/mad painter! see you all there!


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