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Monday, July 13 2020

Monntag 13 July 20. Imagine, drinking coffee and in between commercials watching Muchachitas on Galavision at 0600, I read: "Jerry Williams/Swamp Dogg has accepted your friend request"....dudes! Fiddy years in the Macon! In 1970 Rolling Stone reviewed Total Destruction to your Mind and what stuck out was the 45 "Mama's baby- daddy's Maybe" and having spent all mah drankin' money figgerin' how whom Dad's father was, I can Shirley relate. It took me til this millennium to FINALLY hear mr. Dogg; 'a southern-fried George Clinton"; got at Looney Tunes a double cassette of Total Destruction to your mind AND Rat on lp: Swamp Dogg ridin' a big ass rat (photo) was enuff for me to understand cult records before I made cult records! He even recorded in 2020 and the dude is older'n Willie Loco! Long may he Dog!"......

Tuesday, July 14 2020

Freitag 10 July 2020 531 pm. friended by Herb Gross of the Invicatas! The Invicatas. "Hi kenneth. keep on rocking. Glad to be friends'. famed Kinks kollector Thomas taber turnt me onto them ca. 1973 along with Albion NY's the Humans and all I ever aspired three years later with Gizmos was to do legendary garage record! 1965, my first year in Monroe county NY, The Invicatas were hot and heavy with "The Hump"'re STILL "respecting the gurl, more!"....(or "kiss your baby's lips"...)...ok so it was an influence! through Tom taber, I heard the album and it's like the Kingsmen with Afrika Korps production! I COULD go on, but wikipedia says all and goddam....Herb Gross himself! Band from Rochester and herb et al. went to RIT, versus IU...we talkin' college frat rock! Invicatas/gizmos....hey made MY day!"......

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

was it Sonntag nacht 12 July 20? I was channel surfin' with my lil battery operated radio....1200 AM..."I heart radio looks at 1973!"...ok, my head's there, $300 O. rex record....Paul McCartney ("My Love")....Elton John ("Crocodile Rock" and that 8-track was THE last Elton I bought)...then...."Iggy and the Stooges release RAW POWER"!!!! Am radio? cool! THEN...."and now back to the Sean Hannity show"...."I had too much to dream last night"!"....


Thursday, July 16, 2020

day of Wodin, ides of July 2020. Tavern at the end of the world re-opened four pm so Gee Julie and Matt Burns from V picked me up right after work six pm. Place was packed! We had to wait to get a table! (NOT fake news!) Whilst eating my Fish and Chips (Very English and Rolling Stone!) over comes Bucky bear whom held court and discoursed on Scottish history (wearing his Clan Lamont mask which matches his tattoo of same!), John Lincoln Wright (he was a Sourmash boy for years) and the Boston tea party circa 1968 (me: "Bucky, i was too young and not living here' tho I've heard AND collected many a tail!). A 'school'/work night so finally got out of there nine pm but it being my first social gathering since march, couldnt move, lying in bed (better than in state!) by half-hour. Kenny the bartender says it'll be a while before they have music ("phase SIX?!?!" quipped I) BUT, like Cheers, come to where everyone forgets their name! Food is good, staff is the fockin' ballz....and we'll see ewe there....and tell 'em kenne Highland sent ya!"......

Friday, July 17, 2020

day of Thor 16 July 2020. During dinner, cruising youtube: A Novica Voadora (completo episodio). Once they said "Mucho Brigada" i sez: "The Flying Nun in Portugese!" episode one, even FUNNIER in Portugese! So Sally Field was a "hippie protestor" joined a convent (this debut was fall '67 AFTER Summer of Love); She walks into Carlos A-go-go Discotheque and Casino in San juan and starts dancing with the Laugh-In dance crowd in nun's habit! Seems to be more episodes. Light- hearted fare, fug the news, 'ave a bluidy larf!".......

Saturday, July 18, 2020

saturday 18 July 20. One of my greatest pleasures lately has been the one dollar bin at Cheapo Records. Like Geets Romo OR Greg Prevost, i like to focus on one record at tyme to thoroughly "grok" it (Robert heinlein, stranger in strange land, DONT 'start me to talkin' 'bout sci-fi!"). Petticoats of Portugal, Valentina Felix (ONE DOLLAR!). This 1963 album is "folk world and country" genre in "FADO"style. This fado album was going for $15 and her autograph going for eleven euros; the Monitor label had a lot of exotic music travel lps; I need more! She was in a book, citing how fado singers came to massachusetts South Coast (like Acushnet) late '60s BUT her kids have a facebook page for me and "Vuvva" can still sing at age 80! I'll be looking for more fado and regret East Coast Grille burnt down, coz i saw some fado there. Bom Dia!".......


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