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Monday, July 16, 2018

I'm friends with GG Allin's daughter! who is my distant cuzzin! ok that was excitement but onto Rib-ageddon number 20 in south boston Mass saturday 14 July 18. I got off the wrong bus stop passed L street maybe, some pub that was in Good Will Hunting; that was ground ZERO for Club Linehan-ago-go; it's their Liverpool! we opened, I sang on "ramblin' gamlin man"/"born to be wild" and "crosstown traffic" (John Keegan video is on my facebook wall). MJ Quirk says we did 13 songs and Mike DID honour requests! next up J. Shelly, whom opened with "bad boy leroy brown" and played acoustic with a tape of his 1970-sounding originals. "God almighty has got the blues", about 11 sept, kinda had a Leon Russell feel to it. Lastly, Ben Gardner's Boat (Jaws reference; host Rob Lynch and rhythm section of Joe Quinn and Kev Linehan); what a smattering of toons like an ole Irish showband! traditional Irish toons, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, good Kev Linehan harmonies too; yikes! the drummer might be the more melodic singer than me and MJ Quirk bellowing it out....then Rob went electric for some Dead and Pink Floyd's "Hello"; I should mention I used Rob's Marshall and John Keegan's Strat and riffin' on Cream songs during soundcheck.....yeah! Good ribs, good people, MELLOW in fuckin' SOUTHIE! sending photos but even a clone of Mister natural was there! THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE!".

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ken Kaiser in Mick Lawless and the Reckless Hearts
"sunday ides of July 18; I coulda seen a Juliet Binoche TRIPLE feature the Brattle of Red, White AND Blue but instead I was curious (Yellow!) over Louis Kaiser's great-great grandsons muscial misadventurers Mick Lawless and The Reckless Hearts. (he shoulda been a cigar salesman in newark with uncle Solomon!). There's the merseybeat sound but this is the Hopedale Mass. sound! ("Ferry cross the Charles"?). Modern werewolves opened with "police on my back", U-2 "i will follow", and a cult song....this trio then did Lenny Kravitz "are you gonna go my way" and Ken (became Solomon) Kaiser: "I know who they're ripping off! that's the drum part from "crosstown traffic"!" BUT he did not see lenny video when that young lass who played with Miles Davis did Mitch Mitchell beats in a halter top and Afro; "foxy lady" meets Foxy Brown! Then they did that Cult song Mark Darling Giroux used to always blast and then Kaiser and i had Bad Souveniers of Ritchie Graybill of The Heroes on drums; or was it Tommy Bonham when he played in Afrika Korps. Their true colours came out ending set with Van Halen's "aint talkin' 'bout love"; I'd much rather be having a drink of water in medway Mass ANY DAY OF THE FUCKEN WEEK! FRIDAY LIFE. watch these (Real) Kids! They sounded like a garage teen combo (coz they were) but influence: 80s music! Kid in Joy Division shirt with a Fender Jaguar, maybe and capo on first fret, young lady on bass looking as studious as Urban Verbs bassist, drummer with legs as long as Don Brewer of Grand Funk and some kinda synth with their pop. Friday Life IS on soundcloud, they look like Kleenkut teens in their photo. SO....when they went into "I ran so far away" cover, I wanted to get a funny haircut and go dancin' at Spit on a 1982 Sunday night or maybe watch Figures on a Beach at Axis in '91 right as grunge was taking over....but the "kicker" was kid in Joy Division shirt "I like 80s music....i like Joy Division....this is...."love will tear us apart" what a GREAT fucken version from suburban teens! i think it was Ian Curtis birthday alsa. Mrs Jen kaiser, the only kaiser I EVER agree with, also liked them and 80s music in general, so there, that's Stewy rabbit's mom (insert rabbit photo). ok so after being chased acrost the Kremlin by a "two headed dog", before Drumf was hangin' with Putin, I met with a secret agent lady whom we'll call Mrs. X. Komrades, as sure as Vision Decay's drummer is one of my operatives (NSA already knows this). Ed "Moose" Savage has moved to Maine with all his "store" in a barn and WILL be on HOARDERS! SO,"moonlighting Mudbugs" (we had to conceal true identities from Moose and Squirrel) front a Korps-ish Reckless Hearts. opener was a Charlie Chesterman pre-Scruffy toon Dogmatics used to cover "king size cigarette" and Ken Kaiser did the solo BETTER than Rossington-Highland in Lynyrd Gizmo! (he had already bought me an O'Doul's; GUILT for back royalties from 1977 for "i love you laurie" b-side). There IS an album in the works, power-pop/Americana if i had to (HATE TO) label and since Mick Lawless has done a Mike Nesmith tribute band, they did indeed steal from club linehan-ago-go and cover "i'm not your stepping stone." as usual, Ken kaiser made no mistakes on guitar. drummer was good, Mick Lawless son,"Junior" age 20, could be another Jay Gruberger and i think Ken Kaiser should ALWAYS play in quartets where half the band is related! a good tyme all around, sening photos to Miss Lyn....NOW!"


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

"I COULD invent some fake news and sing "amerika First" but then I'd be President! SO, goin' back to that Richard Nixon era, Boston Rat rockin' "baby boomers" are tellin' tails, that as a What the Folk-lorist, I am collecting for when I'm a hunnert years old livin' in a cabin in apple-achia and smellin' like it too.....PETER VALLIS! how well I remember Miss Lyn's MULTIPLE copies of his 45s from 1977; my facebook friend Gary Puckett sent a video of a recent Union Gap concert, liked by both me and Mister Vallis, so this is a GOOD thing, Gary has a good voice and I liked the hits and the Civil War facebook friend Carmine Appice (OUCH!!! Kenne quit droppin' all those names of "close personal friends of yours"-Blowfish 1978) is now in the Young Rascals! Boby Bear, whom drummed in a band whose name is an ocean, loves Carmine but ADMITS his whole act stolen from Rascals Dino Danelli. He was also recording in New Netherlands with said band and awoke to see Rascals Gene Cornish; Fotomaker, which was half rascals/half Raspberries were recording same studio. Gene Cornish left Rochester NY coz he knew my parents was gettin' divorced so ma moved "home" lil richard's birthday 1964 (grandpa Tom Highland left a note outside my grandmother's no indoor plumbing 1851 farmhouse for Santa Claus that this was where he now lived)....there may be more classic rock flashbacks but tonight's objective is club linehan-ago-go practice for Geezer's bbq this saturday,whether you wanna read about it or not! Russkies aint took over yet, I aint writin' this shit on the Gulag like solz-a-Nixon or with stolichania vodka!".....


Thursday, July 19, 2018

"Day of Wodin,18 july 18. another club linehan-ago-go practice, let me give eager DROOLING readers the "inside scoop" like Beatles Monthly et al. a lot of velvet underground songs for a velvets gig in lowell at an art gallery after Labour Day. John Keegan was on his way to Kraut-rock FAUST but using his Strat and him blowing his horny horn, we sounded like Roxy Muzak! the Southie Boys (Quirk/Quinn/Linehan) always got that backbeat you cant lose it as John and I audition for the Bloomington Indiana-era Crawlspace! MJ Quirk had been lissenin' to a lot of Vegas Elvis so "in the ghetto" and "viva las vegas" were attempted. MY highlights were Deep Purple's 'woman from tokyo" where I free-styled my "kielbasa" lyrics about Yukiko our "Woman from tokyo" tramp....."wake up with the rising sun/plays bass better than anyone one/she knows what to do/she's got a cat name Q!" c. Gizmo music 2018 Kenenth E Highland! (so sue me!) due to Miriam Linna posting about the 'N'Betweens (she's a Sladester!), they had a 45 of "you better run", ouir closer; the Q knew the chords, I only knew the riff and being a decade younger'n me, the Southie Boys (no relation to "crash street kids"!) only knew Pat Benetar's version but it was agreed husband Neil was a good guitarist....give me a chance to wail on that riff! Certain Black Soul members had the chance to join a Pat Benetar band in New haven, but blew off the audition! Shit, man, I'd dress like Jen E Talia JUST to sing them songs! besides facebook sight which has less mishegas and more actual DATES we playin' (hey! it's an irish-american SHOWBAND with me as the comic and fucken Roy Clark on Hee Haw could play AND be funny! only senator, I knew Roy Clark and you are no Roy Clark! more like a clark's bar!). ok geezer's bbq stoughton. sat-daee next, Georgianne Skinheads must die in Lynnfield,Mass.! maybe we should crank up some MASS!"....,

"adendum. the REAL highlight was the Q singing Deep Purple's "Mary Long"! and I DID have to ask him; what album was that? answer: who do we think we are or whatever is called and song after "woman from tokyo"! as if THAT and RAW POWER wasnt getting 1973 airplay at 8452 ridge road, brockport NY on my radio shack turntable/8-track/casette/radio!"....

Friday, July 20, 2018

DID tell bob cenci I wuz a goin to hardcore show.....should i mention how long i met boston's hardcore scene? nah ,that was the funny haircut ' about my "status update" from MJ Quirk singing Deep Purple's "Mary Long"? (of COURSE! "my head's in.....'73"! screamed Mark Bell of Biggie Ratt during afrika korps set, cantone's ,sunday 21 aug 77; the clash mighta been bored with the USA but "we're an american band!" lissen to requests from BOSTON Groupie Musicians and 42 (!) likes re: DEEP FUCKEN PURPLE! (will review harcore show next week: "everything sounded like Black Sabbath played at 78 rpm" and dont make me quote Eddie Flowers in Border Radio!).Tsunami of rock sanger: "who do we think we are is THE
The Q, Kenne, AJ
album"; Mission of Prescott: "Fireball"....mmmmmmmm, thumbs up"....Bruce Doom Buggie: "I have wanted to do "rat bat blue for years" (notice i make it like everyone's surname is either Gizmo or ramone?); Rob Shaggas: "when i was with the NOT we covered "highway star" Plan Nine Tommy (one of FOUR guitars!): "never before"; MJ Quirk! "no no no? yes yes yes. i always wanted to cover "anyone's daughter""'d think after interviewing Micky Dolenz Jim Sullivan would have tyme for our shenagians? nope: "as discussed last weekend!" in reply to Quirk/Prescott....I'll even toss in The Beat once I borrow the aquanet from Bunratty's: dream jeopardy match: Q(uirk) kenne and me" being AJ wachtel....hmm...better call this column Insignificant! (I used to bust AJ's balls with his Insigfnifca column; me drunk off ass at Bunratty'S: "THEY oughta call your column Insignifincant coz who the fuck cares!" i love fucken booze....truth Serum! haahaa! only kidin'g AJ (?!?!?!?!!!??)"......

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