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Sunday, July 17, 2022

"saturday 16 July 2022. mad Painter photo session in Brighton; I was having '80s flashbacks coz i DID live there in the '80s! Sadly, two days previous on bastille Day, learnt of passing of Rich Coffee's "high school sweetie", Lynn Riechers; Jerry Mcgeorge of Shadows of knight graduated Highland Indiana High in '63 and Lynn wrote me in '70s she used to see him walking around; both in this millenium DID become Facebook friends. 5 Oct 75 Lynn DID introduce me to "my boyfriend"; that is Richard F. Coffee and five months later we recorded first gizmos e.p. and Lynn took cover photo! And THAT is how i ended up in Boston! Another 1976 photo session was O. Rex and that emded up in Rock Scene with malpractice on opposite side (with my sixth cousins, the Allins). photo taken at 29 avenue W in Brooklyn by Gruberger Brothers father, Oscar Gruberger. born 15 May 1914, Stanislawy,Czestochowa,slaskie,Poland. His two younger brothers Sigmund (born 1921 New York) and Rav Shraga Feivel Gruberger born 20 August 1927 Brooklyn. died 16 Sept 2013 Safed, Tzfat,North District, GIZ-rael.THAT was the day after rat beach party number one, highlight MAYBE being me playing "Sister ray' with THE COUNT. Now THAT is a mitzvah!"......


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

"saturday 16 July 2022. WHRB blues show before I took train to photo session. "when my first wife left me'- RL Burnside; did I see him open for Iggy on ;landdowne street '96 sittin' in chair? Lyrics ARE on line and I always enjoyed this 1961 John Lee Hooker tune. it's on youtube, chords are on-line. 1961 is crucial coz "Blind Owl" Wilson of canned heat graduated Arlington mass. High School (like the Frantics!),formed canned Heat in '65 after meeting Bob "The Bear" Hite at a RECORD STORE and then he died, eclipsed by Jimi and janis. Even attended BU like Barry amnd the Remains AND had worse eyesight than me, but played better guitar and DID record with Mr JL Hooker"..

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

"saturday 16 July 2022. six pm Zommer radio 740 AM Toronto. A GREAT British invasion show playing what I heard THEN on WBBF AM Rochester NY. The "usual" suspects (hits) BUT dj gave a rap on Hollies "stop stop stop". seems morris levy of roulette records took them to a strip club which they werent used to in manchester uk! interesting tail at least, like Peekaboo and Rags" (Raggs has TWO g's - just ask Simon Ritt!!-ed).......:


Thursday, July 21, 2022

"day of Wodin 20 July 2022. KH Airforce practrice for an "e.p.s worth of toons' for either my next release or my youtube channel, one. "The Family" I play a "Hey Joe" riff and then hit a Grand Funk "into the sun" nineth chord; "John the revelator" blooze standard echoes Zep One and Beck's Truth, Schmel Herbie Hind using all sorta items simulate slide guitar. "God don' want me in hebbin (and de debbil don want me in hell)" I do a very Hound Dog taylor playing "that's cool" on steroids rhythm and (James) last; i took a riff from Grand Funk's red album which I'm using for an HP Lovecraft poem (it's ok, we all descend from Block Island, Rhode Island's Rathbun's whom DID move to mercy Brown(also my cuzzin, that vampire) home of Exeter RI. VERY San francisco, so tranceing, drummer Al Hendry's daughter was nodding along in a Live at Monterey way; kinda like Naomi Cohen (had to tell larry Newman on bass that was mama Cass) going "wow' after ravi Shankar at Monterey....which is how mindblowing ALL music must be! Now to schedule a recording date with "Mr peeabody"....(insert photo of Peabody and Sherman)".....

Friday, July 015, 2022

Sonntag 17 july 2022. 0500; bingwatched Scorpion, an "A-Team" of math nerds. two jokes. They're swapping out vehichles to get away from "bad guys" and it's a '70s "Chevy van!". Their leader: "This van's so old i feel like I should be crankin' out some Skynyrd!" Then bad guys, in pursuit: "They're called Scorpions." other guy: "The band?" bad guy one: "no, they're nerds". Doing intense calculations IN THEIR BRAINS! Then on WHRB's blues show, Chuck Berry's "deep Feeling", a 6 march 57 Chess release, FLIP SIDE of "school days" and thus, a b-side, "my favourite drug". ALSO a 1978 Etta James cover of Alice Cooper's "Only Women Bleed"; VERY soulful vocal!"..


Saturday, July 23, 2022

"Friday 22 July 2022. The Jungle, Somerville, mass 6-9 pm. Doug MacDonald opened, a lotta psycho-billy influence and John and Patty a kickass rhythm section! New cd out check it out! local references in lyrics which I love! Think opening song was about Jack's Joke Shop! Next up was the Stigmatics doing their best impersonation of Afrika Korps Live at cantones (on Gulcher!) INCLUDING a Kinks kover ("I'm not like eveybody else"; a b-side!) and Heartbreakers "Born to Loose"; captain easychord and I pointing and bowing to guitarist Bob Roos singing "Born Bob Roos"; he smiled at this Ken and Tom Foolery. Other BGN staff in audience was John Keegan! snapping away like my dad being a combat photographer in 'Nam. Lastly Mad Painter was a sextet, Al Hendry-drums, me-bass, schmel herbie hind-guitar, alex gitlin-keyboards and vocals AND gee Julie and Natalia on vocals; yes, as folks have said it's Deep Purple meets Abba! (Bjorn and Kenne?). to celebrate 45 years of Boston Rock (Afrika Korps and THUNDERTRAIN cantones 21 aug 77), i think my next gig is friday 26 aug 22 at Jungle with mad painter! Follow the page, lotsa good photos of a fun on "Long Hot Summer Night" (Kenne Highland Experience)".....

Mad Painter - Photo by Captain Easychord

Doug McDonald Band - photo by Kenne
Stigmatics-photo by Kenne


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