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Monday, July 19, 2021

"S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!" 17 July 21. Ken and Gee Julie stay inside Groupie Towers II and watch the Boston Groupie Cats. "TV Eye on me" and I DID not know eight pm Saturdays WE-TV has Svenghoolie! (LIKE on facebook!). I can remember some Saturdays I'd stay in newtonville with my gurlfriend whom had gradiated Newton North ("the gurls there are really good sports!") with Aram Heller of the Trodds watching Elvira and some Plan Nine-level sci-fi/horror....Tonight's "Winner by elimination": the 1959 Hammer film of "The Mummy"! I LOVE Hammer films (British horror) and the studio was in Berkshire, where, if, like my distant cuzzin Miss Lyn, you HAD met my grandmother Blodgett down on the farm ("Kenne; she has an accent/ is it Scottish?") Nay! Her grandparents were from Berkshire UK! and as my uncle John (died age 98 and had BURIED all three wives through mtdna H1J basque longetivity!) said: "they talked like those people dropping the 'h's!" ('e meant the cockney rebels!). Ok, the movie was '50s horror/camp and had BETTER props than Plan Nine (what doesn't?) but I MUST play up my Berkshire roots! (pronounced "bock-shur" ole chap!). The 'armers ("we dropped the h'ach in the h'ocean")/and be quite FRANK, the ROWES/ Talbots (yesss…) and Westons; agricultural labourers all, were from a lil farming town called 'arwell (retrieve the h'ach h'out the h'ocean and stick it up yer arse mate!) near Reading and river Thames. South by southwest is the hammer studio. due east was where picture for first black Sabbath album shot. due west, when traffic sang about "Berkshire Poppies" was that cottage they wrote their great tonnage in. Nay, I 'aven't been back BUT more Ken and Gee Julie fun wi' the telly and WE-TV; Gilligan befriends a robot on the island, next up befriends leo the Lion on the island and Dad's seventh cuzzin Don Knotts (both descend from a jewel thief transported to Virginia colony 1617! earlier than that: DNA test says "Native American (European admixture)" : "In Breed/how I learnt to hate the word' (oh yeah mah parents is cuzzins! wait'll I do my cipherin'! impresses the gals on dates!). to finish up this mishigas, my seventh cuzzin once removed Don Knotts on an '80s Three's company (Suzanne Summers had left replaced by her cuzzin SANDY SUMMERS!) challenged somebody to a game of SCRABBLE! 1978 laurel Maryland flashbacks! Don's character's wife "let's get frisky!" Don feigns sleep! Yep, we's kin".....

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

"Sunday will NEVER be the Sane" 18 July 21. As I went to sleep about six pm I tuned into WMBR. I also "liked" them on facebook and they are BACK! (I missed that) plus Captain Al soul show; RIP In November! (too busy recording). In it's place: A Programme of jazz 6-8 pm. rotating djs etc. Eric in the Evening WGBH type relaxing jazz. I woke up it was 0130! tyme for Coast to Coast AM on WRKO 680 AM! reading the ole WMBR schedule Afrika kabissa still on for all your Afro-Pop needs...Sunday, my ONLY day of rest, so I sleep and lissen to radio a lot....cheaper'n going out to clubs! Bring Back Lockdown!"....


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

   "Montag 19 July 21. 0500 PBS: PROFFESOR T.
I been researching this; the Belgians do good crime drama and the original was in the Flemish area of Antwerp. The british adaptation has a crime professor with OCD from Cambridge university (he creeps me out!- ed); since my whole life revolves around Kenne Highland, Cambridge University is 96.7 miles north east of my great-great agricultural labourer ancestors in harwell; as I have espoused before: hammer films; Sabbath album covers; "Berkshire Poppies' by Traffic and now OCD! it's the bluidy Thames it is....From 2000-2200, WMBR 88.1 FM (you can even listen live in Flensburg Deutschland OR the USSR!) (OR Constantinople!) Bats in the belfry hosted by Dad's Wolverine homegurl. Gut musik, jah, Schwartz gross, jah und: coming soon to Boston....CONCERT report: gary Numan AND Dead can dance!!! I'll wear my black clothes to the beach and pass out drunk lissenin' to the Cure to red up for this show!...…"....

Thursday, July 22 , 2021

"Til Tuesday 20 July 21. My notes say I caught the 1968 Patton (George C Scott) on FXRetro "TV Eye on Me" 0600 or whatever; I did a book report on General Patton in '68! and then I saw the Blue Cheer on tv and bought "sunshine of your love'...Musik Nicht Krieg, Robby Krieger! ("Unknown Soldier" on radio too...), WHY DID THIS MOVIE WIN ACADEMNY AWARD. As he fought the AFRIKA KORPS (so did I! I fought with them in the studio!) der Deutsche sprechen: "He is a military Gizstorian and believes in reincarnation"...I mean, bypassing a battle in Libya to go to some CLASSIC RUINS where the Carthagians fought...wasn't that an Eric martin band? And the star of the movie is Patton's dog Willie! Spuds Mackenzie named after William the Conqueror (of whom I descend but there's for Lady Clairol and Skip Gates presents: Finding your Roots!) (after Willie his dog was named General Gay!!-ed). And as I dined on bangers and mash ala Ringo coz the Independent had no Fish AND Chips (ala carte? No slaw?) (it should be illegal to serve Fisha and CHips withoput coleslaw!!!- ed) my SUPPER musik wast gut essen und listening! "Summertime Blues"; Blue Cheer! "Goin up the country"-Canned heat! "Whiskey Woman"-Flamin' groovies! (5 april 76 Highland Indiana: Kenneth eddie Flowers and Richard F. Coffee in Rich's bedroom in HIGHLAND Indiana "this sounds like Lynyrd Skynrd" (well there IS a "Freebird"-ish ending as Groovies fans WORLD WIDE burn Gizmos records; "we're more popular than satan!"- Ken Gizmo Oh No!). and lastly "Journey to the center of the Mind"-Amboy Dukes. PROUDLY I had either 45s or album of said songs! Indo DOES play a lot of psychedelic music...there was even a Country Joe and the Gefilite Fish song I DIDNT have soundhound for so I couldn't place it"......

Friday, July 23, 2021

"day of WODIN 21 July 21. Morning commuter coffee at Somerville's Nu Kitchen: Ramones "rockaway beach" and "I don't wanna walk around with you" still sounding good after 45 years etc. After work, Gee Julie working at Jungle, so I went to Union Square/to see my gal/she was there....and I left. This was POETRY open mike, reggae music playing AND crowded (well, free...)..I heard the first Poet, but did not hear The Last Poets! (haha!) Still, glad to see Afro-American poetry carrying on....getting home, woke up, went back to bed, German radio with SCHLAGERS goin' 'round my HAD been indeed A hard Day's Night".....

Saturday, July, 24 2021
Queen in studio for Night at the Opera
"Saturday 24 July 21. Rappin' up the week....I know the clubs are open, good music "yeah yeah yeah" (though it's not the Beatles) but aint nuthin' better than Coast to coast Am WRKO 740 Am 0100-0500 THEN channel two they had a document-tarry on Queen recording Night at the Opera. I checked the release date; Toots Hibbert and I got high the next week Indiana University (opening for Who?) and formed the Gizmos the next week thanks to Malcolm macRichert, Gulcher GizMogul. This was quite factual; just watching Brian May play and '70s "Be More Flamboyant" footage of Freddie mercury singing; truly a loss 'twas it. Followed by (WeTV) an hour of the Beverly Hillbillies, then cartoon tyme with Popeye and Betty Boop; how could one EVER be depressed. I am youtubing the 1966 Tandalfesztival; Mod Magyars! This one band, crushed velvet Kinks suits and white ruffled shirt; "I'll show them who's Mod"! A lot of my record collecting friends (some in Constanipole!) are getting into mid-60s comps of bands of various countries (hey man...the Romanian scene was BOSS!); how many other Hopelessly Obscure 45s gonna be unearthed? Since the berlin Wall fell the year Johnny and the Jumper Cables LOST the WBCN Rumble, Communist-bloc rock is where it's at! One final plus before I have some DINNER (SUPPER is Gizmo and Indo before Cazbats at Jungle; great '60s AMERICAN garage like Thee Hopelessly Obscure or THee Psych-O-Daisies): Saturday 31 July 21 mad Painter at the Jungle, me on bass and an 830 set-time; after Union tavern couple weeks ago this IS my 2013 02143 Somerville tour!".....


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