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Kenne Clark Five

Sunday July 20, 2014

Havin' a wild weekend: the Dave Clark Five! friday night had some vittles with Adam Sherman from Private Lightining at BEAT HOTEL in harvard square; seems he got to boston a year before me, so when he mentioned "the ready teddy house" it wuz tyme to ring miss lyn! plus he moved here coz of some guys who were in the squeeze-era velvet underground kinda (one whom played on mo tucker's "i'm stickin' with you" on the almighty Varulven LABEL, home of blowfish in the new wave, the daughters and TEA IN CHINA! ). a jazz band played, lady on keyboards echoed allman's "southbond" and horn section did some graham bond organization riffs.

saturday was MAtt Gilbert (of hARLEQUIN) 50th birthday at cantab; the Gravedancers had surprise party drummer, a simon kirke clone, so overtones of O. Rex/Free and mountain between matt on guitaR and Reno doin' papplardi licks with his fingers. i sang "pills" AND mickey bliss on trumpet on "green onions". then I did the Ruane, down to Plough for Tsunami of Sound and 9th Wave; turns out i know Rick Sanger from 1987 the Venutians plus WBRS (it's an aram heller thang, you wouldnt understand) and 9th Wave i knew from the Kirkland cafe. suffice to say, blowfish would love them! Oceana plays rhythm guitar/Farfisa/flute/picolo/slide whistle and sax! a cover of Madness "one step beyond" (note for note sax) means these Storrs, CT. natives make X.ray Tango and Beachmasters sound like the O. Rex maxi-45! tonight, sunday, Outpost 186, the Angela Sawyer Trio, her on piano...."hey beAT MON", WEIRDO RECORDS SELLS crawlspace cds!"......

Monday July 21 , 2014

Jan and Kenne Outpost 186, cambridge, mass.; Karl Evangelista presents Grex and Angela Sawyer Trio and Morgan Evans-Weiler solo. i like avant-garde concerts coz you can sit down and pretend you're watching MX-80 in bloomington, indiana 1976!

Morgan Evans (a Cymri? get a DNA test!) was playing "black angel's death song" on violin with one hand, then doin' Metal Machine Music with the other hand on computer; ear-splitting but i dug it! (as a distant cuzzin of Edie Sedgewick, this IS Rob Chalfen's factory!).

I REALLY enjoyed Grex, "San Francisco-based trio" and bought Monster Music for $9 and had them autograph it. I mostly heard Mahavishnu! Karl Evangelista as J. McLaughlin; Rei Scampavia as Chelsea, Mass. own Chick Corea and Robert Lopez doin' Billy Cobham on a lil cocktail drum set! Grex Sounds is their Facebook and speaking to Karl after set, he's from LA, knew "of" Crawlspace and "knew" my name;

Mr. Publicity Putana had on a Kyle Gross Amerika First pin, Karl googled picture of me and if Gizmos play Oakland.....

lastly, Angela Sawyer,Weirdo Records did "piano,etc" just bringin' out all kindsa Gizmos/gadgets; she sang some high part that I thought was Yma Sumac and i wasnt even stoned, dude! (though that's THE best way to hear Chicago's greatest hits in Dayton Ohio!) Nick Neuberg on drums and Ethan Parcell on clarinet was like albert ayler and cecil taylor playing "L.A. Blues" with Angela as Yoko Ono on her Fly album...Weirdo has music Monday and comedy Tuesday, look for Kenne gigs and Gizmos on monday 13 october!".....

Tuesday July 22, 2014

Harvard Book Store, Mass. Ave. (I'm on Mass. Ave. more than bloody Willie Loco! and he played keyboards on "Shoot that girl" on...Mass. Ave.!"); bargain books in basement; Bono bio! U-2 had glam-rock roots that tyme in Britain and they were teenyboppers);SO, coz Solomon Gruberger (RIP) turnt me onto glam: Bono first liked "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" by middle of the road (I had a '72 Sol casette of such) and their drummer was influence by drumming on Gary Glitter and Slade records! Once grounds for divorce, that's cool, I DO respect them more! then,"butterfly on her right shoulder" down Mass. Ave. to Wierdo records;f rom Compass: The Holy Series has jack-of-all-bullshit Matt Robidoux (...Speedy Ortiz (know the name)...doin' who knows what"...keyboards like "Sister Ray", a cymbal bowed with a violin bow....good noisy fun that Lester Flowers/Eddie Bangs woulda dug...I DID autograph Gizmos '75-'77 cd in the used cd bin which rules! and a John Fahey bio looks good...Weirdo site has all upcoming shows and shoppe at Wierdo records! where else on Mass. Ave. can you find Crawlspace cds?".......

Simon and kenne Wednesday July 23, 2014

a surprise visit from Clan MacBheath; my adopted half-brother (and cuzzin!) Ted Williams was in town and to my surprise, I saw Uncle Tom "Herbie" (as in "calls you Cavewoman") Highland walkin' from Westin Hotel, Southie waterfront. They're callin' it the Seaport District. Miss Lyn was faithful Indian companion and guide, like Blodgett Sundown was during the Civil War, guided me to World Trade Center, Boston.

Uncle Tom was in mood for a sports bar, so JERRY REMY'S and Uncle Ted posed by a Teddy baseball photo. Miss Lyn with firewater: "oh my God, there's three of you!" and despite absence of Kenny Gizmo (Columbus Day) Kaiser, the WJIB song of the day was "Uptown"! this Spector hit has SUCH a Ramones progression, I was doin' a Dee Dee Ramone bassline on a Rachel Lee backpacker guitar at 0700 WITHOUT.....COFFFFFEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!".......

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

whilst "Drivin' Around" with Carl Biancucci (we were in Cable Theft!), I KNEW he'd be playing some John Dawson Winter III (my distant cuzzin) on Johnny's recent the car, cd blasting like '70s 8-track, was indeed Second Winter! trivia pursued: reason it kinda sounds like Stevie Ray Vaughn is they both had Tommy Shannon on bass! Carl proceeded to tell me the tale of him and Johnny Black meeting Johnny Winter "a true Southern gentleman" (you SHOULD see his family tree, trust me, he AINT white trash); Carl tells Johnny: "you were the first concert I saw exact month/exact day/1971 with J. Geils opening… then followed by a Cactus "best of","Evil" is so wicked awesome, I had it on a 45....I brag to Carl "I'm facebook friends with Jim McCarty/Tim Bogert/Carmen Appice" and Carl tops me with "I met all three!" "My Head's in '71"!!!!!! good thing Miss Lyn missed out on all this record collecting FANATCISMMMMM!!!!!!!!"........

Friday July 25th, 2014

whilst at 1369 coffee house, Inman Square. saw flyer for some kinda reading at Lorem Ipsum book store; got there, place packed, folks drinkin' PBR,"Hey Beat Mon/Him like"...Ferlinghetti's SF bookstore City Lights! a $4 red hot chili peppers bio; interesting how those high school "punks" were "around" for the LA punk scene (Darby Crash et al.); wait'll you hear Stenson Eddie Flowers version! and then I....walked on down the street....what mighta usedta been Absolutely Fabulous Happenings Ten Years Tyme Ago is a kinda cool "retro" boutique Boutique Fabulous (Inman Square being ultra-hipster,"Just Like Me'...yea right! I'm too busy "Kickin' against the Pricks"-Book of Acts, THEN Nick Cave!) they had reissue 45s of Four Seasons/Skyliners/Elvis;50s fare one WOULD hear on WJIB from Bob Bitner's collection SO JUST for Ken Kaiser, who played in Dr. Saturn and the Men From mars, WJIB song of the day: "Dont you care" by the Buckinghams, who were on USA records, chicago, same label as Ted Gizmo Niemiec's dad and Robert Lamm of Chicago who wrote "saturday in the park" which begat "muff-divin'" which begat an e.p. which begat "I'm in love with all three Highland boys who think they're beautiful" which begat why the hell I'm in Boston! and i even have two out-of-toon acoustics at least tooned to the same key, so I can figger out WJIB oldies at 6 AM, post-shower, zero-dark-30, oo-rah, "The marines, Him?"".........

Sunday July 27, 2014

"FINALLY got to see the Handymen at the Plough and Stars and this is a MUST SEE! setlist is Charles Hanson (ROSS PHASOR!) version of PINUPS and he has a crack band: him and Chris Blue on guitars, Jim Haggerty on ELECTRIC bass, Jim Janota (Underachievers "i'll be there for you") on drums, Chris Cote vocals and Peter Moore (Count Zero) keyboard/vocals. "Crosscut Saw" was sang and played SO well, Johnny and the Jumper Cables should hang it up, ditto "Lucille", I have met my match on LIl Richard. then the "1964-1965" segment...NOTE-FOR-NOTE covers by Rock Bottom alumni of "I'm down","anyway you want it", "glad all over", a Hollies "Five-fer": "pay you back with interest","runnnin' through the night" (and b-sides at that,harmony by Cote/Moore,Moore on lead vocals....HOLY SHIT!) "carrie ann", "KING MIDAS IN REVERSE" (!), "air that i breathe" (Soft Rock Bottom!), "Bike" off first Pink Floyd (query by George "AEF" Hall, answer by Tony "figures on a beach" Kacynski wearin' a HUMBLE PIE t-shirt!),"Ride captain ride" (tony was JUST lissenin' to iron Butterfly LIve "3 weeks ago" and he named every Mike Pinera band: blues image/iron butterfly/captain beyond!)....i dont take notes, so i know the closer was Peter Moore's "wife", a singer/songwriter in Her Own Write (ok,write in and correct me;make it like the letters to Creem! I.M. Bangs!) doin'....FIFTH DIMENSION covers! and that was only ONE set! looking forward to next month's gig ALWAYS at the Plough!"......

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