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Monday, July 22, 2019

"SATURDAY 20 July 19. Square Root in Roslindale. Nice lil sandwich/coffee/beer bar (sweets too!) playing some kinda satellite radio punk rock (like maybe I heard the Pistols "No Feelings". Sara and the Scaliwags opened and read my previous reviews, they just keep getting better and better. I note Thalia Zedek (headliner) bobbing head to Patti Smith's "dancing barefoot" and maybe she told me how Horses changed her life back then, in DC.

Glider had been in Ducky Carlisle studio doing guitar overdubs and vocals while I worked; my bass parts done. Each gig Glider gets tighter and tighter and despite my Afrika Korps comparisons and me aping Jay Gruberger, Glider is now so much further beyond Afrika Korps live and cantone's (Gulcher).

But MY FAVOURITE band that night WAS Thalia Zedek. i saw Dangerous Byrds Inn Square Men's Bar day of Thor 14 April 83 and damn if she still aint got the goods! (sic). Guitar/bass/drums/'s the Velvet's banana album! Thalia does a lot of cowboy chords ala Lou and Neil Young, SO to steal a Schmel Herbie Hind quote re: Thee Flying Fish; Thalia sounded like Crazy Horse on steroids! another Schmel quote re: violin: "Papa John Creach!" ("Papa John Screech"-Solomon Gruberger, O. rextasy right along with "Uriah Heap (of shit)"). A fun tyme, I do recommend the club, so contact those Curt from the Hi-End!"...

Sara & The Scaliwags

Thalia Zedek Band at Square Root

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sunday 21 June 19. Jay Allen Mess Around Plough and Stars. Justine kicked off with her country band (excellent!) Justine and The Black Threads, and then she saysa "and now here's my uncle" (my sister's daughter is name Justine but I DID tell her about a 1720 Connecticut marriage of FIRST cuzzins and "I really AM inbred"; me, I play it up coz "anything worth doing is worth overdoing"!). Justine and i did "your mama wont give me your phone number" (a lil rockabilly toon we co-wrote) and "My Fuse is short" ("Cherry Bomb" rewrite coz Grand Theft Auto was so Joan Jett-influenced). I ended with "it's a conspiracy" (orange Kenne record) where i tossed in Jimi's solo from "come on, part one". maybe jay Allen did "Not anymore" (Dead Boys) and madonna "like a prayer" solo acoustic; Cleveland and Detroit "the midwest can be alright"! Paul Delano from Mung did a set, Bob Cenci reformed Hellcats from Outer Space (excellent! as is every band he's in)...if I forgot anybody, I WAS sleepin' due to no fan in Plough! Second round: Justine, then "my uncle"....a three-fer greatest hits: "somebody should shoot that gurl" (Hopelessly Obscure, recorded next door to Plough, Erik Lindgren's old place); "that's cool i respect you more" (Gizmos in Detroit, sat 27 July 19!) and, since Sara Scaliwag was THERE, and knew the song, "Be More Flamboyant", Sarah actually has a deeper voice than I! unrehearsed and thrown onstage, the way i LIKE it!

when i return from Detroit, day of Thor, 1 August 19, once has chet's last call post-brattle party at Once which i mc and sing in Hopelessly Obscure. Frigga, 2 august 19, club linehan-ago-go down Hull! Lastly, 3 august 19, geezer's garage cookout! I am certain I shall see y'all in Boston soon, but "right's time to "kick out the jams, mofos!"...


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