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Sunday, July 26, 2022
saturday 23 July 2022. BBQ at Micky Bliss house. G. Gordon Griddy of Johnny and the Foodmasters wished Miss Lyn were there; I told all i was on assigment and watch out! you on Kenne Kamera!

So, in some words, Johnny and the Foodmasters: if O. Rex circa 1974 did oldies with G. Gordon channeling Rich Coffee guitar solo on "hey beat mon", that is they sound and O. Rex and gizmos available from Gulcher if G. Gordon wants to see how he stole from me, UpChuck Berry. Also, like that Fathers and Sons 1969 blues album (alta kaka blooze guys with All the Young Brits.


Johnny & The Foodmasters

Mickey Bliss and i sang "Louie Louie" mixed with '96 tears', video by Mickey's daughter Nicole whom had to, 4 July 91, In Utero!, endure me jamming with "Uncle Lyre" (am I "Uncle Gismo"?) Those Bliss kids sure growed up since the Kirkland daze amd Mickey's son Alex plays guitar in The Point and since,as a lad, Kirkland XMAS party, he DID sit on my lap (age two?) that was like Robert Jr Lockwood knowing Robert Johnson! These dudes LOVE covering late '60s Apple Beatles and Alex channels clapton on mayall's Beano album OR Mick taylor on bare Wires.

The Point -Alex "Bliss" center

Frank Rowe from Baby's Arm/Classic Ruins was there as was Photographer Kathy Chapman who did album cover of my orange Stanton park album,but we did not play ONE NOTE; The KKatzenjammer Kidz will have their say! (Just ask Henry Milller!).

Lastly, Art Freedman in a 13th Floor Elevevators t shirt agreed on Foodmaster's cover of Association's "Windy" THAT, since were half of the Mag Four watching the Sickness at the Underground (a room clearer!) G. Gordon solo WAS the reincarnation of Larry Lifeless on guitar on same! Did i mention "we all had a real good tyme?"

Artie Freedman
Kathy Chapman & Frank Rowe

"saturday 23 July 2022 the morn, as usual, had on the WHRB blues show. An old "friend" (all my friends are VINYL! People suck! except for that cover of "I love you" from '68) was played: "Space Guitar" by Johnny Guitar Watson. A 45 on federal and a february 1954 recording (Dad had met ma and was in korea, motor transport, whilst Elvis was drivin' truck for Crown Electric down memphis)..let's quote wikpedia; "over-the-top playing and heavy use of audio effects. Bo Diddley/Ike Turner/Frank Zappa/Jimi Hendrix influenced'. "Nuff said, listen to youtube and NOT these lame-ass overplayin' shredders that 'bore the daylights outta me". Also, this tyme Etta James covers the eagles "take it to the limits" with 100 more soul and ballz than those limp-dick Eagles. Did some research; whilst James Brown's engineer was recording the korps Hello World, EVEN my distant cuzzin martha Hull aint no Etta James. 1978's deep in the Night is the album; maybe let's cover rock '70s hits soul style,thereby BURYING the lame-ass white-ass rock versions....well it made MY morning til I sang "Louie Louie" with Johnny and the Foodnmasters later that night".....


Thursday, July 28, 2022

saturday 23 July 2022. "A small package of value will come to you shortly" by Ken kantner's Jefferson Air force from their VINYL album After Not bathing with Skunk Baxter. sent me half dozen of Howl of the She Wolf cds, enuff for my baa Baa black sheep squadron PLUS FOUR Gulcher records CASSETTES of rare Gizmos! I'll review them later in greater detail but after singing "Louie Louie" with Johnny and the Foodmasters what a great capper on a GREAT night!"....

Friday, July 29, 2022

"Freitag 29 July 2022. before the week ends, let's remember upcoming current musical projects. saturday 6 Aug 2022, kenne Highland's Air Force in studio for "An e.p.'s worth of toons". Friday 26 aug 2022, mad painter returns to the Jungle. I have MORE Mad painter til November, but one gig at a tyme...saturday/sunday morn: da blooze on WHRB!"....


Mickey Bliss with Johnny & The Foodmasters


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