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Monday, July 26, 2021

The Cazbats at The Jungle
"Saturday 24 July 21. SUPPER: Gizmo at Indo (Independent) Meze platter AND XTC's "making plans for Nigel" as "dinner music"; a video I saw in South Carolina on that Ted Turner channel (late at night was kinda a In Concert thang; saw Cars etc. THAT was IT for Charleston SC New Wave). Walked up to Jungle and Cazbats were playing the Seeds' "cant seem to make you mine" (played at the Vatican Sex Kitten's 25th twice birthday at Third Life Studio, Somerville). Followed up by the Vogue's "five o clock world" with Chuck Yeager's fourth cousin twice removed on 12-string guitar; I covered that in the 1985 Hopelessly Obscure. Bob Roos did the Grass Roots "let's live for today" lead intro as accurate as Marshall Keith doing the lead on Slickee Boys cover of same by the Rokes (sung Italiano!). Herr Jaeger und Ich ist freunds von facebook mit Sid Herring of the Gants; "smoke rings ' covered from that band (Metal Mike Saunders turned me onto Gants Galore back in '74! This is VERY pre-Angry Samoans!). lastly, a Who b-side I used to see Prime Movers do in '83 (?) "daddy Rollin' Stone"...."I'll Show Them Who's Mod"! Matt Robinson on bass, postman by day, DELIVERS on bass! AND Downbeat Five Dan McCarthy on drums ONLY reads the Boston Groupie News "if I'm in it!". Ok, Dan saw thee Psych-O-Daisies at Milky Way, even dancing with Nancy Neon to me singing "we aint got nuthin' yet"...that is why he DESERVES to be in this band!"...ok, now his head'll be as big as mine tryin' to get through the Door(s)….Essen at Bronwyn mit Ken, Gee Julie und herr jaeger; gut essen! We all of Deutsche-Amerikanisch descent....outside, Riot on Sanborn Street (Patti Smith aint singin' THAT Standells cover with DMZ!) Gee Julie recognize Jimmy Tingle! Coming from Lily Pad Inman square to Vera's, formerly Precinct, now a comedy club...well, my music career's been a joke; to quote Asa Brebner "Tavern at the end of my career"! BUT it WAS a Full Geminis in site!"....

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Kenne Gixmo
"Sunday 25 July 21. FX retro TV Eye was happenin'! First off the 1966 camp classic of BATMAN but after mein waffle und wurst brunch at Bronwyn and a three hour cruise of sleep, the 2017 Kingsman:The Inner Circle was on. (fuck all ages afternoon shows I WANT a "TV Eye on me!") it's kinda James Bond on steroids and a villainess has '50s retro resort where ELTON JOHN is held hostage! I forgot what adjective Miss Lyn used but this was over the fockin' TOP! (the word was proposterous-ed) Elton forced to be a lounge singer but when Kingsmen/Bond clones come in he goes "is it Wednesday?' and "WEDNESDAY night's alright for fightin'' commences Elton stompin' on a bad guy's foot with his platforms! So the good guys win and one agent asks Elton: "if I save the world can I have passes to your next show?"....ok...wait for it...."Darling if you save the world you can have a backstage pass!""......

Great Elton soundtrack too! Though I liked friends. BUT: Neu Musik! The Boss Hoss von berlin does country version of Cameo's "Word Up"! "Country Trash Punk Rock"! Liebe! mit der Hixx! And my own Bavaria to western Virginia Revolutionary War ancestor"....


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Monday 26 July 21. 0100. Coast to Coast AM WRKO 680 AM. George Knapp's guest was about Skinwalker Ranch Mysteries. Bumper music: "Strange Days" by the Doors IN MONO! lead-off track from their second album and Dad's distant cuzzin Jim Morrison singing. Also I heard Cream's "Crossroads" a January 1969 45 that I had THEN (discography: sunshine of your love/ white room/ crossroads ALL in order and -68-'69 was seventh grade for me; junior year at SUNY Brockport for future Gizmogul Bob Richert!). A joy to hear both great '60s songs in mono on AM radio".....


Thursday, July 29 , 2021

"Til Tuesday 27 July 21. 0600. Fx retro "Tv Eye". Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea a 12 July 61 movie before the tv show mad magazine spoofed as Voyage to See what's on the Bottom (I had that issue!) (I still like mad, Popeye cartoons et al. from when I was a REAL Kid). besides On The Beach-type nuclear holocaust in the BEGINNING of the film in the sub's chowhall Frankie Avalon is blowing some serious Dixieland trumpet while you'll Dream of Barbara Eden doin' the Twist ALL in navy uniform! "the old man' (sub's commandant) hollered about conduct unbecoming a sailor...reckon I better shave off my Elvis sidebeards and start lookin' like a dang marine agin! (Miss Lyn witness this). One more thing about Fxretro being BETTER than AMC's ole black and whites from ma's tyme...everything's in technicolour man! This was before I heard damnation of Adam Blessing's "cookbook" where they sing about "your techicolour daydream"...Psychedlic yuppies! "LSD for Brunch!"".....

Friday, July 30, 2021

"day of Wodin 28 July 21. 0500 FX retro "TV Eye"; caught ass-end of Sodom and Gomorah; everything crumbling, Lot's wife turns into pillar of salt; WAS it aliens?, Technicolour early '60s...ditto for 0600 Cleopatra; I think Sodom was '62, Cleo '63; REST ASSURED as a young marine BRAT (no baseball bat) I was tearin' around southern military bases (pre-Beatles) wearing ma's best sheet and using a metal garbage can lid as a shield. STILL love sword and sandal films/ancient history/wives and concubines and of course; the beatles! (jaj/jah/jah...und sprechen sie Deutsch!".....



Saturday, July, 31 2021
Jen and Michelle - Dents (photo E Law)
"every day is a Saturday 31 august 21. As much fun as it is to watch an hour of the Beverly Hillbillies on We TV at 0600 or two Popeye cartoons at 0700, I SHOULD, whilst listening to Grecian Echoes 1550 Am WNTN, list all upcoming Kenne music. Whilst having supper und gut essen at Brownyn Dino Records called. Aram heller of Stanton park is declaring my 2004 followup to Be more Flamboyant "the best he's ever done"...NOT compared to Aram's solo in Strawberry Alarm Clock's "Tomorrow" whilst he was in the Trodds (THREE people at cantones that night and ONE is now on the "winning side"!). DINO has old boston groupie news in basement and "loves that magazine". He also loves Ugly Things (Kenne talks: part one of my Gizmo gospel!) and taking out ad for cd AND (record geeks slobber): LIMITED VINYL PRESSING! Craig Harrison, also a major record collector and Shocking Blue fan sent me a WBUR Link (Wray; met him once in DC - (no wait I met him in DC!!-ed) ) about the Dents. I guess a drunken me Abbey Lounge 2000 (Man) A.D. DECLARED Mrs. jen rassler, Suzi Quatro of Downbeat Five (THE GREAT DAN MCCARTHY ON DRUMS!) HAD to meet Michelle Decal and thusly, from one of my spare ribs was formed the Dents. I totally forgot about that but in my Billy Ruane-ish manic, drunken state, WBUR has reported it as GOSPEL! Know ye Vera lee! (Ida May's cuzzin…)...Wishing drummer Al Hendry a Speedy (West) recovery; mad painter couldn't Bungle at the Jungle 31 Aug 21. Hopefully he be not illin' but CHILLIN' before Mad painter Midway 21 aug 21 (wasn't I at Cantone's in '77 that night?). Only other gig I got is Frank Rowe's birthday Midway with Unatural Axe AND we practice day of WODIN with Matt Burns of V (and my Dino cd!) fillin' in on drums. Everybody picked a "fave" and "I'm in love" by Asa Brebner on list c/o Lt Larry Newman USMC and too many bands to list and I believe it was Spetember the second Asa tribute will be out. That and the Dino cd neck and neck in the BGN charts....well< I married a couple Lindas (whom was my Jerry Lee cuzzins!) and I DO play bass when I gotta and I Am left-handed when I do what Gee Julie calls "chicken scratch" ("chicken? yes scratch. I cant read you"...)..but ONLY Sir Paul had FIVE records in top ten. aint been knighted yet tho "her majesty's a pretty nice gurl"...."God save the Queen!/I mean it man!".....


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