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Kenne and Fuji

Monday July 28, 2014

those damn disco naps! (lissenin' to Big bands and Crooners noon to midnight Sunday on WJIB 740 AM cambridge!) Sally O' Brien's is becoming both "Closer to Home" and "Tragically Hip"! But without sayin' I'll be attendin' a gig that i dont (like all my yes replies on Facebook; road to Hell, Michigan paved with good intentions (or "Bad Intentions" by Washington DC's RAZZ!!!!) and I'm not William Ruane III (RIP); only Kenneth Highland I, Royal Plantangenet line,"Dont start me talkin"...(was Sonny Boy Williamson and James RAW POWER Williamson kin? one was a Razorback, other a Long Cool Texan...)...

cALI ok,so I poster I (Nig) Heisted to remember whom eye saw: 8 pm; ryan taylor band: think peppy bluesgrass ala "friend of the devil" and Dead's American Beauty; banjo/upright bass/guitar and they ALL sing (CSN) plus covers of "city of new orleans" and "john hardy"...rootsy/bluegrass/Americana, perfect for a Sunday evening after Black Fuzztones of Opium. 9 pm: Natalie Flanagan, agin! (last sunday of month is her Sally O' Brien's residency, but she does NOT sound like the Residents, that was Bill "Dez" Desmond, Replicant Rubbers/Bentmen! (whom I opened for at Mama Kin's playing guitar with the legendary.....Keith...Beauniece....uh.....yeah....)....Natalie was awesome as usual, great toons, lineup tonight was her-acoustic Trick Wallace of the county Cork Wallaces on Tele and her lap steel player (not named Highland, so i dunno who is)...FUCKEN "Visions of Johanna"! NEVER saw her do this Dylan toon!

TWO POINTS: Ida May: Steve Painter (12 cent donkey on Gulcher!) notices her Dylan influence; item B: when she had her LET (dedicated to God and Kenne Highland!) lineup, I gave her one Christmas a vinyl Bringin' it all back home coz she DID sound like side one: acoustic/electric/keyboards/bass/drums...."Love in Vain" was damn good, she's a big Beggar's Banquet fan (we've jammed on "Jigsaw Puzzle")...I may be headin' back for more Sally O' Brien's rock; read the calendar, good stuff happ'nin'!

AND an appearance by Richie Hughes MacKenzine of Stranglehold, whom are reforming for WMBR Pipeline thang as is Gizmos/Voodoo Dolls etc.".....

Tuesday July 29 , 2014

a week bit broke and $135 for a passport OUT of the country while they're lettin' fucken illegals IN for FREE has got me hotter'n Ed Anger in the weekly Groupie News! (call me Kenneth Edward Anger!) but at least Tour Italia, Kenne and Sonic Daze AND Classic Paisans (well, Biancucci/Ruins, as is) WILL happen! "other than that, not too much" as Captain PJ would say; otherwise doin' BB King leads on a Rachel Lee backpacker guitar to ole blues records or doin' Bass Lines to the Oldies (Carole Kaye; Kaye as in Kenne?) like herman's "kinda hush all o'er the world" or Gary Puckett's "woman woman"; GREAT chord sequences, all on WJIB 740 AM between 6AM and 7 AM! I haveta keep track o' tyme, be late for work...tonight, have 28 Chuck Berry hits cued up on cassette c/o Cheapo Records (and it WAS cheap-o or i wouldnt'a bought it!".....

Wednesday July 30, 2014

Colby List before falling asleep to the Red Sox (that's WEEI-FM and i liked it better IN MONO on AM!),wuz jammin' along with Chuck Berry in honour of Jay Gruberger (RIP); "oh baby doll" in E, man! I kept speedin' up the tempo to a Pretty Things speed....then the ole 6 AM WJIB what oldies can I jam on BEFORE coffee and song of the day for Ken Kaiser was "Poetry in Motion"; speed it up and it could pass for "Blizzard of '78" on Afrika Korps Hello World (Gulcher). As for me, hearin' Dee Clark's "Raindrops" on Vee-Jay and FINALLY learnin' the chords in A after FIFTY YEARS (my parents had it as a 45 in manassas, virginny 1963, right around when the CIA killed JFK....oops! did I spill the beans on that one? "it's a Conspiracy"-the Orange Kenne Highland album on Stanton Park, PO Box 58, Newtonville! or they have a website)....

meeting Gee Julie at airport 8 pm and this half-Greek is bearing me gifts; Athens had a record store with the Hopelessly Obscure ep on majestic in the window in the '80s maybe? (source: Dinos Mekos, WHRB! GREAT garage show and he plays the Gizmos!) well, her next trip's my Italian tour doin' "jailbait janet"/"best bette"/"that's cool" with Sonic Daze!".....

Friday August 1, 2014

trying to tidy up my week here, so lookin' at 48 Hours (wicked excellent movie!): met Gee Julie at airport, she'd stopped in Zurich, home of Mark's Farner ancestors, via Rockin' In Athens; got me a tank top that sez "vintage" and has a vintage Les Paul on it, a cheap Euro knock-off of an Amerika First design.

Carl Biancucci (Tea In China: VARULVEN) got an e-bay sale on O. Rex cd (Gulcher) so am autographing up a storm. last night (day of Thor!!!!) Gee Julie in a black cocktail dress (that's "Long Greek Woman in a Black Dress" with the "that's cool" riff!) ran into Bob Colby "doin' the Boob" on his way to Lilypad and his birthday coming up at Store 54.

Sally O' Brien's 3-fer and will elaborate later: Ken Kaiser and Tommy White (Korps meets Unatural Axe!) in Beachcombovers and Tsunami of Sound FRIDAY; SATURDAY= GENE DANTE!!!!!!!!(in Somerville?!?!?!?!?!? oh yeah Jet Velvet Trash at Kirkland Cafe!) and Sunday 2-6pm, Stan Martin doin' honky-tonk (saw him organize a John Lincoln Wright (Beacon Street Union (RIP)) birthday at Cantab and he sho' can pick! SO that's probably it, til I run outta dough....Freitag morgen WJIB song of the day fur der Kaiser, as witness by Miss Lyn and Gee Julie: "the stripper" by David Rose!!!!!! believe you me, I was sashaying down that Spiral Staircase inspired by a Miss Lyn Project Runway marathon Thor's Day (what, no Vikings?) honour of Gene Dante, do I need to "Be More Flamboyant"? (played by Michael DesBarres of Silverhead on Sirius Radio!)".......

Saturday August 2, 2014

Beachcombovers My Disco Nap caused me to miss Hippie Hour at the Midway 630-830 pm (this is jam bands EVERY Friday....I REALLY AM tempted being into Live/Dead in '71 before i heard Funhouse but I highly doubt i woulda got any gurls bein' a Deadhead vs. a Gizmo!); also 9 pm WRCA 1330 AM had Country Oldies, so "Somethin's Burnin"-Kenne Rogers and first edition-1969; his brother Lelan produced 13th floor elevators! ("you're gonna miss me after i decorated your life!") AND "you never even call me by my name", so FUCK a damn J. Geils tribute band; DAVID ALAN COE CRANKED in my Garrett (attic, not margaret from Mr. airplane man) ROOM on my AM in MONO (man)!!!! then i "walked on down the hall" (street actually) and saw a buncha Cantone's refugees millin' about Sally O' Brien's vs. the Continuing Adventures of Miss Lyn and Jim Harold from the Rat. ("my brain hurts a lot"...)...The Strangmen are back! Tsunami of Sound in lamé jackets (they need Wayne Cochran wigs!) AND a go-go dancer Cha Cha lookin' like an Ikettes refugee who can "do all 16 dances"....(See video in the news!)

Next up was Beachcombovers who were 75% Beachmasters! Tommy White (unnatural axe) and Ken Kaiser/Bob MacKenzie (THEE Hoplessly Obscure!) plus mein doppleganger J. Bruce Scott on bass. Surf standards plus kaiser's "surfin' ayatollah" AND "andy and bill" and "austrolopithicus" by Might Ions! (ok, these guys were in THOSE bands)...excellent!

Cal Cali had 50% Jetset (Al on guitar digs this column coz i talk about all the ole bands; and why the hell not?!?!?!?) plus Frank Rowe-classic ruins, guitar, but the STAR: Yukiko Fuji, Tokyo Tramps bassist, who looks better'n Carl Biancucci and can outplay him with one finger, so that that, Jay Gruberger (RIP) (as i cop Solomon (RIP) Grubeger's writin' style)...all covers and fun but highlight was L. Reed and "i cant stand it" and Yukiko does Motown: " tracks of my tears" and "heatwave"! MJ Quirk WOULD have dug it! Good, Clean Fun (Kim Fowley album on imperial) and tonight at sally o'briens: GENE DANTE!!!!!!!"........

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