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Monday, July 30, 2018

Georgianne Skinheads Must Die married into Clan MacDonald on the day of Thor and day of Saturn, 28 July 18, club linehan-ago-go arrived Lynfield mass.,walked acrost a wooden bridge and then discovered Rat Beach Party rejects on an island in a lake! I was at a picnic table with the CREAM of the crop, Michael Weddle,Rat Beach Party plus Matthew D. Gilbert and Gravedancers band, hangin' out eatin' and a band from north Shore that knew the macGroom was playing King Crimson, Jeff Beck "fusion", very good muscians, electric drums! I mention to drummer Al Hendry "when you were at berklee, you heard folks playin' this kinda stuff?' coz he "wasnt into punk", so therefore not at Rat et al and he did say you'd hear kids jammin' giving free concerts! kinda like Ken Kaiser and doctor saturn and the men from after discussing the merits of Robet Fripp and King Crimson vs adrian belew (didnt i score stoned ticket in harrington park NJ December '73 from a stoner ravin' about larks tongue in aspic? $7.50 ticket, sold for $5.50, MacMe: "i only got fiddy cent yo, i owe you five dollars"...Kiss opens for Stooges; fiddy cents!)....Gravedancers were the best I've heard them! Mathhew D. Gilbert and his hyperactive self enlisted me in all kindsa musical projects; oy! the price i MacPay for borrowing gear! "Georgianne" about the Bridezilla/hosetess has an opening lick that crosses "i'm so glad" with Beatle George's "isnt it a pity"; double leads by me and Matt Gilbert were studio side of Wheels of Fire and Mountain Climbing. cant say enuff about rhythm section of Reno Daley (bass) and Al henry (drums); they ,like Jimi's Expierience,keep Matthew D. Gilbert "grounded" as he goes 'third stone from the sun". covers that always blow my mind and did gain me respect for Boxford Boy (Matt used to party with drummer gay hathaway's brother); Mott's "Sucker", (previous band also did "all the young dudes", this is obscure album cut), Move's "california man" (!!! PROMO 45 from Gregg Shaw Summer '72, still love!) and lastly: Tull's "New day yesterday" MAYBE on my facebook wall i "shared Tull live at isle of wight and M. Gilbet expressed love for Martin Barre....can i get royalties for a song I "discovered"? lastly one hour and 45 of club linehan-ago-go, filmed by Georgianne MacDonald, that also on my wall, so like solomon gruberger i can count the mistakes of which there are...NONE! Gear of the Gig: Mrs macDonald's Strat and marshall. one moment on the macDonald film (kinda like the Zapruder film as we "asassinate" the covers); we did an impromptu stooge's "loose" where i quoted from savoy brown's "hernando's hideaway" (One Step Further album i think); then a request from "normal" people for allman brothers "one way out"....stooges and allmans! i'll take brockport NY in 70s for 500! despite all the classi rock and oldies, "classic punk"= stooges/dolls/velvets and.....the MC5! I kept doin' what M. Gilbert called "slick licks" versus me in '73 doing what jay grubeger csalled "hot lead licks"; from the Ludu copy of Layla,"key to the highlway" but i toss in 'someday the sun wont shine for you', J. Tull, Mick Abrahams, a J. Angel Wachtel choice in '78, this is not slander/libel but TRUTH! so closer was MC5 "black to comm', guest guitar from Mrs. macDonald and MD Gilbert (just an E chord)....this shall be an annual thang, rumours of Willie loco next year are....not a Fleetwood mac album! (I'm a Peter Green guy micelf)"....,

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

usually, at my day job,"I dont like Mondays" but a Southie townie co-worker goes "Kenne i saw you on NECN the other day!" (that's new england cable news in case you're reading this in flensburg or bari)..."you were talking, there's some film about a guy and a club'...Light Dawns Over MARBLE HEAD! that would be the chet's last call documentary which i believe is airing in wood's hole the weekend. If I'm wearing a BLACK t-shirt with a (draped Snoopy bust) breast pocket , FASHIONS BY MISS LYN (dandruff c/o ME!)...I have yet to see my footage though I rehearsed ALL my lines the minute they said "Kenne, you want to do an interview?"...maybe this clip will end up on youtube, who knows....I just now heard "there's Kenne the movie stah!".....if they only knew! I DO type this column at work in a Walter Mitty kinda way and as ALL the ladies know, underneath my Clark kent demeanor I AM the Man of Steel".... (Hey Kenne it's on Vimeo yo!!-ed)

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

"tIL tUESDAY 1 AUG 18; Further details on my "TV Eye" appearance; business news Sunday on New England cable news, only shown the once. hey! SOMEBODY saw me, so happy I'm doin' the Snoopy dance! In other news, I guess Mathhew D Gilbert is 'on the up and up" about next Gravedancers cd produced by Bills Mafia Drew Townson,special guest me: Matthew and I were geeking out on Tull footage (he's sort of a surrogate Jay Gruberger when it comes to classic rock), so he was RAVIN' 'bout Tull guitarist Martin Barre (me and Thrills guitarist in '78 "rapped" about the majesticness of Mick abrahams!), so I guess I'll be guesting on cover of Tull's "New day yesterday" off STAND UP (had a Venezuelan copy $1 in your ear records where the gatefold "STANDS" up; this is BEFORE popups!). also trying to co-write a "punk" song; "what would steve jones do?" so Mathew has stole from Pistols "something else", then a nice descending riff; working title: "why did you glom onto me"...."was it desperation? a new sensation? loneliness hangin' over me'....subject, folks that jump from relationship to relationship and 'barnacle" themselves to REAL names here, just observing....and these lyrics WILL be Nobel prize winning! Just ask Ken kaiser!".....

Thursday, August 2, 2018

"day of wodin 2 aug 18; MJ Quirk drove me to club linehan-ago-go practice as ramones "babysitter" (non-lp b-side!) played; rehearsed a shitload of Lou Reed toons for hearing room, lowell, mass 8 sept 18. Joe Quinn had on sirius on ride home (oh yes! drummer Kevin Linehan has a headpiece for harmonies, so look out CSN!) (I only wish.....)....beatles "dont let me down" (b-side i want to cover) and freddie king's 1971 "goin down" (which I HAVE covered!) on other quick note; when Roky Erikson plays ONCE, White Mistery is a must-see! when Claire Czerwonka (spelling) from Chicago stayed at Groupie Towers II, she told me about this band back in '14 and all them ladies saw Gizmos chicago '14. basically Jack White fronts band but looks like Posion Ivy; her ginger "brother" (I demand a DNA test!) drums thus giving gender swap to Meg Smith (Patti's daughter-in-law); me to Claire, like she was my punk-rock daughter: "but claire there's already the white stripes so...." ditto with a Cramps-sounding band but since they're almost as dead as the Ramones, the music, like the blues, must continue. Details of cantab gig with Thee Fightin' Fish tomorrow since that gig is tonight.....maybe I WONT be doin so much music and can enjoy a nice irish bar with the Ulster maxwell descended Miss Lyn".....

Friday, August 3, 2018

day of Thor 2 aug 18 EXACTLY four years til i get even better social security! Til then, Andy Excuse has been sendin' Mj Quirk All Kindsa Gigs, All Kindsa Gigs! the latest, club bohemia, he had asked Ski Bunny to play, so a Bob Colby band if i ever saw one! bassist has a persona name British jackie; imagine an x-rated love child of Austin Powers and Absolutely Fabulous! drummer is solid in a scott asheton kinda way but fucken GUITAR GODDESS TRACY CHEVROLET!!!! fuzztone, wah wah ,sounds like the guitars on black oak's RAUNCH AND ROLL album especially "Hot Rod" plus some funk too (Chicken Slacks were playing ohio players "fire" when i went upstairs....I should really hang out more there!). (even tho i dance like a white man, i still like dancing!). So yes tracy rocked, let me borrow her amp and chord and I forgot what colour John Keegan's Strat was! (black like clapton's Blackie; senior fucken rocknroll moment! "is this the right guitar? did i pick up somebody else's case?"). has video of CHUCK BERRY "it wasnt me" and JIMI's "crosstown traffic" PLUS we attempt Heart's "barracuda",a sarah billingsley request but we DO need Jody Moore! kevin linehan tried using new headpiece to sing monkees "circle sky" but we went old school with mike stand and Joe Quinn did a couple Carl Biancucci bass runs (3 years as a band, going out on limbs more), lotsa double guitar with me and Mike Quirk (velvet's "oh sweet nuthin'") almost sounding like 1998 kenne highlanad clan, different rhythm section. ramones "i just want to have something to do" with me quoting "i got a line on you babe" and going into rant of Randy California shoulda played on the ramones albums. SPIRIT!!!!!!! Thee Fightin' Fish gives Bob Roos a chance to stretch out; lotsa Jeff Beck fills as Andy Excuse sings, plays rhythm, solid rhythm section too (wait'l i get a hold of 'em.......16 minutes of "spoonful"!!!!!) guitar, subdued moments,I noted Bob played like Paul Kosoff of FREE and he DID admit (micky bliss, esquire as lawyer, so this is NOT libel!), Sir David Minehan thought Bob Roos played like Paul Kosoff. records collectors from OZ to Flensburg GEEKED out over "Magic Potion" by THE OPEN MIND. a quick google,UK psych 1969,"draped Snoopy bust" (I usedta collect coins,then went to records just like "cowboys to girls")..."sounding very Plan Nine ISH"; that again Bob Roos guitar playing; maybe we'll team up on some page/Beck yardbirds sometyme....Andy also introduced billy childish "i'm a lie detector"; two HOPELESSLY OBSCURE covers i didnt know? Next, i'll get lost going onstage through the kitchen! a great rockin' night, like the Beach Boys (to whom i am kin) let's "do it again"!".....

Ski Bunny

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