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Monday, August 1, 2022
Monntag 1 aug 2022. LOTS of tribute and youtube to my Facebook friend Jim Sohns, singer of Shadows of Knight, so may as well put in my bit. FIDDY years of him, i known and when he friended me: PSYHCED! Gizmas '72 in new jersey visiting a Circus magazine penpal from when came "That's Cool, Cub Koda said it was the greatest rocknroll record ever made" and I DID find first Shadows of Knight album for a dollar. After lissenin' told "That's Cool" "boy they dont make bands like that anymore!" Especially their take on "I just wanna make love to you" where it has a Who/Yardbirds rave-up; rest of album is a lot of what the 12x5 Stones were doing. BUT I also had "Gloria" and "Oh Yeah" on 45 but DID play der scheisse out of "Gloria"'s flip; "Dark Side", D A and E, early Stones-y ballad AND "oh yeah" (on Nuggets!) b-side "Light Bulb Blues" which has a Chuck Berry/ brian Jones rhythm to it..I COULD even record those two b-sides some day before i join Jim Sohns! lastly, Greg Prevost, Chesterfield Kings, on Facebook, put, him, his AUTOGRAPH copy of first Shadows of Knight album...and rest of their releases are excellent too but when I first heard that first album I was 16 and savaged and Saint Mach Bell was in Joe Flash, perhaps".....

Kenne at Large

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

'Dienstag 2 August 2022. What better way to celberate 66 and 1/3 years than listening to The Gizmos Raw '76/'77 THREE liftymes later, this Gulcher release holds up! Of note: a 18 march 76 practice, Rockabilly Yobs meet Cerberus, thus THE GIZMOS! Brother Eddie Flowers does the "Kick out the jams" intro word-perfect so now Gulcher has released TWO covers of teenage Ken highland doing "Ramblin' Rose"! (buy the O. rex cd on Gulcher, April '74 version!). And I forgot we did "Raw Power"! Frankenstein (pre Dead Boys) did this Stooges cover 31 Oct 75, as did DMZ, Rat 2 april 77 BUT: both Frank AND Gizmos perform Kiss's "deuce" four months and two states apart! "The Midwest can be alright"!".....

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

"day of Wodin 3 August 2022. Jim Harold of the Rat (RIP).

Lotsa facebook tribute and I guess I took a photo at Plough of him and "She's Not just another Girl (She's a darling)" at the Asa brebner Mess Around. So MY Jim harold tribute is to Rat Records! His label. When I first landed in Newtown,mass (1635 AND 1977 "reincarantion", a Stanton Park release) Oedpius debuted Live at the Rat on WTBS FM. sunday 21 august 77 Afrika Korps plays "at the Rat" at cantones (a Gulcher cd). discogs lists FOUR 45s but half of them are PRIMO Jeff Wilkinson rock drumming, being "Loretta' and "Just Head"; JIM HAROLD'S LABEL, God bless him. Third Rail's "Rondey Rush" b/w "sweet jane"; glad i saw Richard Nolan at CHURCH ("Dead boston club") about ten years ago.


BUT, the Hopeless Obscurity is: "Just for you" b/w "your left eye" by: BUCK!

"Discogs says: "style: hard rock". it says also Steve Forest on guitar was in Silverhead! There's also a Johanna Wild ex-member plus a John Kalishes (Susan) RIP connection which makes me quote fromThe Gospel according to Saint mach! (Bell). Know ye! Jim harold did, vera Lee, live 3 score and 19 and when taking that "Stairway to Heaven",Saint Peter, he did not see BUT 'twas Mitch Cerulli doin' the door into heaven! Jim merely said "I'm on the guest list" and THUS avoided sailing down the River Styx (or listening to them which is worse) "nor by-passing Cerberus (drei hund kopf!) but instead greeted those Angels (not Johnny, YET!) whom were noted and listed in BGN In Memorium. thus ends the first reading".....


Thursday, July 28, 2022

day of Thor 4 august 2022. did some reserach from discogs on "Just for you" b/w "your left eye' Rat records RR-5281 1977 hard rock that sounds like 1972! Guitar is Steve Forest who played guitar on that great Silverhead album with "Rollin with my baby" (taped for me by Solomon Gruberger "then") and Mick Hough on drums drummed on the 1972 "Small Beginnings" 45 by Flash (which had some ex-Yes in it; probably why I bought it plus heard it on Rochester NY AM radio). Playing the Rat musta been like Spinal tap playing the Airplane hanger OR playing Jumpin jack Flash AFTER playin' in Joe Perrira Project (Gospel according to Saint mach (BELL). gO TO NEMO-NEWENGLAND.BLOGSPOT.NL FOR FULL TALE. "Jamie pease had been in Johanna Wild and was playing with John kalishes"....after jamie went to AUGUST whose album COULD be worth a buck and were certainly Spinal Tap during the Bunratty's/Beat daze (who WERE Spinal Tap back in '85...)...LAST: jessie henderson enginerred this rat records 45 and DID drum in rockin' ramrods so from "She Lied" to Buck to August...hey! it's still ALL Boston music and "love that dirty water' around Jim harold's boat (RIP)"........

Friday, July 29, 2022

"Freitag 6 August 2022. Rappin' up the week, yo: Kenne Highland Air Force recording session saturday 7 augu 2022. Next gig: Jungle,somerville, mass. friday 26 August 2022. 6-9 pm. Stigmatics and (my sugesstion) TOKYO TRAMPS. mad Painter 8-845 pm PROMPTLY! Some evening show but fuck that shit after painter aint nuthin' else!".......

Mad Painter!!


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