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Monday, August 2, 2021

"Lazin' on a Sunday Afternoon 1 Aug 21. fired up the ole record player and played my tree dollar Somerville Grooves copy of "wack wack" b/w "this lil light of mine"- The Young-Holt trio. I musta been raiding the r&b section at grooves but this 1966 45 is solid! (like Linc on Mod Squad).They were Ramsey Lewis's rhythm section on his 1965 hit "The In Crowd" (I prefer Sam the Sham's "I'm In (with the Out Crowd"; "uno, dos, one two Suzi Quatro!"). Who sampled has more info: as I thought sampled by the capitols in 1966 with "Cool Jerk" (a common album up the Brockport NY plaza in 1969; Daw's Drug Store cutouts maybe? Sorry, I was buying Sam the Sham albums!). And any damn fool that owned a $2.99 8-track of "back in the USA" will note the Mc5 intro to "high school" IS "wack wack' -cum-"Cool Jerk". Tim "Love" Lee did a 1997 sample of "wack wack"; good boogaloo music! ("This lil light of mine' Is jazz-gospel, both sides of Young-Holt are instrumental and I know every word!). lastly, "Wack Wack" was covered in 1967 by the ventures (does herr Kaiser know this?) and there's a 1968 cover by Maynard of clan Fergusson...this was a damn fine 45! and longer lasting than three dollar piss draft at father's in the '80s".....

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

"Sunday Morning" 1 Aug 21. 0800 perhaps? Fx retro tv. Flight of the Phoenix 15 Dec 65 (pretty sure I saw it Strand Theater Brockport NY); Rubber Soul released 3 dec 65. Age nine I was more into military men stranded in desert; age 65: great soundtrack! The Flight of the Phoenix Expanded Soundtrack. disc two! "Tasso's Bouzouki" two tracks; he stereotypically passes around ouzo also. Ernest Borgnine has a transistor radio like my Detroit grandmother gave me in '65! ("Heart Full of Soul" on the stoop of 99 State Street,brockport NY!). The captain is trying to figger out where flight took off from Beghazi; Borgnine,obssessed with radio blasts "Arabian Tune" (1-10,then A/B/C; a minute long each! BEFORE the ramones!). lastly with this multi-lingual radio broadcasting from my favourite locations in mediteranean,lastly, there is Connie Francernero/francis singng "Senza Fine"!".....


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

"Sunday 1 August 21 nap. discovered WCAP 980 AM in Lowell (like 'em on facebook!). Wikipedia says that nights and weekends they have a show "Beatles and Before". In between the early '60s gurl group WAS "This Boy' by the Beatles which was a UK and candadian b-side versus "I want to hold your hand"/"saw her standing there". "This Boy" was the November '63 b-side to "I want to hold your hand in the UK but the flip of 'all my lovin'' in Canada. wikiepedia says the song was inspired by Smokey Robinson and/or Bobby Freeman b-sides though Not-yet Sir Paul marrying a Linda admitted to the teddy Bears "to know him is to love him' played on WCMF-FM Rochester NY summer '69. Also played was the Vogues 'you're the one" and after my THIRD cup of coffee at Mister Crepe, Davis Square (hipster capital of the world-Utne reader belonging to my Beatle-hatin' cuzzin Linda garreau ("Princess of the Trailer park" on Dino, limited vinyl!) here are some facts. Petula Clark co-wrote "you're the one" coz her I know a place album need a THIRTEENTH song. I remember the Vogues hit September '65 coz, like now, I still entering fourth grade. BUT there are four foreign language versions! Pet Clark sang in Italian, the French version was "Un Mai Pour Un Bien" und in der Deutsch: "Deine Liebe is wunderbar"! (so "Komm Gib Mir Die der hande"!). Hopelessly Obscure of all (SO jacked from that coffee...."Him like keroauc"....)…."Sina Vain" covered by Eero in 1966 and sung in Finnish! ("what's your favourite drug?"; hint: Dark Carnival covered "Best Friend' by this Boston whom was on "The Winning Side"!)"......


Thursday, August 5, 2021
"day of Wodin 4 aug 21, Billy Borgioli 67 IF (and he DID live at Abbey Road Brighton Rocks mass!). Practice of kenne Highland's air force for frank rowe's 70th sunday 12 sept 21 3 pm. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: John keegan WILL take Miss Lyn to dinner! NEXT: Lt. larry Newman USMC played some tracks off Asa Brebner volume two; darlings have superb harmonies and Billy Loosigian and the John felice track is like gothic-folk with John sounding like "nothing pretty in my life anymore:, Charlie Leger on all kindsa folk-goth instruments (think "Tom Dooley") and on bass, Mister John Pitingilo whom played on Hopelessly Obscure's "Rain of Death" covered by der Broken Jug von Bamberg Deutschland. Musical highlights; began with MC5 "black to comm" cover and ended with "looking at you"; a country version of "everybody's a lyre" that had country harmonies ala grateful Dead's American Beauty (not only do I favour jerry but I'm ready to Altamont your ass!). I should mention mein squadron had me on guitar and vocals; John Keegan on sax, captain Easychord playing some great DOORS keyobards (he also covered "five to one' superb) and rhythm section Lt. newman on bass and matt Burns of V filling in on drums whom did a "war pigs' high hat, then a tom roll for "trick fucked' that was Sabbath meets Bloodrock. "Be more flamboyant" with sax and keys is SO Roxy Music! Ok,all this is (B)Rockport NY 8452 ridge road, Lydia Koch having LUNCH at 880 Clifford, ROCKchester early '70s rock; hope you DO like it if not, when Jerry Lee played country (AFTER marryin' his cuzzin!): "don't let the door hit y'on thuh ass on th'way-out"!".....

Friday, August 6, 2021

"Freitag 6 August 21. Trifecta: FXM Retro "TV Eye' had the 1942 swashbuckiling Tyrone Power (former marine 1942!) in the Black swan; Colourised and set in the 1670s British colony of Jamaica with pirates (a 1962 first grade passion of mine in Jacksonville North Carolina); my mother decends from New England Puritans but dad's Knotts ancestor was a convicted jewel thief transported to Virginia colony though by his 1650s death he had gone from convict to cavalier). A very swashbuckling, rope swinging,deck-fightng movie with everybody dressed like Adam Ant. After reading the Great santini at Mister Crepe, in hipster Davis Sqaure I noted (trifecta!): a rehab on the movie house interior;: "which witch are you? calling all witches! Boston witch census" (stand up and be counted! you wont be hung no mo'! The Puritans have evolved into bland Congregationaists like my ninety year old mother ("The Blodgetts were probably the ones supplying the wood" (for burning; Gizstorical inaccuracy ma!) and lastly: TWO big ass signs saying "Stop Stealing My Thoughts"....I'll let Miss Lyn, NOT in witch census (YET!) discourse on that 'un".....


Saturday, August 7, 2021

One of three groaning sushi boards
"Saturday 7 aug 21. Supper at that Ebi Sushi in union Square, Somerville right next to Dunkin' Donuts as Gee Julie blasts Raw Power and adds backup vocals to "penetration' ("search and destroy" b-side!). Saturday morning We-TV: 0600 an hour of Beverly Hillbillies, followed by Popeye and betty Boop! Alex Gitlin, mad painter sends me a youtube of a sunshine pop album: The Love generation- A generation of Love (1968 psych pop!). I hear traces of the Association, the acid-laced lyrics of Strawberry Alarm Clock (Gene dante cuzzin to bassist!) and r and b covers in a Cleveland Outsiders vein. These dudes also did studio vocal work on first partridge Family album; Holy Monkees batman! WNTN had jerry mathers as the beaver and 1550 Am next had the disco show: the Village people's "it's my roommate"! wicked rare! (roommate is a non-stop dance/party Oscar Madison type but more stylishly dressed....kinda like me! (hahahah-ed) Followed by :"Macho man"! If THAT aint tyme for the kenne concert report!...sat 21 aug 21 midway; mad painter! sunday 12 sept 21: Kenne's Air FOrce opens for Axe and Ruins at Midway! GLider at Pete's Grille Quincy in October with Doug macDonald and Tsunami of Sound. Friday 19 nov 21 mad painter play western mass near Amherst and almost due north of Indian orchard, home of the world's largest kelbasa! WORTH heading True West for!"....


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