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Monday, August 10 2020

"Sonntag 2 Aug 20. A good day to stay inside coz of the FUCKIN HEAT! ("sux"-editor! or other comment) and listen to my one-dollar Cheapo records 45s. Today "Independant man" b/w "And the Feeling's Gone' by Roberta Flack. What caught my attention on this UK release is the Atlantic label but the 45 has an lp size hole..."dude did my Zeppelin album shrink, man!?"....From her 1978 self-titled album which had three 45s released in 1978, this seems to be a 1979 UK-only release, competing with Hello World of course (and fashions by Pam Green!). genre from "funk/soul,pop" but a-side, for that tyme, is kinda disco-ish; b-side more pop ballad. I like her earlier 70s stuff kinda more, but that label for a and the Cheapo clerk were discussing that! (actually only seen it for six bucks but hell...$4.99 is a case-a Blanchard's Beer!".....

Tuesday, August 4 2020

"Monntag 3 august 20. Today's dollar 45 from Cheapo records is Percy Sledge "warm and tender love' b/w "sugar Puddin'". "warm and tender love" was the 45 after "when a man loves michael bolton" and is in same slow, church-y gospel soul usual I prefer b-sides and "Sugar Puddin'' will have you twistin' the night away! And WHY did i pick out this 45; UK pressing! (for a buck?!?!?). There's a picture in discogs and it has what is known as a "three prong insert"; hole looks like size of lp, but you can pop it out and insert a yellow Willie Loco 45 insert inside but since this is a 1966 45 mine stays as is! First tyme i ever saw "three prong insert" was 29 avenue W, Brooklyn O. Rex and Solomon Gruberger's T. Rex import 45s....thus, my head remains "in '73!!!!!!!".....

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

"Til Tuesday 4 Aug 20; Billy Borgioli, Real Kids, would have been 66. I dug out a dollar 45 from Cheapo records: Ella Fitzgerald's "Too Young For the blues' b/w "It's only a man" (cf. with koko taylor's "never trust a man!"). There was no paper sleeve (or "Paper Sun"!) so the Cheapo clerk gave me a plastic sleeve. 45 is on Verve, and, like me, released in 1956. Ella mighta sold more records than I, but not as many as my eighth cuzzin Elvis back in '56! (though she
had class and didnt swivel her hips). I still remember that ole "is it Ella or is it memorex" commercial, so i tried crankin' this 45, but, alas, no glass was broken. Jaws mighta needed a 'bigger boat"; maybe i just need "bigger speakers' (already got big feet, so i got big sneakers....size 13 like Howlin' Wolf!)".........

Thursday, August 6, 2020

"day of Wodin 5 August 20. Two more dollar-45s from Cheapo records; Sarah Vaughn, "A lover's quarrel' plus "Linger Awhile" b/w "Time" with Percy Faith and his orchestra. there's a Sarah vaughn cd, "The Columbia Years 1949-1953"; my mother turns 18, my mother meets my father, they get engaged, he goes to Korea. Dad, versus ma, I can see getting into "A Lover's Quarrel" ("bossa nova" according to discogs; COULD my unemaculate KENception be blamed on that genre?) and "Linger Away" b/w "Time" is "jazz'. wikipedia says Sarah released 37 singles; I own FOUR (plus two e.p.s!) grand total of SIX DOLLARS from Cheapo records. sadly, anything i find that older'n me MIGHT be an estate sale, past owner, post-mortem....IF ONLY these records could talk! (Miss Lyn wonders what strange sounds come from my boy-cave....MY RECORDS ARE TALKING TO ME!"....

Friday, August 7, 2020
"day of Thor, 6 August 20. NEW fact! My two Sarah Vaughn 1953 45s were outsold by "How much is that doggie in the window' (Ma had the album, marine wife, down Scrabble played, tho....)...So I also got for dollar/ Cheapo Sarah Vaughn's "Experience Unnesessary" on Mercury, which was Patti Page's label. This is a 1955 45, which is year my parents got married. I now also own a 1959 45 of Sarah Vaughn's "Broken hearted melody" which I'm certain gets enuff WJIB airplay....1959 was the year old lil Kenny Highland was wandering around Wallace NC lost in the woods to an abandoned turkey farm.....THE last conversation I ever had with my father September 1966 was ten year old Ken remembering this and dad said "I was so worried about you". Dont worry, I'm STILL lost! "in the ozone again!"....But that's the '70s....good score on them sarah vaughn records, eh?"......

Saturday, August 8, 2020

"Freitag 7 August 20 and happy birthday to my Circus magazine penpal Frank Lima! (major kinks fan). To close out this lucky 13 of dollar 45s from Cheapo records, I bought five Portuguese pressing seven-inch extended plays WITH picture sleeves! Max/ neca Rafael/Emilio dos santos/maria armanda, through research, are FADO records! Sorta from the '60s, though discogs lists one release as '1963' then the next one "no date',so guessing....BUT the (Hopelessly Obscure) standout is "Marchas Pela; banda doe Mineiros do Pesao". Portugal excels at brass orchestration and marching bands; think John Phillip Sousa plus gee Julie and i were at the east cambridge festa listening to a brass orchestra. sending a photo on back of this e.p.; stamped is name of east cambridge mass. jewelry store! "If these records could talk"....they'd "falamo Portuguese!"".....


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