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Monday, August 10 2020

"Sonntag 9 August 20; day AFTER Eddie Flowers' birthday and I been celebratin' them since only day off, indoors, unmasked, unshod with records...latest; 4/$10 Cheapo records. "Begin the Beguine'; first Vanilla Fudge album! The Cheapo clerk and i were discussing various Fudge lineups and like a Deadhead, I CAN claim two 'concerts' (AND I've friended ALL the Fudge on Fudgebook...I mean facebook!). Side one, like always starts out with Beatles "Ticket to Ride" (allegedly george's favourite version but WHAT "Norwegian Wood" was HE smokin'?) and it sounds like Young rascals on slow-zac..been awhile since I owned the album coz side two closes with "eleanor rigby" (eight minutes REAL slowed down "Romilar and Vanilla Fudge are the greatest high"- Lester Bangs, if i remember right) and then, as the needle always gets into the those Cowardly Lion harmonies..."nuthin is real....and nuthin to get hung about".....THREE Beatles references on an album came out day after Sgt pepper! Slightly warped but so am I! Just other week at Cheapo "you're that guy that bought that Vanilla Fudge album'....yeah. that's me.. my Clark Ken disguise! ESPECIALLY since I'm offstage till the year 2525"....

Tuesday, August 11 2020

"Monntag 10 august 20. Gee Julie had went to Mystery train records Gloucester mass. and picked up early Steppenwolf, an album i hadnt had since 1969! it was a 1967 concert released after they had hit; with new ears, a great garage-blues record! Gizstorically, there was the John kay and the Sparrow album on Columbia, 1966 releases released after they had hits. It was an all Toronto lineup as is 20 minute version of "The Pusher" at matrix in Frisco in '67. This live album comes next; mars bondfire on lead guitar; again, very garage blues leads; Nick St Nicholas on bass. 1968 saw that Born to be Wild album and Michael Monarch on fuzzed-out leads, Rushton Moreve on bass and three canadians. Either way, Steppenwolf in the '60s....they even made the cover of my tenth grade fanzine Rock On in '72! and I still act like tenth grade.....(hey! I wrote "pumpin to playboy" then! in study hall!)".....

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

"Til Tuesday 11 August 20. Another four for ten dollars album: Ten Years After Greatest Hits "London collector series' 1977 (Hey that's goin' for 39.99 on eBay!!-ed) . competing on the charts with Music to Kill by! Great Giz-storical "line her nodes" and in a nutshell, there's cuts from their Deram '60s catalogue, one each for representation, though THREE from Stonedhenge! (not THAT popular of an album, SSSSSHHHH bein' the one everybody had perhaps). This is TOTAL Carl Biancucci rock (shit! I met him 11 Aug 74!) and not that, say, we havent jammed on "I woke up this morning"; kinda like me and jay Gruberger jammin' on blues instead of playing Afrika Korps songs (or in this case, Cables songs!). Album ends with "eponymous" (is that a word?) "I'm Goin Home" that Joe Perreira played in The jam band (pre-Aerosmith); I usedta sit in Bloomington Indiana tryin' to figger how to play this...Fiddy years ago heard Woodstock album, got guitar that Gizmas....fiddy years later I AINT Alvin lee or even Schmel-vin herbie Hind Lee but I AM Still Alive and Well!"......

Thursday, August 13, 2020

"day of Wodin 12 August 20. four for ten dollars Cheapo records vinyl albums. $2.50 per and i got 25 Country music Greats on Starday; that's ten cents a song! (In Gruberger-ese, that's "not another fuggin' nickle" twice). Latest discovery: Six Foot Two By Four" by the Willis brothers. "Your Squaw is on the warpath" meets WALKIN' TALL on steroids! This poor guy has the worst luck; "set" down in an "rest-er-raunt", "bodacious" blonde sits next to him; in comes his wife all "fahred' up, hits him upside the 'haid" with a 2 x 4 (and i dont mean John Hovorka!)....ah loves country comedy novelty toons (and Ready Teddy's "Novelty Shoes"),but dang...dont this song promote vi'lence agin men?".....

Friday, August 14, 2020
day of Thor 13 August 20. Four for ten dollars Cheapo records vinyl albums: Fanny! 1971! Charity ball, second album. THERE was a Columbia records circa 1969 paper sleeve inside this Reprise album, featuring ALL the hit albums 'back in da day' like kaiser and garfunkel or Chicago etc. BUT , as Rat Scabies searches for the Holy grail, i went "'Oly Shite mate!" with a lyric sheet! I contacted my facebook friend Alice De Buhr (Fanny drummer; ouch! he dropped another name!) : "Wow, Kenneth Highland, that is SO cool, and you cant beat the price!!". verbatim facebook wall quote but, since Solomon Gruberger DID turn me onto Fanny, when he cassette taped me the albums about '72.....the internet wasnt invented! June Millington WAS tagged by somebody else but she hasnt friended me yet, though I was in same room as her at Sally O'Brian's, Somerville mass. Ray Davies dubbed Frank Lima "dan the fan", but "Ken the fan" can ONLY quote one song off Village Green Perversion Society: "Starstruck"!".....

Saturday, August 15, 2020

"Every day is a saturday" Ides of Auguste 2020. Ken can not live by music alone! (though Richie havens began Woodstock at 507 pm TODAY; some classic rock post in news feed. Morning coffee and Chinatown coffee cake and surfin' i found The Model and the Marriage Broker. 1951. comedy/romance. wikipedia has excellent info, BUT in short, marriage broker hyperlink is "Matchmaker". And Thelma Ritter character does it for money! So in her "office' is all these prospective "blind dates" i coulda been watchin' an hour of Beverly Hillbillies on me TV 0600-0700 but i done sumpin' differnt and....goll....eee! it's miss jane fixin' to get hitched! Nancy Kulp wikipedia; this is her film "debut" as a "charachter actor" she has a few scenes and she's all dolled up but she's pretty mellow! reckon that's why they call it ACTIN'! (versus Acton, mass. which if it had a community thee-ate-er....ACTIN In ACTON! hahahahahhahaha).....a funny movie, all's right with my world; coffee and Miss jane! I'll eat more vittles later! growin' boy".....


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