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Monday August 11, 2014

Kenne walkin' towards Lechmere caught 87 bus (do we do an MBTA link here? follow Ken Highland At Large? like when them ba'ars git taiged in thuh woods?); so finally went to Somerville Grooves Records! GREAT vinyl, 45s, wicked cheap cds also! a two-fer Chuck Jackson fer $2 with "tell her i'm not home", which I had owned previously! (maybe Blowfish will photoshoppe Chuck Jackson! what a singer!) supped at Machu Picchu; PERUVIAN food! yum, yum! (speakin' of "yummy yummy", i believe Somerville Grooves has a 45 of Crazy Elephant's "gimme gimme good lovin"" with that jangly Velvets-cum-Modern Lovers chord solo! Metal Mike Saunders and I love it!) even doin' laundry aint boring with me: Chuck Berry's great 28 on cassette (aren't these Stones songs?), an autographed Gene Dante cd from 2008 (and back in '65, the ole Blodgett farm, Clarkson, NY, no runnin' water, no indoor plumbin', ah's readin' the Bible and my FAVOURITE part of Nick Cave's ole Testament is who begat who; SO Bowie begat Ziggy Stardust what begat Jobriath on Eleketra what begat Velvet Goldmine what begat this FIVE-STAR Gene Dante cd! last song, slow and acoustic...just like "rock'n'roll suicide" ended Ziggy...hmmm...tell Alex Trebec (fashions by Mr. Guy!), I'll take Glam Rock for 500 and will outdo Miss Lyn! also caught A True Testimonial, MC5 documen-terry, live "Black to Comm", Rockabilly Yobs (ex-Gizmos/ex-Korps) Saturday October 4th, WILL be coverin' this MC5 toon, I already did Sonic Smith's 12th fret riff whilst on Midwest Gizmos tour (what is this? Giztar player?!) All Giz-tars to be tooned by K. Kaiser (musical knowledge kollege) and Mike Davis (RIP) had his low E string on the bass out of toon on "ramblin' rose" 31 october 68 (Gizmos in akron, ohio that night 2014!) Jack Bruce wouldn't have played it like that.......

Tuesday August 12 , 2014

"My cable's shut off/I'm wicked bored", so I stopped into Lorem Ipsum bookstore in Inman Square; rock bios and facts: Jen Trynin (Everything I'm Cracked Up To Be) heard Joni Mitchell's BLUE at a young age (born 1964), even met her, i think, and her account of the 1990s Middle East scene is quite interesting, as I was kinda there....but a book on Irish Rock is what I LOVE! Irish "beat groups" i never heard of (HOPELESSLY Obscure?), Rory Gallagher in a showband!; THEM, T'in Lizzy (Phil Lynott was Brazilian/Irish?) and (GARY) moore! let's give a shoutout to scottish and welsh bands too! even my favourite British rockers had Celtic roots! (i'll maybe Blodgett about that later) also my era, from couple other rock bios: John Rotten, No dogs/No irish; first Sex Pistols gig november '75; sunday 30 november, interview/spliff wid Toots maytal; meet Ted Niemeiec friday 5 november and Bob "Bear Bryant" Richert declares "you should have a band called the Gizmos". REM bio: first B-52s gig valentine's day,'77; Highland meets Kaiser friday 11 feb 77, jam on first Ramones album,"I play better than Ace Frehely!" and i joined the marines "because i wanted to kill people.". first REM gig 5 april 80; me in trailer in Charleston, SC jammin' on "freebird"! with fellow Marines ...BUT tuesday 9 sept 80, Highland/Kaiser, Underground Allston as the Heroes! uh, i think REM sold better records.....but we made better music! AND we're WJIB lisseners!"....

Wednesday August 13, 2014

Kenne in between all those WJIB oldies, WHICH if rocked up Ramones-style, would sound like Hello World outakes, I been researchin' some o' them Lorem Ipsum rock bios i was eyein' other a lil bit on Jen Trynin....only kinda knew the name but looks like she had a 1994 indy-rock major release; all good and well but 2 april 94 I was banned from the Kirkland Cafe for loss of kilt! still interesting readin' all those local references of "then", Boston indy music scene....also, the Hendersons have footage of notorious Kinks groupie Helanie Saad's 50th birthday at Kirkland two years later (un-banned and sans kilt!) .....

Thursday August 14, 2014

if you read my Facebook status, "Everyday" (Buddy Holly), I always have a Ken Kaiser WJIB song of the day, an oldie that COULDA been on Hello World,if done Ramones-style. SO, important Gizmos news: tonight (thursday auguste (pages) whatever the fuck: Mr and Mrs Rich Coffee as Swamp Gospel open up for THE SONICS (who wrote Sator's "Kiss of a rat") in Vegas! so whatever gigs in Vegas, stays in Vegas! and i applied for a mess-a vacation tyme for Gizmos in Memphis/NJ/NY/Boston/Ohio/Chcag-y and read Gizmos world tour for updates!"

Friday August 15, 2014

Duck read Richard F. Coffee's Rants and Raves; him in Swamp Gospel opening for Sonics, Facebook pages are AMAZING; was also reading 1978 Boston Groupie News and a lotta history there, including columns by me; I haven't changed! an evening with Helanie Saad, rabid Kinks groupie ("Kenne, dont you remember you gave me pamela's book"....had to think and yes, it WAS I did the band or whatever it's called),so I heard the oral history East Coast version of Helanie's "saga"; good fer settin' 'round and spittin' tabac-y and talkin' 'bout the past, but git that damn book rote! stories a-datin' to Boston Tea party and 1969! and that Chuck Jackson two-fer cd is a 1984 reissue on Tomater (y'know, them red vegetables they put in catch-up) and "i dont wanna cry" has a Ken Kaiser "i love you laurie" chorus! also Gee Julie got me some Duck Dynasty sittin' 'round the trailer shorts and long pants....modelin' them mofos REAL soon!"......

also, a birthday shoutout to Chelsea McBee, who one helluva banjo picker from shepherdstown, west virginny (kinda near mah cuzzin Martha Hull); I keep on researchin' Dad's real father's line (who was a McBee) and found a LOT of country/bluegrass/blues/jazz muscians with the McBee name, which coulda been mine if my grandparents married. Been lookin' at retirement property on Paw Paw Creek Road, Fairview, west virginny, population 435, our 1850-1880 ancestral home; right on Paw Paw Creek AND 8 miles from Grant Town, WV and the "Grant town Goon", a Bigfoot-type critter"....they got UFOs down there too! and ghosts!".....

SaturdayAugust 16, 2014

Miss Lyn at Handymen, Plough and Stars, Gee Julie ALSO in Cambridge, avant-garde jazz. Me: 48 hour week = WRCA 1330 AM on a friday night! 10 pm is an old radio show or something, radio "geeks" discussing old Philcos etc.; program guide says "nostalgia", then almost all night long was Danny Stiles (RIP), Vicar of Vintage Vinyl playing 78s on Savoy from 1934 and mentioning Johnny Hodges...(c'mon, man, I was KINDA sleepin') THEN 5 Am, also WRCA, country oldies..."and here's Charlie's Pride first hit from 1964"....gotta google that....though after some coffee; WHRB and Hillbilly at Harvard! George Jones and Melba Montgomery's "we musta been out of our minds"! then an alt-country about a guy at a cafe thinkin' 'bout his baby left him and a-drinkin'...COFFEE?????? what the sam hell has happened to red-blooded, white-trashed, blue-tooth american males? but i fergive him coz it were a "whole lot" of coffee! shee-it...tahm to put on mah Duck Dynasty shorts 'round the tray-ler"......

Just to be a FANATIC; the old radio show on WRCA 1330 AM is called TUBE TALK, so if you're an antique radio geek, what a talk show! also on that web page is the Country Oldies cats which is DIFFRENT from Bob Bittner WJIB 740 AM and HIS Sunday morning oldies and if you REALLY are fanatic, WNYR, rochester, NY was what Big Al Baase's (RIP) dad (RIP) would be lissenin' to as we went up to Rock On headquarters (Al's room) and lissend to latest Untied artists promo lps c/o Greg Shaw who worked there (ca. '72). ALSO, once up to Ma's, picked up WSM, Nashville so if y'all wanna hear country on the AM and drivin' a Detroit-made America First pickup truck with Duck Dynasty shorts AND beard.....well, hellfire, THAT's the real deal, just like me OR Bill Deal and the Rhondells (wont go into my love of Beach Music or Miss Lyn will merely explode thinking about......RECORDS!!!!!!!!!!!! (cars and gurls second!)....".

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