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Monday, August 13, 2017

"AMC "Common at Half Noon"! (after a big ole flann o'brian irish breakfast!). "winner by elimination": "a taxi driver",Korean!,long-ass movie til 3 pm. wiki synopsis: "a taxi driver from seoul, accidentally gets involved in a german journalist's reporting of the events of the ggwangju democratisation movement in 1980". (music by Jo Yeong-wook is excellent too!). so i never heard of this report and here's why: my honorable USMC discharge took place three weeks before and that's when the helicopter crashed trying to rescue hostages in Iran! SO I'd just starting working loading dock Harvard business school COOP (running into Jon Richman and Asa Brebner during lunch and also visting Lester Bangs at Popcron,the Steve P. store)...saturday 17 may 80, Jimmy Dufour (Loners,though he's mentioned in a GG Allin bio as in they played together!) and I saw PIL on amerikan bandstand (on youtube!) then went to newbury comics. sunday morn,korean storm troppers moved into Gwangju to quell rioting, martial law all that; student protestors. Monday after PIL on tv,Bob Beauracrat (I'd meet zjames straight later) saw me at Coop in red Ramones t-shirt and "didnt i see you at newbury comics saturday?" then to J. straight "there's a punk working at the Coop!"...meanwhile in south Korea, NO news on this,militia killing student protestors making tianamen squre look like Kent State! a driver from Seoul risks taking a german journalist through checkpoints and tragic-comic is a fleet of Korean taxis doing a Dunkirk to thqwart off the stormtroopers on a mountai nesacpe! GREAT film;the cabbie promised his daughter they'd spent Buddha's birthday tpogther but behind "enemeny lines" buys her some sizxe 200 shooes (alomost my size!). the siege ends around memorial day '80;meanwhile back in the states WHRB has a zHendrix orgy and Johnny Jumper Cable answers my phoenix ad (we landed in Hull on the mary and John, so 250 years later)....DO go see this movie AMC has best asiaian movies!"..

Tuesday, August 14, 2017

Bloodrock LP
"Time to Do the Cargill! Jeremy Cargill, writer for Ugly Things and Vulchur,got into the Gizmos via hip-hop samples;I got into blues via "limey metal blues" covers;we must be kin! Today's sample: "Double Cross",first Bloodrock lp,produced by Terry Knight, march 1970,sampled 2017 in "U Deserve" by Sy Scott featuring Jamal and Diamond D! Yes, hip-hoppers lissenin' to Bloodrock THIS year! sign of rock being "classic"! So Hearing Jim Rutledge's Stills-cum-Guess Who-cum-Jim Dandy raspy vocals singin' about being "double crossed" and a rapper talkin' 'bout gittin' double-crossed,"Big Payback" etc. it's excellent! Maybe some aspiring rapper will get into....Bloodrock? OR relasise John Mitzinger (on facebook!) wrote the toon and may more Blodrock classics and THIS leads to Brockport NY pre-Gizmos, but my fanzine Rock On....pen pal from Nivember '71 Circus Tom Taber gives me whgo put the bomp with the kinks in it;R. Meltzer article about getting free records from record companies so me adn fellow tenth grader Big Al Baase (RIP) "stoner greers" for whatever Blog to Comm called us, start a fanzine on school mimeo, sent it to "Capitalist Records" and Capitol puts Alan on mailing list! free albums for 16 year old kids? hot damn! what a racket! so summer '72 Nitzinger was a fave;I youtbed it,it soudns great still and it's pre-Skynyrd drinkin'/fightin'/gamblin' boogie rock from Texas; "louisiana cock fight" case in point. HAS anyone sampled Nitzinger? if i wait for the bluidy tube I WILL google that! Another "precious memory" as skippy white calls it was let's say 10th grade ('71-'72) Big Al and I listened to that Mar y Sol tripple album (as shirley did Carl Biancucci who would not send money for Rock On fanzine til Greg Shaw plugged it in crawdaddy '73!) and Nitziner live is excellent; the guy could play and he wrote a shitload of songs for Bloodrock. Now if only the hip hoppers dig through the "crates" for Nitziner,yo".....

Wednesday, August 15, 2017

"ok coast to coast AM WRKO, boston and George Noory says kinda during my slumber "40 years ago Elvis died....or did he?" woke up a bit about 0400,some call-ins that i dont remember much BUT I did Dead People Facts on the bluidy tube this morn. So,even like,though my dad,The King is english/scots-irish/french/dutch/german (and Elvis really DOES have a cherokee ancestor!),it was Johannes Presslar that came from Hochstadt Germany to cecil county maryland. Dad's grand mutti was a Fischer von Neuwid,1728 Rhineland Palatinate German emigration;sailed with Rockefellers ancestor! (though my dad grew up quite poor in the Motor City). also in cecil county, maryland was Harmony Hall, a plantation owned by Royalist Hylands from Kent UK, possible kin but SURELY kin to the Puritan Hylands of scitaute (listen to brian young WMFO!) Mass. famous kin says the King is kin to Honest Abe and my commander-in-chief Jimmy Cah-tuh. and check this 1977 tymeline: so I'm guarding the NSA against commies and alt-left and alt-right and welfare moms and commies, NOT qualifying on the M-14 (a fellow marine from georgia name Duke said "ah aint gittin' in a foxhole with you!" much less a car!) and elvis last gig was sunday 26 june 77, indy, market square arena. i wasger the gulcher staff saw skynyrd and later Cub Koda there in '75;Gizmos played Bloomington 8/9 spril 77. i checked a '77 calendar, looks like i didnt have guard duty. bgn archives list reddy teddy at rat with wild angels. elvis dies on a tuesday, afrika korps live at cantones sun 21 aug 77;first song i EVER sang in boston (live cd on gulcher) was "califawnia gurls" with the elvis quaver in voice, which i did DESPITE disobeying a direct order from l/cpl buckley,Donal M.,USMC. Groucho Marx died friday 18 aug 77 but his spirit and banter went into Jay Gruberger's stage banter....LAST Elvis facts! i ate peanut butter and banana sandwich at Sun Studios! elvis was 5'10 and 250 pounds at death, so I, indeed, AM bigger than Elvis!"....

Thursday, August 16, 2017

"got a free book out of one of them display cases where college kids that read books leave the ole "take one, replace one". the beatles: all these years volume one. tune in. Mark Lewisohn. Beatles family trees! english/scots/irish,even welsh,not unusual but Shetland islands AND isle of Man! (no wonder they had no tails!). So John Keegan, star of Pimp Ma Ride, picks me up in HIS Gizmobile and "you dropped a bomb on me"...Spotlight tavern, beverly,mass. CLOSED, NO club linehan-ago-go gig! BUT Geezer's cookout in Stoughton Mass. so we had "the southie boys" (mike quirk, joe quinn, kev linehan) and me and Keegan (BGN fanzine writers in a band...hmmm....Gizmos redux? or maybe even O. Rex?????!?!?!?!?!?). a GREAT fun practice with me singin' a shitload of classic rock favourites,like "i dont need Kilebasa" (Jumper cables meets humble pie!),me and MJ Quirk singin' "born to be wild", Kev Linehan had that third harmony like when Nash first sang with Crosby/Stills for "ramblin' gamblin' man".....Joe Quinn was put through quite his paces! "spoonful" and i got to be solomon gruberger: "carl biancucci would have played 20 more notes in that E chord!" AND "Jeff Beck WOULD have played it like this": "goin'down"!,the orange album. last two MJ Quirk is inviting up Tokyo Tramps to "jam" and maybe saturday you'll even see a Kenne Highland lookalike contest!" (photo on facebook wall).

Friday, August 17, 2017

here's some Odds and Sods to end the week: on bayern 2 radio, mobile stream, Munich, deutshland, the fucken Stones with "everybody knows about my good thing"! their blues album WAY the fuck better than Aeroshit (I'm channeling my inner Gruberger via O. Rextasys in Cornell NY!);great guitars, Mick's best vocal since Exile on Highgate Street (allston mass 02134);seems it's a 1971 johnny taylor/zz hill toon which= same year as "brown sugar" b/w "bitch"! (STILL a fave of mine). This Kraut station seemed to be like an NPR of deutschland; i merely listened as it said "talk radio" and since Dad's Deutsch ancestors said Amerika First in 1728 and 1733,merely trying to reclaim my "ruhts"(roots in brockport NY talk). ALSO heard Van the Man morrison;it was (german words) Van Morrison! though Van is dutch, shouldnt it be Von Morrison like Baren von richtofen (another fave: Snoopy vs red baron royal gaurdsmen album an influence on music to kill by!). 0500 reveille and after coast to coast AM theme from Midnight express movie, channel surfin on direct tv ($10 app!) and BGO had Rocknrolla, directed by Mr. Madonna (she,being a Touissant Giroux descendant is kin to Robert Goulet AND Mark Darling Giroux. Her Fortin ancestor seems to have known Ma's Veilleux ancestor in Quebec City; mon dieu!). wiki: "2008 british-american crime comedy film";yes! "junkie rocker stepson Johnny Quid"; ok,to quote Solomon Gruberger "I know who they're ripping off!": Performance/Sid and nancy/Trainspotting....London crime and junkie rocker, what the many F-bombs can these blokes use? "Bon voyage and FUCK OFF!" best British line since "Bollocks to the Wellingtons!" (Whitnail and I). but wait! channeling my inner R. Meltzer (K.Highland?),this is a fucken music magazine! the soundtrack! (wikipedia): sonics: 'have love will travel"? "the trip" by Kim Fowley? Clash/War/Lou Reed/the Hives/the Beat....a 1960 wanda jackson b-side! "funnel of love"! (youtube). Now i want to catch the first half of the movie! (though it's more surreal to come in during the second half). Next week: Geezer's Garage cookout, celebrating 40 years of Boston rock or "phase one,where Doris gets her oats" ("I wanna be like Flowers, Lennon and Bear" and "wanna" WAS sung like "I wanna be your dog"! the english language.....what the bluidy 'ell is a dip-thong? new knickers for bein' a Day Tripper when yew have a Holiday in the Sun??????"....



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