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Monday, August 15, 2022

"Freitag 12 august 2022. mad painter practice for the Jungle Friday 26 August 2022, 8-845 prompt. Al hendry thought I was doing Chris Squire licks on bass; back in '74 jay Gruberger said Chris's bass lines sounded like goose farts! To make this Jim Harold (RIP) relevant, Chris played with Peter banks (guitar) first two yes albums; Pete left to form Flash, whose drummer on on the Buck 45 on Rat records! also, Schmel herbie Hind can play that Blind faith b-side "cant find my way home" perfectly, ken and gee Julie harormonizing good on this; maybe I might record it, Ken Highland's PinUps on!".....


Tuesday, August 16, 2022

"Monntag ides of August 2022. Another NEW Gulcher cassette: The Gizmos e.p.s 1976-1978 (on Bandcamp).

First Gizmos and Amerika First e.p. is side one and Rich Coffee channeling G. Gordon Griddy on "Hey Beat Mon" is my favourite toon! Side two is Gizmos world tour, then Mach II Gizmos Never mind the sex pistols (on Bandcamp); a great e.p. in 1978 Laurel maryland and hey! I jammed with cover of pistols b-side "did you no wrong" and the A-G-D chords are...."rocknroll queen"! I was RIGHT! 1977 PAPER copy of BGN; it DOES sound like Mott the Highland! (Robert E. Bear (RIP) DID laugh at this!".....


Wednesday, August 17, 2022

"Dienstag 16 august 2022. third latest Gulcher gizmos cassette: The Gizmos in NY 1980-'81 (on Bandcamp).

Gizstoircal perpsective. "The Midwest can be allright' recorded 8 march 81; i was between bands and maybe holding a dwight twilley 45 but by labour day it was "college kids" and radiobbeat studio which came out on Five beers ahead of my time album on stanton park. By November 1982, Billy Nightshade (RIP), Gizmos bass, was in Unattached and opening for Nina Highland at the channel. Interesting piece of GIZstory!".....


Thursday, August 18, 2022

dau of Wodin 17 august 2022. The finalist four-fecta from Gulcher records casettes care of is A Collection of Gizmos Covers; Polish Sausage Saurekraut (on Bandcamp).

This is the 1979-1981 lineup with covers from canada/Argentina/Chile (one of them) AND Sverige! ok, sator covered "kiss of a rat" and I THINK they're covering unnatural axe on BBQ Killers, volume two (their version of PINUPS) but let's give it up for "Cry real tears" recorded 25 feb 13 (maybe I GOT A call sayin' "hey Ken, this is ted Niemiec" (of the Gizmos?) and that band of Vikings is The makeouts! Two versions of Gizmos covered by TWO Swedish bands; tack! Skol! My one per cent Scandinaviany-DNA will go BESERK!"..

Friday, August 19, 2022

"Freitag 19 august 2022. In 1977 I held a vinyl copy of Music to Kill By in my hands: my first VINYL album! Afrika Korps Live at cantones 21 august 77 on Gulcher (on Bandcamp).

Future/Now: Mad painter at Jungle, friday 26 august 2022 8-845 pm, opening are Stigmatics and Tokyo Tramps; see you there!".......

Note Mach Bell & Alpo dancing!!


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