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Monday, August 17 2020

Montag 17 august 20. "Sittin' On my Sofa" (Kinks b-side!) 0600 til 0700 watching Muchachitas Como Tu on galavision. Suddenly, in the barrio, appears a masked Mexican wrestler with a Santo Gold mask like Los Straightjackets wear. This is a 2007 telenovela, so dudes, he was masked before 2020,man......Mentions in muchachitas wikipedia: "Mistico" as "himself" and he really is/was a legit mexican wrestler! Not a bad actor either! Youtube presence, also; childhood friend of one of the muchachitas, but then becomes love interest of one of the muchachitas. he's also a good guy, a regular "Avenging Annie", if you will. i tune in each morn 0600-0700....and THAT is the biggest excitement in my non-gig life at moment".....

Tuesday, August 18 2020

"Til Tuesday 18 August 20. Gee Julie and i got takeaway Indian food and celebrated International Black Cat Day and i played her early Steppenwolf album she's bought me. Again, lissenin' with new ears since 1969; there's an almost- yardbirds type raveup replete with harp which would make sense may 1967. Gee Julie hears the side two 20 minute version of "The Pusher" and "I never knew Steppenwolf could be so psychedelic!" (i should play her the Sparrow songs that arent John Kay doing blues!). Live at the matrix in san francisco, mars Bondfire hits some Jerry/Jorma san fran sounds but again "time of the season' would be relevant; mars might be my favourite Steppenwolf guitarist and this is THE SPARROW! i did a Steppenwolf two-fer playing "Monster" album; title track 45 was "Power Play' also on early Steppenwolf (I think the Sparrow called it "Square Headed People"). Monster album has a coda riff not unlike the Who's "In the City" b-side which may as predated the 'Wolf. Lots 'Wolf comments on my Facebook thread....where were you people in '72 when Big Al Baase (RIP) and i had 'Wolf on cover of our fanzine! CCR also,i think"......

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

"day of Wodin 19 August 20. Checked my p.o. box yesterday and Lt. Larry Newman, USMC and Nikki and Corvettes had mailed I AM NOT GONE 14 song tribute to Asa Brebner. First off, packaging layout, which Eddie Flowers normally does on Gizmos records is fantastic; "executive producer: Larry Newman"....well i know it sounds better than Solomon SPector! I DO want my next Kenne cd to look like this with a ken kaiser psychedlic cover! (and GONG!). I, Kenneth E. heinlein, Strange man, Stranger land! want to really "GROK" the tracks plus mention and spell everyone's name right....I AINT GONE NEITHER! (that'll be the pre-humous Kenne tribute!) and i dont want nobody gunnin' fo' mah ass coz they aint mention...Money goes t' Asa's young'uns; i was ten when my Dad went but Stanton Park didnt gimme no dough for "landmine"....all i got was dad's name on the Vietnam Wall! well, in opinion of me, asa shirley belongs on Boston's "Vietnam' wall (I THINK I'm facebook friends with may Pang versus may Peing that done the wall, maybe)...I was walkin' past the Bobby Orr statue at the "Gahden" to my blue collar job and said t' micelf: "Self; you seen Asa play guitar with Robin lane and Eddie walker and bass with Jon Richman BUT like Beatle George, we got 14 good underrated songs and Beatle george coulda had 14 BEATLES toons as noteworthy'....and I got a rejection letter from Creem two years before they mention the gizmos....back then I woulda cranked up Nugent's "Sweet revenge" and joined the marines! All the more reason to buy this product! SFMF, a Ralph Fatello t-shirt which means "Semper Fi Mofos!"....fourth cuppa coffee this morn, I'm "Medea on Steroids"!"......

To purchase the CD send a check or money order for $16.00 to: Larry Newman, 10 Whippoorwill Lane, Kittery ME 03904

Thursday, August 20, 2020

evening of Wodin, 19 Aug 20. Whilst playing "Kenne on the MTA" and reading facebook on i-phone five (when I shoulda been reading about MC5!) read of untimely demise of Portland maine rocker Charles Hall. So let's do it in precise Modern Lovers order: January 1984, Hopelessly Obscure arrive at Geno's Portland maine and local opening act is Shark Attack (Chain Link fence also on bill). Exceedingly Cramps-y like the 70s records. saturday 18 Aug 84 was a big lobster bake party at geno's where i got wasted; the Brood debuted, Chesterfield Kings were in town, out on Peak's island Bebe Buell's "Todd Rundgren kid" was pointed out...also played was the Moguls. "Those guys live, eat, breathe and shit CRAMPS": Eric Stumpo, Plan 9, RIP, currently jamming with Charles Hall. Jon Horne (sister Chris fronted the Brood) took a photo (right) and Charles played the more distorted Bryan Gregory guitar. I loved the Moguls! Ned the drummer once spent easter Everywhere at the Mission Hill Groupie News apartment! My next remembrance was Bebe Buell's Gargoyles at Bunratty's. She had "hooked up" with the semi-Todd looking Charles ("I saw the light" and my hangover was killin' me!) and bebe been posting about her six years with Chaz and how Liv ADORED him! As a side note, Liv Tyler famous kin lists a mutual ancestor with my Connecticut Yankee great-great-grandmother Highland, that being Edward Griswold from a Griswold/Buell marriage; me, bebe and Liv also cuzzins to the Wilson Beach Boys! Thank you Charles for message from beyond! I had bebe's NYC address but was "wasted and cant find my way home",tho GLiDER DID open for Lyres up maine, Charles re-introduced himself...i told him "I got Bebe's book for a buck in Inman Square back when second ex-wive/cuzzin alive"; Charles; "She was very kind to me in that book". Before his decease, he answered one of my trivia questions and I go: "You win a dream date with Bebe Buell! and a Baby's Arm holding an Apple 45"....Charles last post to me IN THIS UNIVERSE: "very funny Kenne"...They're having a tyme for him in Portland Saturday (day before publication) from "six...which turns out to be 9"...I caint make it down east but after work, Charles, when I'm to Cheapo records, have your spirit guide me through the Sun records box so I may find a rare record to which Geets Romo will need a bromo"....

Friday, August 21, 2020 day of Thor 20 August 20. Rick Biskit Roth on Monday had emailed, saying "send an mp-3 of request for when I sub Americana on Breakfast of Champions, WMBR. americana @ wmbr. org. ". I write back: "Going to try- Ten years After" to which he replies "I'll play that on If Six was Nine next week". Sorry to share our private emails, Ric, but I AM a LARRRRRRRGGGGGEEEE public figure plus promoting the fact that somehow this dude is broadcasting on WMBR! i also get notices from Charlie Kolhais, Research and Development, "hard bop jazz"...somebody clue me in if the djs are still locked out of the walker memorial Building, 3 Ames Street WHERE saturday 20 August 77, I was married on the air by the reverend Willie B. felt! No masks then"....

Saturday, August 22, 2020

"Every day is a saturday 22 August 20. A good way to end the week was a Cheapo records score 4/$10; Solid Gold Soul volume two on Atlantic in MONO! liner notes by Jimmy "Early" Byrd of WILD; to quote Rascal gene Cornish on lil steven: "hey! I was from white bread Rochester NY! I didnt know nothin about Wilson Pickett!" And it was these Atlantic comps that led me to r&b,then gospel. The heavy hitters: Solomon Burke, Chris Kenner, Percy Sledge, Ray Charles, Wilson Pickett and Joe tex. Track of note: Solomon Burke does that ole cowboy classic "Down in the valley" soul style BUT! back in '73 I had a mark Farner solo 45, pre-Grand Funk, where he does same arrangement, but does a fuzz guitar riff instead of the horns. AND I remember doing a bedroom casette solo recording of me doing farner's version; the solo was "we're gonna rumble" slowed down, so age 17, i kinda "got it". A joy to hear, an excellent soul comp and think what those r and b 45s worth now!"...


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