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Monday, August 23, 2021

Saturday 21 August 21. 44 years of Boston rock from Cantone's to the midway! I missed Glowbox but was watching a pisser youtube documentary on the Turtles; looks like a Rhino records thang; love the psychedelic videos! Caught Shotgun Waltz; mad painter drummer Al Hendry says "these guys sound like the outlaws"; that was an Indiana WIUS FREE concert I attended very close to march '76, Patti Smith in Bloomington, Gizmos record, "Times A-Changin'"....facebook page on Shotgun Waltz says drummer is Rick Weden of the Lines! ("The Lines were like the godz to us; they were the beatles"-Sandy Summer, State of the Boston Groupie Union who really said Gods, not the ESP Godz or even better the heavy metal thunder GODZ!). Rick drummed on the 1982 Live At the metro Lines songs; I think Discogs has viewing of some V-66 videos; oh that peroxide hair!). Penny Outlaw had the same guitarist and same bassist as Shotgun Waltz; again, Al Hendry asks "Kenne what cover is this?" but it was a Kinks-y sounding original! I wrote "garage/punk" versus the other band's "Outlaws"...and then there is the Heep-ishly Purple Mad painter! (a quote from Mott the Highland's Verdun Allen maybe? or am I as usual just talkin' free-form like a John Coltrane solo?). "Highway Driver' by randy Pie von Deutschland opened but rest was Alex Gitlin's originals (he on keyboards). Schmel herbie Hind on guitar, Natalia and Gee Julie on vocals, Al Hendry on drums and me using bassist Pete Abajoli's SUNN amp (he was in Penny Outlaw/Shotgun Waltz: nice guy!). As usual I had visions whilst playing; the FIRST tyme I played with Solomon Gruberger was Afrika Korps Cantones 21 aug 77 and the LAST tyme I played with him was Afrika Korps reunion on the Thundertrain Thundertour! (There's a youtube). I THINK Alex Gitlin was standing in his spot...maybe I was me standing in same spot as 2004 maybe..So Pete Bass said I sounded like John Entwhistle and I had a very percussive playing style! (Besides thinking of Jay Gruberger, I tried being a Carl Biancucci clone doing the Who's "the punk and the Godfather") the bar: Lenny Lashley of Darkbuster!!! whom IMEDIATELY put on Focus "Hocus Pocus"! Once we yodel, THAT IS the sound of mad Painter! Lenny to kenne: "That was for you Kenne!" He, Lenny, also likened my bass playing to Weather report, which is Al Hendry territory...hey! I'll take it...and 44 years previous jay Gruberger and I were the Destroyed's rhythm section! (me: bass, jay; drums; CANTONES!!!! hey we even saw TAXI!!)"....

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

"Sonntag 22 August 22. At the Jungle, Sam Crawford blues jam (like Sam on facebook!). His trio has guest guitarists and he had a superb set list! "Down along the Cove": YES! about 1969 I had Zimmerman's "John Wesley hardin" album, Columbia record club. Allman Brothers "Midnight Rider". guest guitar PARKER "played guitar/he played it left-hand/ he had a man some cat from japan"....Dusty Hill (RIP) of ZZ Top got a 'shoutout" and "I'm bad I'm nationwide" was performed. the David Alan Coe/ George Jones country toon "Tenesse Whiskey' was performed in a Etta James 'rather go blind" style. "we're gonna do a keb Mo song". Beatles "Come Together' done in drop D tuning. Lastly, a bluesy version of "fly like an eagle" though once on a Sunday afternoon at Johnny D's blues jam I saw somebody do Steve's "Steppin Stone' singing and playing bass like jack Bruce. Or why not cover "electric BB"? Sam is every third Sunday 5-7 pm BUT the 'after-music" was what I and ONLY I listened to at Brockport High whilst partyin' down with sam's classic blues-rock jam setlist: Bowie's "oh you pretty things", "Jeepster", "Lust for Life" and Bowie's "Starman" blues jam/ glam-rock p.a. music and THEN a hip-hop turntablist. DIVERSITY IS the name of the Jungle's game! PLEASE Bungle or drink at Bunghole's Liquor"....

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Charlie Watts
"Til Tuesday 24 August 21. Facebook is fastly becoming like the ole irish sports page; "Rain of Death". Frank Lima,whom I've known Fiddy Years through Circus magazine Kinkdom was THE first first to post of Charlie Watts passing age four score but the second was THE Queen of Constantinople's punk scene so this news was bad it's worldwide. What CAN I say about Charlie Watts? I first turnt onto them 1965 WBBF Am RAH-Chester New York when "satisfaction' was a hit...1-2/1 2 3/ 1-2/ 1-2-3 between verses! Bluidy brilliant it was! Miss Lyn has a cassette in '77 of Nervous eaters at A Club and Jeff Wilkinson (RIP) did the "get off my cloud" intro...tell me Howie Ferguson of real kids WASNT Charlie Watts? (Once at In your ear records I saw him purchasing jazz albums like ole Chaz, also a jazzbo)….lastly, where did I come in...the summer of Stonewall and Charlie manson (fuck Woodstock) (1969 bay bay!) "Honky Tonk Woman" was all over WCMF FM RAH-chester when I lived at 33 lechase drive in BRA_CK-port NY...waiting to start my paper route so I could support my TWO record club habit (Capitalist and Columbia) I would bored-ly beat out the "Honky Tonk woman' on a lounge chair (no Giz-tar til merry Crimble 1970)...I even bought Honky tonk b/w caint always git whut yew wont WITH picture sleeve SOMEWHERE in that port town settled by Hiel Brockway of New Lyme Ct.; my FIRST Stones record, "Honky tonk woman' 45 1969. All acrost facebook, photos of Charlie and Brian Jones reunited...why in the Grand FUNK did Keef outlive Charlie? Ponderation on the ponderosa ranch!"....

Thursday, August 26, 2021
day of Thor 26 august 21. Got a notice from Rolling Stone that "sweet sweet Connie" of grand Funk Railroad's "we're an American band" (had both 45 AND LP back in '73) had committed her final act and is trying to get on the guest list "Knockin at heaven's Door". 0730, Pontoon palace, WMBR. I was REALLY getting into Gizmo and Garfunkel's 1975 "My Little Town", a WIUS promo picture sleeve 45 we had at Gulcher World Headquarters. paul Simon IS a poet, "subway walls/tenement halls"; "I'd left Brockport just the year before/ and all my girlfriends I had respected more" (to the tune of "Lola") but the lyrics had 'potant-cy; how you're affiliated to your family in a small town, no individuality etc. If I WAS still back in high school I woulda brought it in for Rock Muzak as Poetry class tho instead I was bringing in "American ruse" (MC5) "20th century Man' (Kinks) "1 plus 1 = ?"-Bob Seger and "The Supermen"-Bowie. This is where,in class you play a record and then discuss lyrics. "Jailbait Janet's" boyfriend had been "Tokin in the Boys Room" and I said "the MC5 had the Kick out the jams album where they "kick out the jams muthafuckers!" and ole Bill goes (STONED!) 'wow...Ken Highland said muthfucka in English class"...shit, I done WORSE onstage later! before I left for work THIS WMBR tri-fecta: "Cry baby Cry" a NOT overplayed Beatles white album toon; "Auntie Iris" off the October '74 Pilot album (that month was free draft beer at the barge Inn Brockport NY watching local band backstreet cover "cant get enuff" and "cities on flame"; verse three of "J. janet"!) (Hudson brothers "so you are a star" on jukebox but kate Hudson not YET spawned!). This Pilot album had "magic' which I heard EVERYWHERE visting my ancestral home of Elizabethtown New jersey (my great-great-great-great Johann Youst married there in 1770s; I was back July '75 200 years later George Noory!). lastly Bowie's "Shapes of Things" off Pin Ups bought late '73 Vince's record Store Brockport NY which I studied more than my homework. of course. A lot of "feel good" '70s memories but poor "sweet sweet Connie" (RIP)"....

Friday, August 27, 2021
"Freitag 27 August 21. Fx Retro tv and it's another 0600 winner! 1989 movie Gleaming the Cube with Christian Slater as a peroxide skater dude. 13 jan 89: I remember a lot of very drunk Johnny and Jumper Cables gigs and my cuzzin (BOTH sides!) George Bush was president. Slater's character last name is Kelly but he has an adopted Vietnamese stepbrother (eleven years of being a Kelly) working amongst the Vietnamese "we're all boat people" of orange County, Cali. He (the Viet) stumbled acrost a gun-smuggling ring rung by some real dacoits, gets kilt, stepbrother tries to solve mystery...Wikipedia/youtube yeah yeah yeah. I am a soundtrack geek, so 20 years after I saw Spirit do "1984' on The Music Scene, jay Fergusson is doing soundtracks and it's REAL '80s rock! (worthy of Trash Night at the brattle). We get pay phones/ '80s clothes/ "you didn't leave a message" answering machines/ a lot of Cali skate culture (plus the newly landed Viet shoppes!) BUT http:// >movies lists The Dickies doing "Stuka Over Disneyland" BUT my favourite part: stepbrother hides in back of Nguyen character's car (killer of stepbrother) and on car CASETTE DECK comes Motown covers of "nowhere to run" and "never can say Gudbuy t' jane" sung by my new Viet discovery: Khanh Ha!!! youtube and Wikipedia. Born 28 march 52 Dalat Vietnam she would have been 14 when Dad died near Hue City Quang tri province (do I EVER know "Nam, read Bernard fall's books). She made her 1969 stage debut Long Binh base; "Guten Morgen Vietnam"! (how the hell you think she heard Motown?) we can figure the rest; sang in Saigon til '74, Dad's mother died the week Saigon fell BUT she settled in San Francisco ("Flowers in her hair"?) 1975 immediately joined a local Korean band and performed at local Korean club. two years later, moved to south Cali (I had JUST left Camp Pendleton September '76!) and began singing with the Uptights, who NEVER played cantone's with Afrika Korps. She still sings! info stole from > khan ha. Check her out dudes! I used to catch Vietnamese pop music videos in '90s on The International Channel; VERY sad love songs, minor key, no black worn, no Cure mash-up".....


Saturday, August 28, 2021

"Saturday 28 Aug 21. Been listening to a Somerville grooves 90 minute cassette of Armand Schaubroeck Steals: the 1975 A lot of people would like to see Armand Schaubroeck Dead and the 1977 I came to visit but decided to stay. Researching this piece I came across julian Cope Head Heritage; www. >ar....He OBSESSED over "all things Armand" via the back room of Probe Records in Liverpool early '77 "where Residents albums rub shoulders with obscurities like the Afrika Korps" that my Teardrops have Exploded come see Kenne Highland's Air Force at The MIdway Sun 12 sept 21 3 pm and Pete's in Quincy 1130-1215 Friday 15 October 21!"..


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