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Monday, August 26, 2019

frigga's day, 23 august 19, birthday of "I was an Angry Samoans bridesmaid" Kandy kane! (Goody Goody Gumdrops 45, stanton park). Tavern at the end of the world and yet ANOTHER Virgo, that being Sara Billingsley (and her Scaliwags!). Schmel Herbie Hind let me take a setlist of Pinups/My Favourite Things, so from Sara's collection: "dancing barefoot", Girl on Top HAS covered this Patti Smith toon, "Little Games" (Yardbirds, Sara on bongos), Kinks "Till the End of the Day" (cf. with Martha Hull, my distant cuzzin of Slickee Boys from Afrika Korps Music to Kill By, Gulcher reissue). "Ride On'-AC/DC. wikipedia: "the song is composed in the key of C major. It is a slower blues song with a tempo of 70, contrasting with the rest of the album"(Dirty deeds done dirt cheap release in Australia (Tazmania?) 20 Sept 76, same week Live and the Rat and O. Rex maxi-ep recorded). I was sitting with Dusty Numbnutz Hixx of the Wayouts and to ME the groove of Schmel Herbie Hind doing a perfect Paul Kosoffesque solo WORTHY of Bob Roos, and STEADY rock rhythm section (Rock Steady mon!) of MJ Quirk and Cal Cali, bass/drums and Sara singing bluesy/husky; in my caffeinated delusions I thought I was watching Free Live at Isle of Wight! (cf Lester Bangs in Fusion magazine PRAISING first Black oak Arkansas album whilst on EVERYTHING and later folks saying: 'you know Lester i bought that album and it SUCKS!" Bangs never punch out his critics; when I met him harvard Square with his Blondie book: "oh yeah i read about you goin' in the marines; i thought "what a fucken asshole!" He was dead within two years and "there are no coincidences"-george Noory!). Dusty Numbnuts Hixx and i DO agree Sara should "write more originals and record "The Fisherman"; now it kinda sounds like bad Company's "shootin' star" but more Free-ish; sorry I am a Free-ak!). Since Sara shares my cuzzin GG Allin's birthday, I nearly shit micelf when she sang "all Tomorrow's Parties" but hey, mofos! she and Christa Paffgen von Cologne (I should use some!) share der same Deutsch DNA! Low, gutteral vocals, zehr gut, wunderbar, jah, jah, jah. GG Allin sang and played drums SO Sara on drums, Cal vocals, "Caroline Says II" (a b-side from Lester bangs beloved Berlin; rumour (Pep Lester) has it that on clearing his estate was multiple mildewed copies of Berlin and one Gizmos ep; call me a fuggin asshole for joinin' the Marines...."Death may be your santa claus"!). "Loose" is always superb, Schmel and Sara channeling the Asheton brothers. Two sets of Cal Cali! plus Sara singing, lotsa good Beatles/Dylan covers but MY highlight was "time wont let me"/""96 tears"/"wooly bully" with Matt Burns of V, Bob and Janis Clougherty dancin' like it was Shin-rock with Jimmy O' Neilstone PLUS yuppie-ish bar patrons! It's not Detroit but "shit, goddam, get off yo' ass and jam!". "I cant make up my mind" with me and captain easychord doing Butterscott-ish harmony DID stump the record collectors! (lp track, UK pressing, first album). "sunshine of your love" was final number (Afrika Korps live at Fort meade maryland sept '77, slickee boys opening!). Some folks said my bass playing was On Fyre, BUT Gizmoses 13th commandant is: Thou Shalt Not Be a Lyre! Nay, I was merely inhabited by the spirit of jay Gruberger. Afrika Korps Live at cantones (Gulcher!) 21aug 77, comin' straight outta the gate with "NY Punk". And also Saint Alpo for "Common at Noon",his spirit guided my hands to hit the right notes. A medium? No, I'm 3-x!".......

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

"sonntag 25 august 19. Dress rehearsal for Mad Painter for Rat beach party (one member must be Rat veteran: "It'll be me"! Jerry Lee lewis b-side!). Basically the set sounded like "Highway Star" played at 78 RPM, Schmel herbie Hind will shirley dig it. This was the WMFO set which might even be Mad painter album on youtube! "Gonna write you a letter" (hope I have title right) goes C to E to A, where I cop the "sufragette city' riff (why does this read like an old issue of O. rextasy? coz "My Head's in '73"!) then there's a solo where i swear paulie Miller is playing "all the way to memphis" on guitar! "To love somebody", Bee gees cover (my choice!) remains brilliant, as I channel Ron Wood on truth's "shapes of things" whilst paulie Becks out on solo (unknowingly!). Flynn Young channels late '60s carmine appice; "I liked him in King Kobra". so like mad painter on facebook and contact alex gitlin (keyboards) for gigs!"

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

"Til Tuesday 27 august 19. Double-duty dress rehearsal for Rat beach Party, Al Hendry on drums. First half was Club Linehan-ago-go backed up the Count doing his many hits like "saltwater summer" and "I'm a Star"; '70s songs Blowfish played on! Sounding excellent of course. Club Linehan-ago-go set we kept simple for Al Hendry drumming and lotsa old favourites like "sookie sookie" and"ramblin gamblin man". Forgot how but we started jamming on "Polk Salad Annie" by Tony Joe White. Thumbpicking I can get a lotta swamp/funk out of an E chord (plus that half a D chord going up and down the fret board like Velvet Underground 1969 album "some kinda love"). Let me also advertise! Next Club Linehan-a-go-go gig is Saturday 14 Sept 19 matinee show Midway with A Bunch of Jerks! See you there!".....

Thursday, August 29, 2019

"DAY of Wodin 28 august 19, somerville thee-ate-er, 8pm $11.00. My facebook friend mark Lindsay has been raving about Once Upon a Tyme in Hollyweird, so no gigs/practice, I DID tag Mark Lindsay about how Eddie Flowers and I "met" in '72 "discussing" later raiders albums and two years later formed what became the Gizmos and he 'liked" it! (I also praised him for vocal work on "let me" and "just 17", truly an influence on I (who have nothing). So it begins 8 feb 69 (what woulda been Dad's 35th birthday and what WOULD he as career marine have thought of his eldest son embracing '60s counterculture? ma had enuff fights with me about gittin' a haircut, the once she grabbed me by the back of my head; not the first tyme a woman got pissed off and grab muh hair!). "Fuckin' Rick Dalton" is a cowboy star hittin' the skids and he and his stunt double move next to Sharon tate. wikipedia will give you a clear, less cryptic account. Manson family picks through garbage singing "Always is always forever" (covered by Goody Goody Gumdrops on Stanton park!). Charlie comes lookin' for terry melcher (there's a bigass red $30 book which i heard about on coast to coast AM; Dad buried arlington, virginny 2 march 67, Charlie gets out of jail 21 march 67, his parole officer doesnt check on him coz government feeding him MKUltra for mind control over his flock! THIS was a conspiracy against the counter-culture! Please read on toilet, then get back to me).....manson girl picks up stunt double, goes to Spahn ranch where manson girlies are watching It's Happenin' on an old black and white "TV Eye" whilst simultaneously in Brockport NY a 13 year old future Gizmo does same. Sharon tate puts on "Good Thing" and the Spirit of '67 raiders VINYL. "Fuckin' Rick dalton" gets second chance career move shooting spaghetti westerns. "six months later".....yep, 8 august 69. Tex Watson and three manson gurlies drive an ole '50s Chevy "I need a muffler" up Ciello drive. "Fuckin' Rick Dalton": "get that asshole car outta here!" Helter Skelter averted! But wait is more! manson family parks car foot up hill, does creepy crawl up the drive, bust into house and stunt double just smoked a cigarette laced with acid man! Tex pulls gun as Vanilla Fudge plays "you keep me hangin' on" (I am facebook friends with all four Fudge, singer mark Stein diggin' the career comeback); Brandy, stunt doubles pit bill (played by Sayuri; no critters hurt in this film!) bites Tex watson right in the fucken balls, mauls another girlie, then chases another to cement pond where "fuckin' Rick Dalton" is listening to "Snoopy vs Red baron" shitfaced with headphones (I am friends with both Royal Guardsmen vocalists on facebook and THEY diggin' career boost!). From an old WWII film he acted in, "fuckin' Rick Dalton" gets out his flame thrower and fuckin' burns whatever manson bitch that was, read wikipedia. Ending: "fuckin' Rick Dalton" goes next door to party, proving......"It's NOT too late for Sharon tate!"......see this fucken movie! I slept not one wink! (And THAT means it's a good one!!!-ed) And if anyone draws a mustache on Mark Lindsay, sic on them your pit bull or grab that spare flamethrower outta the garage! I felt like Alex Droog drinking milk, listening to Ludwig van with the old ultra-violence....pit-bull right in Tex watson's yarbles......YEAH!!!!!!"......

Friday, August 30, 2019

Day of Thor, double feature, Brattle Thee-ate-er, Babylon and The Harder They Come $13 double feature discount coz not only am I A MEMBER, I'm "rick fucken dalton!". From Brattle guide: Babylon: "raw and smoldering, it follows a young dancehall dj in South London"....release date: November 1980 in britain, whilst ken kaiser and I played Cantones with the Dark, Amerika First. wikipedia says dancehall dj "is a Deptford garage-hand by day and a disco-dispenser by night". "Babylon was filmed on the streets of Deptford and Brixton, London". Urban decay like i HAVE seen only British; black and white too makes it more graphic! "The story centers on sound system culture"....just seein' them big-ass speakers boomin' out good rudie music makes me wanna get stoned with Toots maytal like i did 30 Nov 75! Our hero was "of the reggae band ASWAD" (Wikipedia and youtube!). This was a good reggae era; no electronica yet and no frat boys gittin' stoned and/or Deadheads! (When Greg Shaw was at United Artists, he mailed a Bob marley promo lp to us Rock On boys in white-bread Brockport NY). Solomon Gruberger was into Judge Dread making me cassette copies back in '72. The Pistols and the Clash appreciated the musical contributions of West Indians to britain. 'Nuff said! Goin' bock to jamaica, mon, The Harder they Come released 8 Feb 73 in states; Dad woulda be 39!, Ken kaiser and I was mostly blasting Grand Funk's Live Album as I mimeographed Rock On #5 at 8452 Ridge Road, Brockport (not Brixton!) NY. For two years solid, the Orson Welles The-ate-er, mass Ave., had Harder They Come as midnight movie! Let's say may '81, I went there shitfaced and passed out and missed most of the movie. wikipedia lists the plot (I was now passing out SOBER! Gotta see movie agin, mon, I am in "h'agony" for missing it; "cindy incidentally' BOTH films had subtitles for Jamaican patois and British slang, mon!). This Jimmy Cliff vehicle has him as country boy-turnt-gangsta and plenty of great toons by maybe THE reggae soundtrack album with toons by Jimmy Cliff/maytals/Desmond Dekker. leslie Kong ("influential Chinese-Jamaican reggae producer") discovered a young Jimmy Cliff and JUST to see inside of reggae recording studio is like being at Sun records 1956! (I like "all this and MORE" genres, so take with the Grains of Sand). I missed 'well-known Jamaican comedians Bim and Bam"; more research on them! A solid four hours of excellent reggae music and acting....shit $13 git me a case Genesee beer! That's it til next week folks, I shouldnt live out the night".....


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