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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Johnny Thunders
The Johnny Thunders Chorus
"saturday 1 sept 18, Count Joe Vig and drummer Robin Baltimore picked me up at a hotel Keith Moon hadn't trashed during half-tme of west virginia mountaineers rout of tenesee volunteers! Rat Beach Party "six o clock" (Lovin' spoonful) Jiblantos were onstage but, as i told John Keegan; "you've been on tour with me! My belly (prominent in many photos of the two nights i played) comes first! I'm CAL CALORIES!!!" So Count Joe and I had a nice supper at Schooner's discussing the varulven Empire, which co-exists, of course,with the Gulcher empire. Blowfish totally reviewed the evening right,what CAN I add....a lotta jeff beck licks on a keegan Strat (maybe I channeled the Beck orange album for 'summertime" with Lady Caroline) and Blowfish DOES act "what goes on in his mind". answer: 1978 boston groupie news interview; "I got the Music in me!" (it was a hit then, total Jody Moore song). Count Joe wanted to get to the Club Bohemia closing, so i maybe lined up a future Crunchtime gig, but besides Alabama KICKIN' ASS!!! it was George Noory and George Snorey".....

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

"sunday 2 sept 18. MJ Quirk texts my MC5/iphone 5: "are you in hull?" i was binging on Law and Order marathons! (Jayne mansfield's "dotter"). Pink Floyd was asked "should we pick up Syd?" "why bother" but am glad Mj Quirk DID bother! Hull had double on Sunday what Saturday held. Jody Moore opened with Sweet's "no you dont" and Paul Armstrong of the Flashcubes (SYRACUSE NY!) and captain easychords were smiling like knowing record collectors whilst the dance floor was filled like Wigan Casino on a Saturday night! club linehan-ago-go opened with that "Gimme Three Step"pin' Beatles "dont pass me by" and again, another rockin' set; John Keegan sang "what goes on", I sang "white light white heat' ;with keegan/Quirk/Quinn and Linehan, it was a real Irish showband, though they didnt "do the hucklebuck". 145 (Syracuse!) up next with Judd Williams (WATERTOWN NY!) on drums. Then, there were TWO basses as the Pop tarts/Antionettes bassist plugged in (Syracuse/Rochester;it's in all in I remember Scorgie's!) and I was third guitar for: Johnny Thunders orchestra! I forget the order but "chinese rocks" (Cal Cali onstage with Ken Kalories!) and "born to loose" I HAD to sing "Baby, I was born Giroux!"....this WOULD have been Giroux approved actually! what the fuck..... Flashcubes/The Most/Pop tarts/Antionettes and Gizmos supagroup! Everyone either lived in/attended/played SUNY Brockport or the Roxbury Inn on Main Street OR (townie that I am) went to high school there! I was more happier'n Ken kaiser hangin' out with Teaneck peeps at the Mount Vernon in Worcester! Glider, new bassist and captain easychords on keyboards, I liked Lyres "how do you know" and at 0100,end of show,On the Beach: 4 and 20 "Fresh Air"! looking forward to next year and rock star hotel!".....

Thursday, September 6, 2018

"Til Tuesday 4 Sept 18. O'Brien's ALLSTON; Sandy Summer had went to SOMERVILLE so helped her roadie though they still charged me $8 but Gizmos fans EVIL ENGINES, Mississippi wuz on tour and needed the dough. ok, glad I took notes on facebook wall. State of the Union were superb power-punk-pop and covering Neighbourhoods "No Place like Home" (a b-side!), influences on sleeve, kinda. "Beat on the Brat" was a delight, so between punk and power pop, they "all stole from me! whooooo!" Both Korps albums,Ken Kaiser might even agree! also check my review against Blowfish. I liked Gasco's guitar sound; a marshall head in a wood cabinet and a crybaby wah wah making the sound somewhere between Jim McCarty's solo in cactus "Evil" and/or the excessive wah-wah on first Stooges album. A special guest for AEROSMITH'S 'draw the line" so let's say influences are classic rock/punk/grunge and guitar heavy. Also kick out the Jams high energy is Mississippi's Evil Engines. In 1547 a McBay (my granddady was a McBee and i'm eighth cuzzin to Elvis) in scotland swore fealty to a Campbell, of whom McKellar is a sept. The Rebel Yell came from
Highlanders yelling as they ran into battle and you dont gotta read about Silas McBee (daughter married early Mississippi govenor) in Grady McWhiney's Cracker Culture South book to know i aint talkin' out my ass; they came charging out the gate like a cross between Pink Fairies, Dictators Blood Brothers and Blue Cheers's Vincwbus Eruptum meets Kick out the Jams. I saw Nashville Pussy the once (Blair is Gizmos fan) and the Hookers from Lousiville opened; they sounded like Motorhead on hillbilly heroin. There was some double MC5 "human being lawnmower" solos; Tom Petty's "I need to Know" on cd clan MacKeller gave me!) was played like Dead Boys "aint nuthin' to do", same way I played it with the brooklyns; punk Petty? Lastly, as sure as I sang Roky's "I Dream of Demons" with Triple Thick at Pat Todd, Lazy Cowgirls gig at Midway (Mitch Murphy threatening another Keny sings Roky gig), these guys got the right stuff! there;s even a "pumpin' to playboy" riff in G ("y'all dont know how big a Gizmos fan Lindley is"....traveled from Mississippi to "disaster in dayton" and name-checked by eddie flowers: "y'all think ah'm a peace-lovin' hippie/but dont you mess with my friends from Misissippi! coz i'm gonna beat yew lahk a red headed stepchild!"). wicked nice guys, their accent not as harsh as mine...a whole BAND full of laid-back Eddie Flowers types! But their roadies and "Fifth engine" (like a "fifth Beatle" or a "third wheel"): SADHU BADA! We posed for the Roky Erikson lookalike contest! He's kinda like their guru and kinda Roky-like even if he's about Metal Mike Saunders height (Lil Rock arkansas, now!). He is kinda the go-to guru of the Missippi/Alabama punk scene (even knew where Eddie Flowers grew up in Jackson alabama!) and Mister Moto (Paul) "discovered" these guys whilst living in New Orleans, they being equi-distance from New orleans and memphis. Gizmos in Jackson, Mississippi? birthplace of Eddie Flowers (I was in northern virginny then!) review of cd in Vulcher? airplay on crash course for the Thigh Scrapers? Glad to hang with this Kenfedarecay of Dunces and Blowfish agree with me;Boston too Puritanical! Blame it on ma's ancestors!"......

Friday, September 7, 2018

"ok, I'll sleep when warren Zevon's dead but let me even forewarn you of KH/BigFoot (size 13!) spottings at large! (space aliens too coz "i'm a space invader/i'll play "bitch" for Jimmy Miller on 'shrooms"; sorry david Jones!). I asked my facebook friend Maureen Tucker for her blessing on Velvets covers in an art gallery with three varulven artists in jack Kerouac's birthplace. aimin' to see Dead Boys and Wayne Kramer, two separate nights, there goes my vacation tyme. sunday 16 sept 18, mad painter practice 5-7 pm, Love and Flame cantab jam 9 pm upstairs (I play guitar with both) and then I aim to say Gudby T' Bob ("he's in a Frenzy/see how they ran")....let's see; classic ruins= baby's Arm, I be representin' Afrika a final Gudbuy t' Bob, should I get drunk ala saturday 19 Nov 77 cantone's and say "hey everybody! Bob Colby's having a party and the address is....".....and he's still speakin' to me! "if they gonna have a party, gonna need a marine guard outside....who cares? C'mon Everybody!". Metal Mike Saunders as our 1983 houseguest; his 1972 review of Humble Pie's SMOKIN' declared UFO's version of "c'mon everybody" better than the Pie....answer; one sounds like "kilebasa", t'other sounds like: EVERT!!!!!!".........


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