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Bootleg Dan Anklin


Wednesday, September 6, 2023

"saturday 2 sept 2023. Anklin Dan put on a GREAT night at Parkside Lounge, LES, NYC.

Bands: The Record Players was guitar/keyboards/drums whom covered Wilbert Harrison's "Kansas City"; "Old tyme rocknroll!".

The other bands - Doctor Boat was  two guitar/bass/drum quartet of young'uns but lead singer's DAD wuz da ballz; he sang "Disco inferno" and Van Highland's "runnin' with der Teufel"; projected vocals/emphasized visuals; he might have sang in some '70s bars (duh!).

Anklin Dan made some Mad painter videos, on Mad painter page; when Anklin and Kipp, the Parkside Lounge booker/sound dude etc, sang along with Uriah Heep's "stealin'", dat, too, was da moddafockin' ballz. Russians/Americans; Heep is universal! (like when I saw them at BB Kings in 2015 maybe; sat next to a eastern European couple; fug dat Iron curtain shit; "rocknroll music to da world"! lastly, Jason Trachtenburg with his '50s doo-wop Lou Reed sweater and Jon Richman sense of humour; a good variety after the sextet of mad Painter and again: Anklin Dan is "my main man", another succesful show under his belt; Billy Ruane reincarnated!"...

Kenne at Large
Doctor Boat
Jason Trachtenburg
Kenne At Large
Record Players

Kenne At Large
Mad Painter


Thursday, September 7, 2023

Tony & Laura
"Sonntag 3 sept 2023. Sometyme in new york city. Me and Neddlez 'n' Pinz (that's Gee Julie and Cee Sharon of mad Painter) et at a morrocan Roll brekkie place, then Girl's Afternoon Out did a walkabout like Thelma and Louise. Larry Kelly of Kill SLug was doin' hardcore shows in NYC but I binged on Duck Dynasty and Schmel Herbie Hind and Al Hendry (guitar/drums) did a walkabout to a record store and Schmel bought a couple $1.99 Spirit albums: "They got a line on HIM!".


Lastly, hung with the ole She-Wolves rhythm section, Laura Sativa and Tony Mann plus Needlez 'n' Pinz eatin' at some yuppie pizza joint and passing by where GG Allin did his last gig (Tony being from manchester NH had plenty of tales about my sixth cuzzin Kev; Tony being in Flying '69). Lotsa rock tails etc, a great night, glad we stayed that extra day".....


Tony Mann & Kenne

Saturday, September 9, 2023

three score years ago i was blessed with a "baby" (she's now a granny) sister! Who is/was tenth cuzzin once removed to Saint Justine Covault, whom, in This Mortal Coil, asked me "when's your next gig, moddafocka?"

Daniel (in the Lion's Den) Anklin been blessing us but let's "begin the beguine':

15 sept 2023, celebebrate Alex Gitlin's birthday at the Square Root with Larry Newman/captain easychord/kenne highland's air force!

saturday 30 sept, KHAF at Wookiestock with Tokyo Tramps etc.

monday 9 oct Mad painter at Jungle!

KHAF tour! thursday 26 oct erie pa./ friday 27 oct syracuse NY (Lou reed drank here!), saturday 28 oct parkside lounge, lower east side NYC.

lastly, dont forget Sharon Crumrine (mad painter/ginger ibex) offering adult piano lessons (poster). Hope that's it; as rhythm guitar Scott Fergusson (buy Howl of the she-wolfs on Dino records) told me about 20 year back: "Ken you've got 'part tymers'; you only remember part of the tyme!" "Alta kaka rocka!""....


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