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Tuesday September 8, 2015


Getting lost on way to Nantasket Beach, Ken and Gee Julie ended up at Memphis Joe's bbq in weymouth! lotsa bikes, '70s disco on jukebox, but then a beer-and-a shot biker started in on frank sinatra/dean martin/Rat Pack on the jukebox, did the Lisa Minelli leg splits for "NY, NY" and had a GREAT singin' voice! (even saw Sinatra in '80s!) waitress said 'these were a regillas", a Dorchester lady knew I wasnt from "heah" coz of my accent, there's no karaoke but sunday night is THE night! Ken and Gee Julie started dancin' to "I get a kick out of you" with me doin' a kick in the ass to her like an old '30s cartoon and many bikers laffed out loud (plus i look like them!) "They are the only....real...people!"...Nantasket Beach wasnt QUITE as exciting after sundown but found C-Note, Rat beach party poster, i play saturday, 10 octoberwith Love and Flame and Sunday with club linehan-a-go-go band; wed. 30 sept 15, lily pad, Inman Square 7-10 pm with Grex...and more gigs that i forgot! after rockin' and rollin' last week ended up sleeping til 4 pm! But Nantasket after dark was nice and cool and route 228 when it's late at night i was expecting to see Big Foot, UFOs etc.; SO nice and desolate! Desolation Row!"..


Wednesday September 9, 2015

Besides it being Gy/Sgt Julie Highland Pruss's (USMC) birthday (born quantico virginia same as me!) on this date 1980 Highland/Kaiser debut as THE HEROES at underground with Big World! Ken Kaiser DOES have a tape, those in audience: frank rowe/jimmy dufour/james straight and soundman mark davis! a fun gig! watch Highland/Kaiser again 30 sept 15, lily pad with Grex!"..

Thursday September 10, 2015

did some research and BIG WORLD is on youtube and still playing! they even have a facebook page with 76 likes! thinking of them 35 years later...also did research on the Underground (wikipedia and facebook page) and here's MORE dates! 5 sept and 6 sept 80 Pylon and mission of burma, two weekend nights! Jim Koffman gave Ken and Kenny, for their first gig as a local band, a tuesday night with BIG WORLD, who actually opened for quite a few "heavies" '79-'83, only it was us opening for them, though Jimmy Dufour (Loners) said "wow! it took us a year and half playing to get an encore like you guys got on your debut!". Another fact, from a GG Allin bio; seems Jimmy Dufour DID play with GG in '78! i can verify that, merle was in thrills, GG was almost a newly-wed, i think, livin' in Manchester NH, i believe i met jimmy at cantone's '78 and he was in THE SODS....someone SHOULD write a piece on either NH or RI punk coz it DID happen...VT and MAINE, not so sure..."....

Friday September 11, 2015

Ken and Gee Julie watching Patriots/Steelers at Flann O' Brien's, total 1980s allston college kid scene of beers/shots/selfies (didnt have those in '80s!);I LOVED IT!!! football has begun and am puttin' on me Tom Highland kilt that he wore in Brigadoon at brockport high! Drew Johnston (feuded with Maxwells in the ole country!) invited me to go to bleachers near fenway park sunday 1 pm; BILLS! Bills Backers of Febway, is facebook page. die-hard Buffalo Bills fans: Greg Prevost and Lou Gramm! Cream Ale on tap! people that "tahk" like me! again, why in the Grand Funk am I hangin' 'round with a 1973 version of my lil brother?!"...

ALWAYS happy to ask fer money: gizmos world tour kickstarter (it's actually go fune me-ed.), new VINYL e.p. on GULCHER, promo video (where's Gee Julie?), send money!"...

keepin' with the '80s, saturday 9 april 83 highland/kaiser as hopelessly obscure opened for Blotto and Planet Street; now that the internet has been invented, you can "like" a BLOTTO facebook page and read a 1981 news cutting about Planet Street getting sued by General Hospital! and ronald reagan was in his first term and i could buy 8-tracks at in your ear records (still can!!!!)"....


"regent theatre: thursday next (this Thursday Sept 17 when you read this) i recommend the Real Kids movie All Kindsa Girls (starring me!); friday: even better: double feature of taste and hendrix, live at isle of wight! getting to arlington, another question (of temperature!) but if i dont go; you should!"..

Saturday September 12, 2015

Grits anint Groceries

Little Milton - Grits Ain't Groceries
The Phoenix Landing was free of Kinks fans, and the Irish waiter said "you'd loik a cuppa tea?" (off'n Muswell Hillbillies! bought my copy from Tom of the Tiverton RI Tabers and reviewed by metal mike saunders in rolling stone!) between that and chicken curry and chips, I was Eden's Children! ("so knocked out"!) after climbing that FUCKEN hill (as in Mission and I DID enjoy the west virginny hills one Palm Sunday) tooned into classic country on 1330 AM and caught Loretta Lynn's "one's on the way", always a funny SHEL SILVERSTEIN toon! the midnight comedy show had a salute to John Ritter (son of Tex AND in 3's company with dad's 7th cuzzin, Don Knotts!) I been catching college football fever, so WEEI "and our caller's from Mississippi"...sounded JUST like eddie flowers accent: "wail, ah been an Alabama fan since way back"; at a Gizmos World Tour, I DID ask ole Stenson whom he preferred: Bear Bryant or Bob "Bear" Richert; he chose the Gulcher mogul! (SUNY Brockport NY '70!) lastly, on the WHRB blues show: "and here's a song by my fellow Missippian, Little Milton Campbell" (Gaelic for "wry mouth") and "Grits aint groceries" ("eggs aint poultry and mona lisa was a man"....think i'll youtube him RIGHT NOW; saw him at lowell folk festival, slow blues, "mah woman left me" this 'un left, that 'un left...finally left with dawg "and that damn dawg left me too!" gotta find that title! "How BLUE can you get!" (frank rowe's suggestion at my 40th birthday when i was painted up like BRAVEHEART!)".


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