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Tuesday, September 8 2020

"Labour Day 2020. and i laboured! Tom Hamilton, engineer, and I putting an O. rex cassette up on my youtube channel (dang! workin' on music instead of lissenin'!). So I listed the toons WHICH 75 % were on disc two of that 2010 double O. Rex cd on Gulcher BUT unreleased: "Hot Shot' (maybe there's a gizmos live version) and another that at moment I forgot but the TRUE gem (and I can tell by KEN KAISER's drumming versus me and the Grubergers) is "Pam Green Pam Green"! I start out hollering like mach bell saying "I get so ex....cited!"...and the guitar (s) do that riff; let's wager i heard Live at the Rat 12 march 77, met Pam Green and Wild Johnny Lewis of Tracks 2 april 77 (what a 21st birthday put the "Brakes On" ME!!!) so Kaiser Stadium April '77/ tom texted me side two so THAt is tonght's listening, me trying to remember a dead guy's song titles and who was on what coz UNLIKE me: they're ALL fucken DEAD!!!!".....

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

"Til Tuesday 8 Nov 20. Buy the Asa Brebner tribute I Am Not Gone! Track three is "Traveling Blind' by Jon macey of Fox Pass and lead acoustic guitar by Lieutenant Larry Newman, USMC and Nikkie and the Corevettes (BOMP). NAME THAT RIFF: (i'LL go for 500, alex, in that Mr. Guy suit!): "it dont come easy" by Ringo! macey whispers the lyrics like a male Natalie Flanagan or maybe zimmerman's third and fourth albums before he went electric (JUDAS!) and tried to sound like Mott the Highland. my other further scrawled notes (you ever try readin' my 'ritin'?) sez "folk-rock", "1965", "12-string" and "PF Sloan b-side". also "it aint me babe" and that Zimmerman toon about "Juarez mexico". That's what i hear and how about a kenne tribute? I Am Not SANE!!!!!"......

Thursday, September 10, 2020

"day of Wodin 9 sept 20. Tom Hamilton, Lowell Street Studio, sent me side two of the 1976 O. rex cassette. This had more unreleased material, namely MY songs! ("it's a conspiracy"). I guess the real obscurity is "Soakin' Wet"; out of tune Grand Funk "Heartbreaker" guitar picking, then Solomon Gruberger slashes with some power chords (whole riff A-B-C) and Jay Grubinger on pounding drums. With a long-ass drawn out ending, we either a) invented grunge or b) stole from Grand Funk's Live Album. (Solomon's songs sounded like Ramones "I dont care" before THAT song recorded but he's really ripping off Black Sabbath's "paranoid" doing a I-VI-VII riff). All this O. rex/gruberger mish-e-gas WILL be on my Lowell Street youtube channel!".....

Friday, September 11, 2020

day of Thor 10 sept 90. gee Julie and i had takeaway and listened to a free album she found: Cugat's Golden Goodies on mercury label ($20 on ebay!-ed). each song listed as dance: cha cha (I think my parents had cha cha albums down south); rhumba, tango, cha cha samba, bolero ("Beck's Bolero"?) and Bossa Nova ("blame it on..."!) Julie LOVED this album as did I AND....Paul from MOTO chimed in ; "Xavier Cugat discovered CHARO"! So Mr Moto likes Werner Herzog/Charo and MOTO opened up for Gizmos in Chicago....and, oh yeah...I once joined MOTO onstage for GG Allin's "Bite it you scum"....In OTHER worlds besides reading a FREE Miss Lyn book on Stan Lee of Marvel Comix (a LOT of Gruberger-esque Yiddish was in those comix! The Thing was a "Golem"!) to which I tuned into WAJR, Morgantown West virginny and Westwood One broadcast Thursday night NFL football, so things are back to "normal" least in my haunted room!".....

Saturday, September 12, 2020

"Saturday 12 Sept 20. last night listened again to a dollar cd I picked up. Jimmy Dawkins with Gatemouth Brown and Otis Rush. Tribute to Orange. Jimmy teams with Clarence "gatemouth" Brown (whom i saw this millennium at Johnny D's, Somerville, mass "Dead Boston Club") from a 30 Nov 71 session; i was still strugglin' doin' the two chord intro to "you really got me"! Otis Rush session was 26 Nov 74; I was a "punk rock janitor" at my high school so missed Robin Trower at Rochester NY (I am facebook friends with his drummer whom debuted that gig; all I remember is Jailbait janet went with her boyfriend (a distant cuzzin of mine: SMALL town....)... and he impersonated Trower's "guitar face' (a lot of scrunching goin' on). Irregardless,(ain't no such word Kenne!-ed) this is a fine CHEAP blues album and excellent sounding. Only other news is Mad Painter gets together after six months to practice....more on that next week!"....


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