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kenne Alice

Sunday Sept. 7, 2014

Coal Miner's Daughter released 7 march 1980....yep, not only was ah a-livin' in a south care-o-liny tray-ler in thuh Low Country BUT that date 1866 Dad's grandaddy Willard McBee born Basnettsville,West virginny on paw paw creek due west o' the Granttown Goon! (it's also Captain PJ's birthday 1957)....AND lemme pro-mote mah "cuzzin" Chelsea McBee live over the internet , doing a song called "Moonshine"! During her short lifetyme, I DID cover Gillian Welch toons with Christina Angell (RIP), one was Gillian's "Tear my stillhouse down" and in interviews Chelsea sez she got into olde-tymey/bluegrass through Gillian Welch also! (Johnny and Jumper Cables "Kielbasa" vocal is more Ian GILLIAN, Deep Purple on 8-track!)...One more Chelsea plug (again, I DID turn Christina onto her while she were a-livin'); she knows a Ken E. McBee and if'n mah grandparents had got married, that'd be mah naime! The Coinneach MacBheathan clann....I like it one bit, laddie!".....

Monday Sept. 8, 2014

Kenne Ventura a night of Radio, Radio: Gee Julie made Vietnamese sumpin' ("Human Garbage Disposal" et it) whilst lissenin' to the Polish show on WUNR-AM! so that's Vietnamese food and polka! gotta remember this show....other channel surfing; Sunday Night at the Opera on WHRB, for those of us descended from the Hah-vud Blodgetts (Blodgett Chamber Music Series IS Ma's 10th cuzzin, but us Swamp Yankees wuz more the Blodgett Chamber Pot series into which we emptied the Blodgett Pool)...then WRKO for Jesse Ventura on some right-wing talker show (though Jesse had some REAL good points and Hopelessly Obscure DID cover "The Body Rules", a Jesse RECORD; Coast to Coast AM had more great conspiracy theories and the callers! YEAH! then the Ku.hfe Edith, I mean Julie; "fuck this, let's put on some HAPPY music" and BOB BITTNER saved the day! "Happy Days are here again"! yep,we're doin' better'n Kung Fu Carradine wuz in Bound Fer Glory; Amerika First!"....

Tuesday Sept. 9, 2014

another Hard Day's Night of Radio, Radio (tyme for to lissen to Merle Haggard's "workin' man blues"!): 1330 AM WRCA has Simply Daniel, GREAT gospel; one toon message "you read the Bible but don't love your brother/you're a Lyre" and all kindsa sins on how you is a Lyre (and bound fo' dat debbil hole!) so this morn ah made up a gospel version of "Everybody's a Lyre"! (complete with harmonies coz)...Daniel also played the Mighty Clouds of Joy! (been a fan since Bloomington, Indiana 1975!) afterwards more Danny Stiles, Vicar of Vintage Vinyl, syndicated reruns ;I heard some Jimmy Durante! Gee Julie mention: "is that Shirley Temple?" (it goes "goodnight, sweetheart, your mommy and daddy"...played PRETTY often and a song MY Mother Would Know, oh...oh....)...(Ma's grandmere was a Veilleux and she was a French chef!)...Coast to Coast with George Noory who sez "I dont believe in coincidences "....hmm..."it's a KENspricacy!"....and lastly WJIB 740 AM had "wear some fuggin' flowers in your hair, san francisco" and "abraham, martin and john" BOTH hits when Bob Bittner and I lived in the Rochester NY, Monroe county area...ALL this on AM radio! in Mono,Man!"......


Wednesday Sept. 10, 2014

fRENCH kENNE for something completely different, went to French Cultural Center's open house; my membership has been renewed, since Ma's grandmere was a Veilleux, early settler of Quebec City, along with the Lisottes and the Girouxes. catering by Brasserie Jo, including pate, a chanteuse sang "georgia on my mind" and torch songs in French, free wine, which I sadly passed on ("Kenne Highland sober is like a clown without his smile"-Robert Cameron White (RIP), di-rect de-scendant of Peregrine White off the Mayflower, jus' like John Alden!) I also sat in a leather-bound chair reading a French news magazine and the center IS open til 9 pm, if you have a hankerin' to be a-readin' in the French...a lot of good events coming up, but sadly (?!?!?) I have GIGS! but always a fun option in my "downtyme" and passing up on an art opening tonight, to practice the songs of Huguenot descendant Vincent Furnier!"......

Friday, Sept. 12, 2014

trying to get this in before weekend: IDA MAY (West virginny): Catherine Capozzi of Axemunkee is doing a kickstarter for Bring Us Your Woman, she is amazing guitar player, Mme. Christine Zufferey coming to USA from Europe in February for this performance, so send money and check it out! Item B: saturday 13 sept 14, Lizard Lounge, Mass. Ave. is Matt Burns (OF V) 60th birthday; Gary Gogol of V doin' Velvets toons (I might sing "Sweet Jane"), Tony Kazcynski (Figures on a Beach) on guitar, all in Litehouse at 8 pm; Cam from Prime Movers and Litehouse at 9 pm; Alice Highland at 10 pm (Gee Julie shopping for my outfit at THE GARMENT DISTRICT/dollar a pound (plug)) and ending out night is the Handymen doin' Matt's favourite covers, so best birthday present is, your own personal version of PINUPS! two weeks til Gizmos and Gonerfest in Memphis and lots more Gizmos gigs and also suport Bob Dubrow and all them Pipeline! shows, nobody payin' me a damn cent to say NONE of this, but DO buy King Biscuit Flower: Kenne Boy Williamson.(no relation to James that dun RAW POWER)"......

God bless Facebook for reminding me that Friday 12 Sept WOULDA been George Jones birthday! (born 1931,same as Ma, but was a Marine, like Dad). SO...1330 AM, wrca ,PETER SHEINFELD ROCKIN' AT NIGHT at 0156 THIS morning played "Rock It" one of George Jones ROCKABILLY records as Thumper Jones (cashing in on ELvis in '56); he hated them records like they were O. Rex or sumpin' but George is fulla shit; THIS is/was the birth of Psycho-Billy! was it kismet or a full bladder that i woke up to hear this? (give a lissen here!) "

Alice Highland

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