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Monday, September 13, 2021

"Saturday 11 sept 21. checked my post box and January last, Gee Julie had bought me a Brattle membership. Come march, alles scheisse. SO they mailed me a NEW membership expires next year! A YEAR AND A FUGGIN HALF without the big screen; scheisse! like bein' in prison! ("Hello....ah'm Kenne Highland"...)..Got calendar too. PLEASE take notice of upcoming Werner Herzog festival! But what I DID catch at 630 pm was Eyimofe (This is my desire) and I have TEN free passes! DO bring your credit card for cashless concessions. So this movie got some kinda award in Berlin and deservedly so. Telling the depressing, wretched poverty of lagos, Nigeria made me wanna channel my MC5 8-track with "I'm so glad i'm livin in the USA"...A very good Afro-Pop soundtrack which means even in bad tymes in Gut Musik. All in all, glad the brattle (like them on facebook!) is back, though the Harvard Film Archives remains closed".....


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

"Sunday 12 sept 21 3-7 pm was cantones reunion at Midway Café for Frank Rowe's 70th. I et in the eatin' place next door but could hear Richie Parsons play "three chord rock" through the wall: soundin' great as I had cheeseburger/fries/coke for under ten dollars! DID catch the Classic Ruins and Frank Rowe,age 70 was on fyre. Cream's "Tales of Brave Ulysses" ALWAYS a Dee-Lite watching Carl Biancucci try to outplay Jay Gruberger with one finger. Frank DID announce that "Lights Out" was a very early Dr John toon; gotta research that 'un! Cantones/ Rat reunion with folks pulling down their masks like a "Levity Ball" and even Chuck Warner of Throbbing Lobster drove in from Cleghorn, the Miss Lyn's birthplace! REALLY enjoyed the Link Brothers which was Steve Aquino of the Actions on guitar; "a Link Wray fanatic" cutting loose more so than he is allowed in Lyres (caint sue me fur tellin' the truth...) on bass from MuscleCah was Chris Lillyman whom was in general Foodz in 1980; Ken Kaiser re: their 45 "Highland this is how we should sound!" (I HAVE told Chris Cah this)...on drums was Classic Ruins drummer DAve, so this is a Worcester SUPA group that I SURELY would LOVE to play with out Worcester...Lastly, after year and half was Kenne Highland's Air Force. Various comments was how psychedelic the music was; channeling Eric Stumpo and Plan Nine DID work! Sandy Beach, whom was "my Phil lesh' in Jordan and half transplants '85 and I reminisced about Jordan Kratz opening for Plan Nine in Fall River...hey, you want Kenne, you gotta go with "band-of-the-month" with me! All in all, a "Real Cool Time", audio by Arthur Freedman and video by Lenny Scoletta whom invited us to malden local cable. And $56.25 to record with! ($225 at door....45 people $5.00 each?). In all, this gig was a "Good Vibration" and watching everyone getting drawn in hypnotizing for me: or vice versa!"....


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

"Til Tuesday 14 sept 21. Took a listen to a cd: Love Songs Just For You by Count Joe Viglione. recorded in 1985; Jimmy Miller (Stones/Traffic) produced and/or arranged a couple tracks. I had this as a 1997 cassette VAR CS 007 (I THINK that's what my chicken scratch says!). Known as "The gay Album", my big quote was: "MAKES TRANSFORMER SOUND BUTCH!". A lot of tender piano ballads; this aint Tom Robinson! Hunky Dory-type ballads (that would be the glam-rock Jones bloke with Yorkshire ancestry) but also a LOT of Transformer-era Lou piano ballads ala "Perfect Day" or my new quote: "Satelite of Love' on steroids! 'we're coming out....out of our closets" get my drift. I really DO enjoy this record "sober" as I much as I did DRUNK! Surprise hit: "He called me Joseph"! (again, drunk during the Monica Lewinksy days so I was kinda more into the rockers, like the T. rex-y "I want you sexually"). Bowie/Bolan and Lou: "My head's in.....'72!""....


Thursday, September 16, 2021

day of Wodin ides of September 21. 0500 FXretro cable tv shows THE best Grade M (halfway to Z horror movies). The horror of it all "horror/comedy" release 19 aug 64, 13 years before I held my first album in my hands. Hard day's Night HAD come out but you think elvis made bad movies; this has PAT BOONE! (Joe Coughlin (RIP) turnt Linda garreau (RIP) onto pat's heavy metal album!) I should mention Andree melly in her PRE- Addams Family goth look is mucho caliente AND when pat sings "the horror of it all' IS on youtube! (especially the song; WHY has noone, like the Cramps, covered it yet?). you can like some Rob Zombie site on facebook called "the horror of it all"...there's also on youtube the entire one hour and 12 minute movie..on THIS low budget they musta run outta dough and film! Yep, the Beatles killed Pat Boone for a spell"...


Friday, September 17, 2021

"day of Thor 16 sept 21. Oktoberfest at Bronwyn union square Somerville (LIKE them on facebook!) til 25 October 21. I even got to sit in my heavy wood throne/seat! Dirndyls und leiderhosen abound, gut essen UND der musik! WHY did I feel like I was hearing a brass band play the "Highland's heroes' theme? Dad's mutti (whose mutti wast ein Fischer) used to crank the old brass bands and since oma was my seventh cuzzin, it's in the ole DNA! Unlike I'm watching Werner Herzog films at the brattle, I'll be there! Couple years ago was live oom-pa-pa/ oom-mow-mow but like the 2021 Greece festivals,it's canned,not live music, but still gut musik fur alles! Six generations out of Bavaria und Ich liebe! (jah jah jah)".....


Saturday, September 18, 2021

"Freitag 17 Sept 21. 7 pm Brattle Thee-ate-er, hahvahd Square (Peg; remember the band Square Peg?). A Werner Herzog fest begins! Aguirre, the Wrath of God. I HAVE seen a lot of Herzog at brattle but there's ALWAYS new undercurrents (like watching Fellini's La Dolce Nico "oh look! there's Nico"; das ist Christa Paffgen!). SO..Peru 1560 and Wikipedia tells you the regions in Peru where movie is filmed (Machhu Picchu! And DO eat there in Union Square Somerville, like on facebook)...Five years previous mine and my cuzzin Linda's garreau's mutual Hubbard ancector in England was burnt at stake at THE LAST Protestant martyr (had a lotta tyme waitin' for that 69 bus last night...dead People facts!). Climbin' down the mountains saw the Incas in the Spanish party with push me-pull you pack animals. The noble lady in the sedan chair in the Andes was ridiculous. AND seeing Spanish soldiers spreching sie Deutsch (AND incas) when Klaus Kinski says, subtitled, with the cannon, "Fire at anything du arschlocks!"...I was, like I know that one! As J. Richman sings, Pablo Picasso NEVER got called an arschlock! (Hey! Jon! try: Du ist scheiss outta lock/ Pablo Picasso never got called arschlock! Nobel prize winning lyrics....ask ken Kaiser!). What a splendid movie. ok, as I lissen to West Virginny college ball on WAJR 740 Am, Morgantown (The Village People was once a half-time college ball half tyme act!): Thursday 14 Oct 21: mad painter, Union tavern Somerville mass. Friday 15 Oct 21. Kenne Highland air force 1130 pm pete's grille,quincy mass. AND Mad painter in Sunderland, mass. The O's Music bar. maybe we'll see Dino records there! So west virginia 24-7, dad's father's second cousin, future Michigan coach Fielding Yost played for them in 1890s. ok, Lydia, I'm hungry; "I need lunch"! AND check homegurl doin' pere ubu "final solution"! versus Gizmos in Cleveland version...hey covered by TWO people from ROCkchester!"....


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