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Monday, September 14, 2020

saturday 12 Sept 20. Flatts and Scruggs was house guests of the Clampetts on Beverly Hillbillies 0600 ME (Kenne) TV. youtube footage! there's a "French site reviewing the O. Rex double cd on Gulcher that Miss Lyn gonna add; (Old Weak but Always A Wanker - Th ePunk Years they also review the Afrika Corps Hello World) reading about that band in French est tres magnifique! lastly, Mad Painter got together for practice first tyme in six months: Alex Gitlin-keys; schmel herbie hind- Happy the Clown guitar; me- bass and Al Hendry ("Scorpio King"!) on drums. Gonna record sometyme soon but I wanna go to Lowell Street and record the covers; and one of them, superbly was Uriah Heep's "Stealin'"! Saw that on Midnight Special about '73 and then Sunday the 13th! (there are no coincidences!) found the 45 of uriah heep "stealin'" 99 cents in the 45s down BELOW (gotta do some diggin'!) Monday 14 Sept waited in line for a package from Istanbul Turkey from my favourite Turkish punk band....more on that later! or "Maybe Tomorrow" as i throw my "Bad Finger" at cha"....

Tuesday, September 15 2020
"Monntag Monntag (Muttis und der Paters!) 13 (!) Sept 20. Besides being blown away by "old school" punk maxi e.p. by Turkish and Brazilian bands, I MUST (since, like "Mr Highlandey" in Green Acres,
i always got something to sell...."oh highland what is it NOW?!"- Oliver WANDELL Douglas)...Asa Brebner tribute; I AM NOT GONE. track four is Linda Price from Children of paradise double-tracking her vocal on "Shelter of Your Love". Impeach me! if this doesnt remind me of Linda Rondstadt at the Troubador circa 1971 (?) when her backup band was the eagles! Patrick Wallace from the Swallows on guitar; John Pfister on bass AND engineered ala Chip Douglas on Monkees Headquarters and "Surprise Surprise" (did i see the fast do that Rolling Stones Now cover at cantones in '78?): Johnny Odd from the Strangemen on drums! (unwigged but hopefully Covid-masked!). ok, my Highland-glyphics notes writing not as quick as my brain excretes: (hey...not only am i a NERVOUS eater; I got "Shit for brains"!) "folk country-rock", "sunny breezy' (once I was drunk off my ass at Johnny D's, Allston and some REM song came on jukebox; I was drunkenly dissin' it and Richard Cromonic of Sweet Potato hollers out; "what's the matter? you never have a peaceful easy feeling before"? "Death May be your santa Claus")....Pat Wallace's solo's remind me of Dickie Betts' Country-rock on Allmans albums like eat a Peach (I'd prefer to eat a Pizza!) and "superb sound mix clear etc" (like "Elenore" was Flo and Kenne's "pride and joy etc"). Can I predict the hits? Hell fucken yeah! "I can watch Ameican bandstand"....and Dick Clark goes "here's a new 45 by a band called the eagles called "take it easy"....Townsend acoustic power chords come in then "those long legged girls, I can really relate/long haired boys....ahhhhh"....dancing in their fucken FLARED jeans! Mr Gizmo Rising sez; "lemme tell ya 'bout Linda and the Big Beat"...this cut sounds like THEN, so Cub Kudos (und Liebe!) ist all around"......

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

"Til Tuesday 14 Sept 20. Reptilians From Andromeda sent me a big-ass care package of cds/buttons/stickers etc from Istanbul, Turkey and this gets the stray-cat pawprint of approval! There's a split 45 rpm, album size hole and two songs from Reptilians from Andromeda. "Midnight Scenes" and "Occult Chemistry". Tolga Ozbey's guitar riff on "Midnight scenes" is "I wanna be your dog' meets "sonic reducer" on steroids; Aybike Celik Ozbey has a wail somewhere between Niagara Detroit and Diamanda Galas (Anataloian ancestry). There's a 2019 youtube of them live in Berlin (where they found Gizmos records and Pierre le Coutre bought Hello world!) and she has a little Wendy O. Williams there too and I DID see Plasmatics/DMZ rat October '78. having done midwest punk in '76, they....SOUND LIKE MIDWEST PUNK '76! Young enuff to be my Surreal Kids, maybe Dad left some DNA there (from Detroit!) on that 1959 Mediterranean cruise! (there IS a picture of him wearing a FEZ (13 points!) and posing with a Camel which won an award Ma sez)...World gets smaller COZ BGN is in a Brazilian neighbourhood, on side two is the Cramps-y sounding Bang bang bang with "End of the Line". Mandinga records is a Brazilian punk label! AND Discogs lists their releases...Andy California?!?!?! Yes it IS him! Jeff Magnum, Dead Boys bass, goes to Brazil a lot has friends there....Turkey/Brazil/Amerika First! "we want the world and we want!" Bom musicia!".......

Thursday, September 17, 2020

day of Wodin Ides of Sept 20. Music to Sleep By; my one dollar cd of Lowell Folson One More Blues. From an 11 march 84 session in france, same month, I'm pretty sure, Hopelessly Obscure was playing "action woman" by the Litter at Jumpin Jack Flash Boston. The Liner Notes mention three songs with "in your face funk"...this real 1975 Bloomington Indiana blues, we used to get promo albums like this a lot for WIUS. There's also a "shuffle" and a "slow blues". Lowell Folson has been recording since 1940s, biggest hits being "everyday i have the blues" and "reconsider baby" (my answer song: "why bother?"). SO, Krazee kensumer Guide in 1975 AND 2020 says this '80s session on a '90s cd is more of the quality one could expect from Lowell Folson! (kinda hard to review the blues, though I LOVE listening to it..a "witty' lyric of course is Screamin' jay hawkins "constipation blues" that What It Is album in 1971 and not only have the songs remained the same, some even became Gizmos songs!"....

Friday, September 18, 2020

"day of THOR 16 sept 20. Music to sleep By: a one dollar Cheapo records cd of Louisiana Red Sittin' here Wonderin'. Just one man and a Delta-tuned guitar with lil country reminisces recorded May and July 1982 whilst i was writing more Thirteenth Floor Elevators- inspired music. Liner notes are excellent and what do i read: "Red left Pittsburgh...for the Oldsmobile plant in Lansing, Michigan in 1949" TWO highland tie-ins (OF COURSE!) In 1930 Dad's father John Wilbur Mcbee lived in Lansing with his wife who's not my grandmother (but was a Scorpio!) and was in automotive business ("car inspector" i think; 1930 lansing michigan census). Red came to town 20 years later and Dad woulda been at Colley high School in Detroit. red also was part of "detroit blues scene; John Lee Hooker"....well,it's pretty farfetched that my Dad crossed paths with louisiana red or JL Hooker, but as Schmel Herbie Hind agrees "There are no coincidences!" ("just wanted to see if you were paying attention")"....

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Freitag 17 sept 20 und Saturnalia 18 sept 20. Found a cassette i didnt know i owned of John Coltrane's Blue Train on Blue Note so that was Freitag's Music to Sleep By. coast to Coast AM 0100-0500 and Beverly Hillbillies AND Bat Masterson on ME-TV; i used to watch bat masterson as a Cub Scout in manassas, virginny; previously in North Carolina I fell asleep on a bus and thought I was the Rifleman! In a decade i went from Cub Scouts to Cub Koda! Mad painter practice tonight AND, like Kenne Highland's Air Force next saturday, we ARE studio-bound! Sadly uriah Heep's drummer lee kerslake had died and we had just jammed on "Sunrise" the previous week. AND 18 Sept 20, all over facebook, Fiddy years ago; hendrix dies and sabbath releases Paranoid. I think Jimi heard first Sabbath album that summer like I did on WCMF Rochester NY and decided to "give up the ghost"..."There ARE no coincidences!"".....


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