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Monday, September 17, 2018

"Thor's day 13 sept 18, outside the paradise with Boston poet Lee Litif, someone said "there's brother Wayne!" and this lil short guy walks by and waves: WAYNE KRAMER MC5! Bought a spare ticket from popgun manager Stu Ginsburg who ran THE POND, fresh pond circle club and then it was ME holding court outside! Finally met Rob Basso who played guitar on first GG Allin album which resided "further on up the road" at 25 walbridge street, allston mass 02134. Detroit Cobras sound more like the Black Souls than i realised! "putty in your hand" and "leave my kitten alone" were covers and higthlights and singer rachel nagy mentioned Scrabble and said she had six cats! (normally she acts Amy Winehouse tuff and both great soulful singers!). I was standing next to Peter Wolf, near sound board, then HE's onstage doing the "brothers and sisters" rap. Kick out the jams in it's entirety! Wayne Kramer like a wind-up toy, i should only be so limber. Zen Gorilas singer Marcus Dorann (?) totally channeled singer Rob Tyner. By now, Tony Kacynski (Figures on a Beach: DETROIT!) and I were singing along with call me animal/high school/shakin' street off that MC5 back in the USA album i had Miss Lyn buy at harvard coop early '77 plus "Future/Now" off my $1,27 high tyme album brockport NY june 73. encore: i can only give THEM everything/american ruse/lookin' at you....Jams were kicked it,SO worth it,go to my facebook wall,fans still goin' viral and see you Sunday at Once at farewell bob colby (who WASNT there)"....

"sunday 16 sept 18, part one. Mad Painter practice. so by 3pm i get to arlington mass to common ground, same bar as what was once jOHNNY D'S allston. mostly for quick sandwich and some american football (Bills lost AGAIN!). John Geary of Mad Painter picks me up and this practice was concened with John's songs for friday 2 nov 18,10 pm sea note Hull Mass. John on guitar, me on bass, some strawberry alarm clock chords/zombies minor chords, alex gitlin on heavy keyboard, Flynn Young drummming up a storm. On bass i did a lot of jack bruce cum andy fraser of free and in between songs as a bass/drum exercise,Flynn and I sounded like Kenny Kaiser at that age and me channeling Jack GruBRUCEr on "buzz stomp".....though what really was fun was a bass/drums Deep Purple medley! practice every sunday til 2 nov 18 basically....  

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

"sunday 16 sept 18 part two. took HIGHLAND avenue bus to the Once but with road diversions endded up in goddam winter hill! (ok, 0.3 mile pain in ass). as I approached Highland, I heard "is that Kenne?" and Jen E. Talia and Death of Samantha saw "Highland on Highland near Highland Kitchen!". toss Gee Julie into mix and we et at a pizza joint with Indian food (!) Punjabi Pizza? walkin' down Highland, I was goddam Boss Hogg (Dukes of Highland); Triple Thick drummer Jim Seery was playing in a new band, DOES book the Plough still, so "hit me up" if you're in the 13 bands i play in. Once outside Once ON Highland, the papparazzi wouldnt leave Jen E. Talia, Boston Groupie News "IT" Gurl alone (insert Paul photo) and saw Prime Movers/baby's Arm/Tea in China and maybe more local bands outside.(CANTONE'S STREET PARTY versus Rat Beach Party?). I must admire Bob Colby for keeping "current" on young bands I was not familar with. He videotaped every band and I took an artsy photo of HIM! (though, of course, not looking as fabulous as Jen E. Talia). Jim Seery's new band was good; "ethereal"? SO Colby! (though I got a mesage from ISTANBUL, Jay Dobis: pair-a-phrase: "tell my olde friend Bob Colby farewell, usualy it him, me couple mo' watching Modern Lovers, one of two or three BEST bands in town". Having lived with Bob Colby for a year, I did hear Velvets/Modern Lovers etc. as he orchestrated the between set music. which Bob Colby DESERVED for seeing EVERY band since Modern Lovers, to me in '77 plus more and even liking new ones. Let's see, Chris
played solo electric, good songs i thought. all female garage band covered "teenage kicks"....i didnt get there till 10 pm or so....very fried, left, missed mary Lou Lord and "dotter' (female child) but my parting Colby words: "me, but, Bob, I'm NOT leaving!" Bob: 'then you can be the one to tell the stories" be more Roky 'slip inside this house" (lyrics are the Bible on acid). Bob has now ascended, I am merely a disciple to tell of what REAL Rat rock was!".....

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

"Til Tieu's day, 19 sept 18; besides watching dragnet reruns on youtube, I ALMOST went to trash night at the Brattle. (LIKE Trash Night Video on facebook!) as i've said before, Gen X'ers with 80's nostalgia (like Flynn Young, drumemr of Mad Painter!) and last night's selection was SPACEHUNTER: ADVENTURES IN THE FORBIDDEN ZONE. there's trailers plus a podcast discussing the film (film geekage!) but it says: "a crash-landed salvager meets a waif and saves woman from a cyborg on terra 11". other reviews: "this is a walmart level empire strikes back" or some such stars wars ilk; if, so my cousin Carrie Fisher (ancestry app!) or leila or whichever is: MOLLY RINGWALD! 20 may 83 release and there were plentry of good Unattached and Prime Movers movies to see than this BUT, in hindsight...ok, so like John felice sings "Now you know"".......

Thursday, September 20 , 2018

"20 sept 18, day of WODIN! Me and my Viking twin Frank Chip Langille and posse met at the tam near Wilbur theater for Glenn Hughes doing classic Deep Purple songbook. I'd seen "sonic reducer" and "kick out the jams" done by original artists plus these former member of Trapeze delivered the goods! Folks standing/shaking fists/drinking/headbanging; a Viking delight!>fm>glenn-hughes-3bd68044 says glen hughes at wilbur theatre, boston mass set was stormbringer/might just take your life/you keep on moving/sail away/getting tighter/you fool no one/mistreater; Glen was on three 1974-75 albums that I listened to before the ramones. But the fucken encore; smoke on the water/highway star and burn! Folks just goin' NUTS!!!! Jim from Evert was there, introduced him to my Quicny Krew; showed sarah billingsley how i was related to Snoop Dog! Gee Julie had as much fun as Wacken in USA! ran into Marian ferro, rock under the radar,tuesday 6-8 pm. UnderTheradar. Glenn Hughes had a blonde Swede with a Strat on lead guitar through a marshall (skol!), he used ORANGE bass amps and keyboards, according to drummer Al hendry, was a hammond B-3. Hoping to hang with my "twin brother' Chip at more heavy-metal happenings soon! (i.e. warn me and i'll make sure i'm not gigging!)".....

Friday, September 21 , 2018

"let's start out NEXT week! AT LARGE! sunday-mad painter practice; monday-club linehan-ago-go practice; wednesday-CLAGG live on WMFO on the town 9-midnight; friday-state of union?; saturday-Tiger Bomb? I will shirley sea y'all around!"....


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