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Monday, Sept. 19, 2022

"saturday 17 Sept 2022. James "Hoodoo" Ryan was at the Newburyport brewing company 6-9 pm; I used Larry Newman's bass and somehow sounded like Tea in China's Carl Biancucci on bass; keyboarist Alex Gitlin called this "maybe our best gig to date!" (well, we practice enuff). The Kenne Highland Air Force set also good, videos on captain easychord phone by Gee Julie who would sing AND film; Gee Jody, Moore (or less!). rhythm section: Al Hendry on drums and Lt Larry "I drank the camp lejeune water too!" Newman on bass. AT one moment, we had double guitars with me and schmel herbie hind and double keyboards of captain easychord and alex gitlin. "that's IT for the other one". John Keegan's sax missed, but Roxy Music....go for it! lastly, Larry had purchased a tambourine that said Turkey, in honour of Ayebike Celik, so I was doin' a gospel revival with step: recording! AND thank you Brian Young for playing Vatican Sex kittens "the letter" on WMFO satuerday ( and captain easychord and larry DID enjoy their copies; now to record a follow-up!"...

Kenne Highland Airforce

Mad Painter

Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022

Montag 19 sept 2022. harvard film archives. Herbaria by Leandro Listorti. 7pm. there IS a trailer on youtube and this 83 minute film is a kind of surreal look at folks in Beunas Aries collecting and preserving plants.

MAJESTIC view of the Andes mountains. The di-rector WILL be visting the Harvard Museum of natural History, expounding on his love of plants. Again, lots of great nature footage. "Dont cry for me argentina!" Gee Julie liked also, this film, her".....

Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022

Somerville thee-ate-er. 720 PM. ten dollar senior ticket. BARBARIAN (trailer on youtube). Couple folks show up at a air b and b in brightmoor, Michigan (2.5 miles east of Nugent-ville which is redford and ANOTHER horror story) only to discover an inbred mutant clan in the basement. So kinda like Texas chain saw massacre but I DID jump and yelp TOO many tymes! didnt even fall asleep! RIVETED! So i recommend it of course and even if you think there's nothing original in horror...well, read the wikipedia!


Thursday, Sept. 22, 2022

day of Wodin 21 Sept 2022. Ken and Gee Julie have SUPPER at Redbone's BBQ, Davis Square, Somerville. I'm STILL enchanted by and talked a bit'80s-era wall of autographed roots-rocker photos of folk that played Johnny D's Somerville ("dead boston club"). i used sing der Sonntag blues jams (Ich ist ein sanger, but Ich isnt nicht Rick sanger, Tsunami of Sound batteur). so i shall proselystize like saint mach on a autograph Clarence Gatemouth Brown album and photo hanging on ye redbone's wall. somewhere about 2004 or '05 maybe (my cuzzin george W. was pres,; him, ma and Miss Lyn's dad all descended from the Pierce family of ye olde Woburn), I did, ye see, clarence Gatemouth Brown and got his autograph and talked with his grouchy self. RIP, ole gatemouth)


Friday, Sept. 23, 2022

"day of THOR! 22 sept 2022. oktoberfest at Bronwyn Union square somerville mass (15 sept 2022-30 october 2022.)

And of course here's a photo of me sitting in King Kenne chair like the charlemagne descendant I am (king Chaz III and i are 32 generations from Rainier the first) Gee Julie and i had the $38 three course meal WITH leftovers, oom-pap-pa music, staff in dirndls und lederhosen.Ich ist in himmel!

OktoberFest Entree
King Kenne
OktoberFest Dessert

and day of WODIN 26 october 2022 mad painter live on WMFO!!

Lastly, Somerville Thee-ate-er Bowie's moonage daydream!"


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