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Monday, September 21, 2020

"saturday 19 sept 20. mad painter practice consisted of running through the Kenne songs for saturday 26 sept 20 plus in honour of
lee kerslake (Urish Heep) passing, we did the Heep's "Sunrise". Marvin Nunley of the Royal Guardsmen proclaims "love the Heep!" and, Noory-ishly, Coast to Coast listeners, I did say "He can hear
us play this"....But (Sunday 20 sept 20) get a picture on facebook of Reptilians from Andromeda singer posing next to a Ramones first album in....Istanbul Turkey? Ayebike writes (Turkish Groupie News correspondent!) that her drummer just started work at CAN PLAK
(like them on facebook!) in Kadikoy,Istanbul, opened up 11 march 18. It's also a coffee shop! Compare to jamaica plain's Tres gatos. On the facebook page, you can zoom in on closeups of lots of classic albums and they DO point out "in Asia"! which is continentally correct.
So "like' them, see if they do mail order etc and ALSO of course "like"
Reptilians from Andromeda!".....



Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Monntag 22 sept 20. STILL reviewing Asa Brebner I Am not Gone cd, spectacular package. This week's track is "Indian Amusement Park' by the Classic Ruins. Frank Rowe, vocals and guitar "is a genius!" declared Pierre le Coutre of Flensburg Groupie News. I told Frank this at Roky Erikson/Lyres and THEN met Roky! (it was the 13th). Rhythm section is Carl Biancucci of Tea in China and Dave Kowalchek, whom has played in many splendid Worcester Mass bands like Preston Wayne Four/ Time Beings et al., hope I have forgot naught. ok, more Highland-glyphic notes...."song goes from a I to a V like "six days on the road""; "with list of roadside attractions rivals Chuck Berry's "The Promised Land"" (but ONLY Miss Lyn knows about South of the Border in South Carolina; I probably bought some plush stuffed animal "butch marine:" that I was!(Yup a Curious George I believe!-ed); the lil jam towards the end has Frank doing his trademark harmonic tricks ala Jeff Beck and Carl starts going into Jack Bruce-land like when in 1974 he played "The Doctor" by West Bruce and playing with O. Rex! Starting with that Ace of Hearts 1979 e.p., Classic Ruins has been on same level of quality. Or as ma always says "My grandmother was a Rowe!" (she dont mention the French one much). AND speaking of DEAD PEOPLE ("oh God it's him agin!")...decided to see is Asa left a paper trail of dead people....Brebner is a sept of the Farquarson clan which is part of Clan Chattan (Clan of the Cats!). Miss Lyn back in '77 had the farquar album on Elektra (!). Brebner meant that that ilk hailed from the Flemish region of Brabant, Belgium (Dad's belgians were Walloons); buy this cd, money goes to Asa's kids! My dad died when I was ten, nobody gave me jackshit! (grumbling in beard)".....

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

As far as my feet will carry me",2001 german film youtube Til Tuesday 23 sept. German soldier ends up in Gulag labour camp (read wikipedia), escapes into northern Siberia, (you should see Ural Mountains in spring!), then rescued by Chukchi whom speak Russian, look American Indian and act like Eskimos! Then he's in Central Asia; the marketplace in those "stan" countries is very colourful! Then he crosses the Iranian border and finally ends up back in Bayern, Deutschland decades before the Broken Jug covered "Rain of Death". Comments from two Europeans: "The original from 1959: Sowiet die Fuesse (tragen!)" und das ist von Pierre le Coutre von der Flensburg Groupie News! ("zwei hund kopf' ist "Two Headed Dog" jah!). And on the other side of the now-defunct wall, Professor Les Welter, musicologist and gizmologist of Vision Decay says "I'll check it out", since he decided "Back in the USSR" versus "Amerika First". Alex Giltin (Soviet emigre who DID say "Amerika First"!) and I are opening a gulag playing THE WORST forms of schlagers; James last every tag! Mutti-fricken be takin' Balloons over that Berlin wall, Ich sprechen!"....

Thursday, September 24, 2020

day of Wodin 24 sept 20. Music to Sleep By; Red Norvo. Good Vibes. one dollar cd cheapo records. classified as 'jazz" and "swing" and he plays the vibes! VERY nice. wikipedia says; He backed up Dino Crocetti in Ocean's 11 on 'aint that a kick in the head", my FAVOURITE "Rat pack" toon. But onto this cd. 1940s recordings from V-disc 78s created for the Army; e-bay lists one of them (on this cd) as going at $28 so one dollar for a "chance" cd; "i call that a bargain/ the best i ever had!' (Who's Next on 8-track in Brockport high parking lot; YES!!!!!)....and what WWII Army vets COULD have heard Red Norvo? why Tech Sgt Ronald Kaiser and Private Oscar Gruberger! Please notice how ken kaiser's dad outranked Solomon gruberger's dad! Both now gone, I regret not asking either Dad what "bag" they were into musically (though Ken Kaiser's dad WAS around when Van highland did "Ice cream Man"!)".....

Friday, September 25, 2020

"day of THOR 25 sept 20. listened to my one dollar Cheapo records cd; Frankie Lee, COMING BACK HOME on Blind Pig records (a spectacular Rounder-type record label!). Liner Notes say Frankie Lee "belongs with the ranks of OV Wright/Otis Redding/Johnny Taylor/Bobby Blue Bland" (the Gizmos toured the memphis Stax studio and I saw it: Bobby "Blue" Bland's "Cheaper to keep 'er"; hmmm, Love/fiasco but "First I look at the Purse"; he knows his shekels! And as Oscar Gruberger used to say to his "fat bum son" Solomon: "Not another fuckin nickle!"). THAT got me to part with my dollar AND THE tunes: COUPLE Motown/ Sam Cooke/Joe tex...this is REAL gospel-inflected Southern soul. So check it out, order from Blind Pig.....and tomorrow saturday, 13 TWICE Sept going to lay down two guitars/bass/drums basics, overdubs to follow, listen on my youtube channel and tune in for details "Come Monday' !! (if i'm quotin' Jimmy Buffet, I NEED to get "wasted away again in margaritaville!")......


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