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Monday, September 24, 2018

after a Miss Lyn beard trim, she had taped JIMI: all is by my side movie. release : 7 sept 13; first Rat beach party in Hull was a week later. So my final and succint review: Andree 3000 as Jimi is like Val Kilmer as Jimbo (Morrison), i.e. semi-believable fiction on much told tales. Still I DID dig it coz the era when Jimi was "Hopelessly Obscure" in Greenwhich Village and til he goes to London isnt overdocumented. Was he really shagging Keef's bird and she got him to drop the process in his hair or was that "due proccess of law"? Jimi certainly was "tooling for roof", that legend may have fact. Watching him tune up with his marshall cranked: yep! tuners NOT invented yet! The hendrix estate wouldnt let them use any "real" Jimi music BUT Waddy Wachtel (guitar); Leland Sklar (bass) and Kenny Aronoff (Indiana University drummer '76, meaning he WAS in Bloomington for the week of Patti Smith/MX-80. Gizmos first e.p. and most important: Big Red basketball!); do a credible Experience. Jimi in London jamming with Cream and Clapton walks offstage so Jimi jams with JACK BRUCE and GINGER BAKER; Jay Grubeger's dream! London is '66 is an austin powers dream with fashions from a certain Hanger! So glad I saw it, recomend it etc".......

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

"Monday 24 sept 18, club linehan-ago-go practice for WMFO,with lady CAROLINE AND we met her lovely older sister Patricia, whom, among other things had been to Woodsstock. John Keegan and Mike Quirk ran down a schedule from hell which I will notify you of as the gigs happen; Reginald Kenneth Dwight on retirement tour but not Kenneth Edward! Drummer Kevin Linehan actually wanting to go to the NH Highlanad games; maybe next year! But no gigs that weekend; it's a tradition like Rib-a-geddon! Amongst Lou Reed/Velvets covers, "paint it black" was done after I riffed on it and I remembvered Tennie Komar did it opening for Cub Koda Rat '81 (Miss Lyn at Spit (?) with U-2? Bono's majestic nose? and on a big foam matrtress backstage!!-ed). lastly, riding with bassist Joe Quinn discussing the Quincy Mass music scene at MAGGY'S! (and all are sad with club closings...."the sticks" needs action!), listening to Black Country Communion Two, an early 2000s Glenn Hughes (Trapeze/Deep Purple) trio which my twin brother Chip Langille says "Black Country Communion is fantastic. i love all their albums and i've had the pleasure of seeing them live"; good Evert/"Highway Star"/"i cant drive 55" music if yhou're drivin' down route 93 when it's late at night..."just like a roadrunner""......

Wednesday, September 26 , 2018

"Til Tieu's Day, 25 sept 18, crashing quite heavily, but let me tell you what my addictive personality has been on a bender about now: TEACHERS, four seasons BBC early 2000s: "following the chaotic lives of a group of per-pet-shelly juvenile teachers, whose specialties include beer-drinking, kebab eating and ineptness with members of the opposite sex.(21 march 2001-22 dec 2004). They teach "secondary school" in Bristol, though that slang NOT said, but what is funnier'n hell is they all go STRAIGHT to the pub after work, "'ave a pint" til closing, smoke "fags", swear and try to "shag" each other (some of the "hookups" are pretty preposterous plus they so blase ; "well, he didnt really have THAT big a willie"...."so you're saying my knob's big-guh?" having recorded first Gizmos ep 20 march 76 and "puerile" and other adjectives thrown at me with middle finger extended, "ye'd 'ave t' be a tight arse" NOT to laugh! I shan't spoil it coz episodes are on youtube (some actors were in doctor who so this is TWO different universes) and theme song "boy with arab strap" by EDINBURGH band belle and sebastion has catchy Small faces "lazy sunday" type keyboards. and lastly, Gee Julie heard all the between scenes Brit-pop (albums listed on wikipedia!) amd "you would never hear such good music on american tv"...imagine Friends, but they're all teachers who get pissed, swear and shag each other"........

Thursday, September 27 , 2018
"day of WODIN! 26 sept 18, club linehan-ago-go do velvet undergrounds covers on WMFO live on the air with mikey dee. set; real good time-all sing; there she goes again Q(uirk, michael); femme fatale-LC(aroline); hangin' round-Q;cant stand it anymore-Q; pale blue eyes-KH (at large!); venus in furs-Q; vicious-Lady C(aroline); what goes on-JK(eegan); white light/white heat-KH and 'waitin for the man" is listed on set list out by bassist Joe Quinn. Let's not forget Kevin Linehan drumming and harmony vocals. a FUNNY interview ensued, the performance is archived, archive player. Last but not least engineer Joel Simches (Butterscott et al) engineered this DAMN good whilst regailing us with 1984 opening for Bon Jovi at paradise (tails curled MY hair!) plus his Yes tribute band that, if they ever played Boston, BRETT MILANO would be front-row (though more Velvets/proggers "came out of closet" as tyme progressed; me,in high school, I partied and listened to it ALL, so if a "mate" said "listen to this", I would, though I was mad for glam, actually. Next Velvet "CLAGG" gig is friday 19 oct 18 wakefield inn (get your room!) with Bob Roos and CAZBATS!".....

Friday, September 28 , 2018

"I had best mention upcoming gigs at least a week in advance! so columbus weekend. the saturday. I have a 20 minute set sometime out of the blue, allston across from O Briens (FB event page). alledgedly I play guitar with love and flame the sunday 9 pm cantab; mad painter practice 5-7 pm. hopefully i shall have caught state of union/the gala/gene dante at midway and tiger balm at plough THIS weekend! i think there's something friday 5 october but will have to check my events! is it muck/woggles? "rock is dead, club bohemia closed"...damn sure dont look like it and alert the coppers: Ken Highland at large! Ken Highland at Large! armed and gregarious!"....


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