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Monday, September 25, 2017

"wed 20 sept 17 0500, turner classic movies and coffee: KLUTE!!!! always wanted to see this. when it came out in '71, i was merely pen pals with the girl whom i "respected more" and she talked about getting a shag like hanoi Jane had in Klute; when i spent Gizmas '72 union city NJ with her she DID have said shag! so diggin' 70s fashion, shag and maxi-coat etc. soundtrack is damn good also. BUT Dead people Fact: GG and merle allin's ma family tree on rootsweb free gizmormons. i found a Fonda....back to new netherlands and highland/cobain/beefheart/manson ancestors and let's add GG! yes same mutual ancestor as GG allin, thus his ma, him and merle are cuzzins to henry/peter/hanoi jane....there must be a KENection here since as george noory says "there are no coincidences" and here it is: "my head's in '71".....when Klute was a new movie jane Fonda's cuzzin wrote me from lunenberg, vermont! that being 15 year Kevin allin writing to 15 year old ken highland from circus magazine plus the Klute/shag/"respect more" gal was merely 14....hanoi jane being more famous and I'd seen easy rider, strand theater, main street, brockport NY "early 1970' when that ringo b-side was a new 45....and richard nixon was president!!!".....


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

thursday 21 sept 17, 0600 morning coffee, turner classic movies: JIMI! this film came out ten days before i saw the stooges and whilst wearing a Raw power t-shirt at brockport high (photo in gizmos cd), but jimi i dug a LOT in junior high (Bob richert, future gulcher, SUNY brockport). highlights of movie: live at Monterrey "killin' floor" i was "THAT is where leigh stephens got it for blue cheer vincebus eruptum!" (album to be played 0700 for Louis kaiser's great-great-grandson). the roots of Grand Funk also, "hey joe" '66 has a Don brewer On Time drum riff....definetely hendrix influence on blue cheer/grand funk first two albums from '60s of each. but the STAR is...whooo! little richard! whoo! "I first noticed Jimi coz he dressed so outrageous, but of course i was doin' it first!" whoo!!!! hmm, a dose of Humble Highland in there? and lastly: Dead People facts: Jimi's paternal line traces back to an Ulster Scot name Ross (there's a tartan) from county Down, so look at these ulster rockers: me, Van Morrison and Jimi! as for ulster scots in country music, that's a whole bevy o' clanns, more fact as i do another line of coffee...jimi's german ancestry is from the Germanna colony, fredericksburg virginny; that city being where link wray debuted "rumble' in '57 and yours truly born due north in quantico 2 april 56..Mcbee's folly was a plantation one county over from Jimi's german ancestors far no i am NOT related but i still dig his music and this movie was awesome even if i was into "glam" at that tyme december '73'....

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"friday 22 sept 17 goethe insitut boston farewell party and open house. (They are refurbishing the place not closing which is gud) My cuzzin Miss Lyn was first on the scene but she spent most of her time on the front steps with a new five year old friend. Catering was by aeronaut beer (somerville; REAL kraut bier kraut klub in walpole!) and catering by karl's sausage kitchen and european market plus Swissbakers (my dad and sonic smith's dad have swiss anabaptist DNA, as does Gee Julie). There was feeding frenzy on meat and chocolate so since i get my size from dad's mutti alma avis fischer, i always say "body by fischer"; back when they made Amerikan cars in Detroit, first. Some memories there before the renovation; 1982 saw a film there, took German literature after 1945, that teacher now at babson....yessss....danke! otherwise i've returned after mein schweister was stationed in Stuttgart (met a young fraulein there one night who was FROM Stuttgart, knew the American base, first, was my niece's age) and my return to Goethe was danke to Facebook and Pierre le Coutre (who threatens to move to Denmark after latest German elections! das ist ein joke, mein gut freund!) (faithful reader of column and Korps fan mit same birthday as der Prussian Kaiser! Build back that wall! Keep Louis Kaiser from emigrating! Herr Drumpf's roots are west Deutschland like mine not Commieville like Kaiser!). ok enuff of being ein dumpkopf. books are great;das buch ist gut; FREE books, some even in english; i did a "raid" there one tyme, this is basically promo copies of authors who spoke and the receptions! in the '90s i was even in the same room with Saul Bellow! Til Tuesday the Kenne went hungry (NOT!!!!).....auf wiedesehn und gut luck Goethe mit renovations! graham nash im german: "mein haus/ist ein gut haus/mit dwei katt in der yard/arbeit ist zehr hard""......

Thursday, September 28, 2017

saturday 30 september 17, eatin' goat from butterfly in roxbury crossing, turn on turner classic movies and it's; OMEGA MAN! august 71 DID not see this sci-fi/blaxplotation movie coz i was too busy lissenin' to spencer davis group albums at 8452 ridge road brockport NY. but yes it IS camp! charlton heston 1975 officer survives a plague and by '77 in LA, it's not punk-rock; it's mutant ALBINO ZOMBIE DESTROYERS! Wearing cowls on head. the love interest was a blacksplotation regular, the whole thing is so preposterous; when the zombies invade heston's mansion to destroy things from "before", there goes the art, the booze, the guns (Chuck AND NRA; CRYTPIC)...This was the true decline of western civilization! as for Chuck's love interest whose best line was "well, since we ARE the only two people in the world"...but pre-coital interruption by zombies! and the love interest said "dang! i was gonna do a love scene with Moses!" or some quote like that....Ted turner married GG Allin's cuzzin Hanoi Jane! EVERY day i find a great ole camp "my generation" film worthy of orson welles cinema schlock around the's not my mothyer's ole '30s film QUITE as much anymore!".....

Friday, September 29, 2017

"Miss Lyn and Gee Julie saw patti smith thursday 28 sept 17. 10 pm turner classic movies is riot on sunset strip, patti jumped onstage with DMZ in LA and sang along. standells so fucken good! singing drummer (they're my facebook friends) great yardbirds Tele lead. Cory Wells and enemies also good; moved from buffalo ny to La to "make it"; cory wells DID go on to three dog night! chocolate watchband also awesome. corny dialogue, bad mod clothes....there were actually a BUNCH of these movies on this weekend. californy anti-drug 60s movies too....good escapism during 'Nam !"



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