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Monday, September 28, 2020
saturday 26 sept 20. A full work day of 1100-6 pm in studio. Laid down rhythm tracks with Larry Newman (Nikki and the Corvettes) on bass and Al Hendry on drums; he AND engineer Tom Hamilton had both played with Bob Cenci, it turns out. Michigan mishegas was the order of the day (Lt. Newman, USMC lived in Ann Arbor for a bit; 15 miles away in Salem, Michigan, both my great-great-great English immigrant Thomas Highland had farmed there and Barbara "Baby i'm yours' lewis grandfather,a barber, had came down from canada descended from Underground Railroad runaways; salem, Michigan was a BIG Underground railroad spot and the Highlands were there in 1850!). We laid down "an e.p.'s worth of tunes", very grand Funk (Flint!) sounding rhythm section, then broke (wind)for some "Pizza delivery Moves").(then broke (wind?) for some "Pizza delivery Moves" (I'm still eating leftovers!). Schmel Herbie Hind showed up and we laid down guitar and vocal tracks; let's just say (Ann Arbor again!) he was Ron ASHETON to my Iggy. We overdubbed a "Hendrixian" wah-wah though that coulda been "Ashetonian". When it goes on the youtube channel y'all can judge! Richie parsons (unnatural axe) and Linda Price (children of paradise) quite curious to hear! another session in October!"...

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Monntag 28 sept 20. Asa Brebner. I am not Gone. track six: "fine lovin' mama' by Billy Connors of the Boize whose gone from "i want sex" to a "fine lovin' mama"! my notes say "glam boogie' and 'chuggin' like "little queenie"" so the trifecta of albums WOULD be (to my ears! and i havent been judged sane yet with 'all the madmen'! ('ACROST THE WATER!"): Brinsley Schwartz nervous on the road' (especially "happy doin what we're doin'') PLUS the faces Nod's as good as wink ESPECIALLY the ian macLagan-sounding piano! "pub-rock '72, i wrote"....genre and year: CORRECT! Billy's studio band; Gary Soprano and Tommy Clark of KLONE and Gulcher Recording artists MJ Quirk and John Keegan, hear them on that double love Gizmo cd on WFMU. Gary-guitar, Tommy and Billy sing, Q on bass, Keegan-sax. dont know the other blokes but who cares? C'mon everybody buy this cd and make that check out to Shekel and Jekkyl!"....

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Til Tuesday 29 sept 20. one dollar Cheapo records cd; Little Jimmy King. Something Inside of Me. 1994. Bullseye Blue label, part of Rounder records. Albert King's adopted "grandson" whose most major influences are hendrix and Stevie ray Vaughn, even using Double trouble rhythm section (but hey! Tommy Shannon played with John Dawson Winter III up to and including Second Winter til he was replaced by the McCoys, so this cd has "roots"!). there is a cover of Cream's "Strange Brew" and it is, as it is, blues-rock Music to Sleep By! (I find blues soothing, other members of the Afrika Korps say "boring", I say I'm "Arguing with Ghosts"!".....

Thursday, October 1, 2020
day of Wodin 30 sept 20. yet another one dollar cd from Cheapo records. "Highlights from a special price two cd set: Luther Allison, Live in Chicago' Alligator records promo. Summer 1974 Cary Baker, whom had done Blues Flame fanzine, took me and future Gizmo Eddie Flowers around Chicago Blues scene and "let's go visit Bruce Iglauer". Alligator records was a living room operation then! ala Rounder, preserving da blooze. Luther has a piercing tone that 'echoes' (ass backwards) Clapton/ Beck/Page BUT, "chicken versus egg' is more Buddy Guy-ish. I mean this shit is DAMN good! favourite track is a cover of Hound Dog taylor's "gimme back my wig' (I LOVED this live Hound Dog lp we got at Gulcher in Bloomington indiana 1975). That summer '74 Cary Baker DID give me Hound Dog Taylor's phone number and yes! I called him! (you can call me at 617-803-1289; Hound Dog Highland!). also note "Gimme Back" in title....worth ponderatin' on the Ponderosa, Lil Joe!"....

Friday, October 2, 2020

"day of Thor 1 october 20. yet another Cheapo records dollar cd. David LaFleur Shepherd's Pie. On the cover he's holding a dobro and wearing finger picks; spoons COULD have been added to this music! We get "Folsom Prison Blues", "Norwegian Wood", Jimmy Rodgers, Big Bill Broonzy,,,BUT standout ORIGINAL track is "The Talking George Bush Mispronuniciation Blues"...I guess my cuzzin George W. mispronounced "nuclear" like I do...I'm a big fan of "Talkin' Blues" ever since the Freewheelin' Bob Dylan which was nuthin' more than Woodrow Wilson Guthrie redux. Right now it's as dated as Vaughn Meador impersonating the Kennedy Family but I like this guy's style! NOW what we need is current administration topical talkin' blues".....

Saturday, October 3, 2020

"Freitag 2 October 20; six months til I'm 65! But Music to Sleep By: one dollar Cheapo records cd of Louis Armstrong and King oliver CREOLE JAZZ on the tradition records label, part of Rykodisc. Excellent liner notes saying this was THE first recording session ever in Chicago of Louis Armstrong and King Oliver. Fiddy years later I recorded with O. Rex with a 2012 Gulcher release but not QUITE as historic! 1923 Dixieland STILL a good vintage, almost five score years old! (four score and 17 to be Biblically correct!). Otherwise, an hour of the Beverly Hillbillies (Ellie May tries to be a lady and learn french!), Sports Brunch on WAJR, Morgantown west virginia (good college football weather and tailgatin' today!) and mad painter practice tonight! have a good weekend or hope you did!"


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